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The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

By: Jonathan Cross

... good friends?” “It goes back ten years,” he said. “Do you remember the assassination of Pope Francis, and what was called ‘the miracle in the sky’... ...he tried to commit suicide and almost succeeded. It was then that Senator Artemis and the Pope gave him a mission to live.” “It is still a mystery ... ...ishop. I understand that you’re being considered for Cardinal.” “Then you must have the Pope’s ear. If offered, I would most graciously decline.” ... ...ask, but against my better judgment.” “So, noted,” Brand said. “You had Gallucci and the Pope to hide behind, now you have only yourself. Perhaps, ... ...l who fought the hardest on behalf of your Godfather’s position. And he didn’t stop until Pope Francis went to Colombia. His assassination, and the ... ... can find out,” Salvi said. “If my guess is right, I suspect that Zlatamir would like the Pope to agree, or at least, acquiesce.” “And if you disag... ...ld not like to live in a world without free will.” - J.Cross/Stone 154 “What can the Pope do?” “I don’t know, I haven’t asked him.” “Well do... ...ed him.” “Well don’t you think it’s about time?” Brand asked exasperated. “I’m sure the Pope and Heaven are not casual observers. Heaven proved tha... ...edes is beyond our understanding.” “Well, it sure doesn’t hurt to ask!” “I’ll call the Pope. Satisfied?” Brand just shrugged. “As long as I live...

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