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Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers

By: Thomas de Quincey

...erything in this sin-polluted register was in manuscript; but at night the records of each day were regularly transferred to a printed journal, enlarg... ...a Parisian opera-glass, gives it as his opin- ion—that, because Kate first records her prayer on this occa- sion, therefore, now first of all she pray... ...haps it may be said more broadly, none in all history, from its earli- est records, less generally known, or more striking to the imagination, than th... ...re auguries, emerging from darkness through three generations, à plusieurs reprises. Everybody knows the fatal pollution of the marriage pomps on the ... ...open to his own snare by refusing to pay for admission. Spies must be poor artists who proceed thus. Upon which Coleridge remarked—‘That, before the g... ...hom *But judge not, reader, of French skill by the attempts of fourth-rate artists; and understand me to speak with respect of this skill, not as it i...

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