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The Adventures of Harry Richmond

By: George Meredith

...en, Mon- sieur Alphonse, and issue orders for a succession of six din- ner-parties. ‘And now, ma’am, you have occupation for your mind,’ he would say.... ...rm to- night, I will.’ She hugged me almost too tight, but it was warm and social, and helped to the triumph of a feeling I had that nothing made me r... ...the original. Come, invent some scandal for us; let us make this place our social Exchange. I warrant a good bold piece of invention will fit them, to... ...ed even in Germany for scholarship, rather notorious for his political and social opinions too. The margravine, with infinite humour in her countenanc... ...tocracy, squirearchy, and merchants. ‘Here it is not so,’ he said; ‘and no democratic rageings will make it so. Rank, with us, is a principle. I suppo... ...d him, and held his wine up. He drank, and thumped the table. ‘We ‘ll have parties here, too. The girl shall have her choice of partners: she shan’t b... ... entertain- ments; and also that he was admitted to the exclusive din- ner-parties of the Countess de Strode, ‘which are,’ he ob- served, in the moder...

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