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Geometric Theorems, Diophantine Equations, And Arithmetic Functions

By: József Sándor

...both 2002 József Sándor DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS BABE Ş-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY 3400 CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA Geometric Theorems, Diophantine ... ... ProQuest Information and Learning (University of Microfilm International) 300 N. Zeeb Road P.O. Box 13... ...: 1-931233-51-9 Standard Address Number 297-5092 Printed in the United States of America "...It is just this, which gives the higher arithmeti... ... this material. These are the Mathematics Department of the Babe s-Bolyai University, the Domus Hun- garica Foundation of Budapest, the Sapientia Fou... ...podaire triangle A 0 B 0 C 0 . Smarandache’s Podaire theorem [2] (see [1]) states that X a 0 b 0 1 4 X a 2 (1) wherea;b;c are the sides of the trian... ...rprising properties do appear. For example, the well-known Viviani theorem states that if an interior point P is projected to the sides BC;AC;AB in P ... ...ated to the sum of unitary divisors of an integer, Ph. D. Thesis, Univ. of Tennessee, 1970. 24. C.R. Wall, Density bounds for Euler’s function, Math. ...

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