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7 Scorpions : Rebellion

By: Mike Saxton

...2 www.StrategicBookGroup.com ISBN: 978-1-60911-286-8 Printed in the United States of America Book Design: Rolando F. Santos This book is dedicated to... ...had its fair share of street violence in its past. The former home of the state capital was any- thing but paradise. Then the Flash Storm came. The t... ...me from New Hamp- shire, but no one knew. He could have adopted the former state’s quote because it was especially applicable to the times at hand. ... ...hield at what was once the bustling campus of Southern Connecticut State University. The campus was intact, but there were modifcations that had be... ...ath and destruction were shredded to tiny pieces. The panic at the former university was geting worse. Not a single bus had departed yet. John was h... ...he various structures that used to compose the Southern Connecticut State University campus. A scene that caught her atention was a group that was m... ...d take a shot o’ the drink o’ the night. Tonight, its good ol’ fashioned Tennessee whiskey,” the hunting man clarifed. Vincent realized that he had ...

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