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Links and Factoids

By: Sam Vaknin

...to (428-347 BC). An Egyptian priest was supposed to have described it to the Greek statesman Solon (638-559 BC). The priest insisted that Atlanti... ...of luminescence maintained as time passes? Woody Hastings, a microbiologist at the University of Illinois, noticed in the early 1960s that though t... ...incy Adams would define Bolívar's military career as 'despotic and sanguinary' and state baldly that 'he cannot disguise his hankering after a crow... ...aled the Corn Laws. Famished and disease-stricken Irish immigrants flooded the new state. Young men in Canada West left in droves for the United St... ...labama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Another four - Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas - joined them only after the attack on F... ... Party. Lincoln's vice-president, Johnson, actually was a Democrat and hailed from Tennessee, a seceding state. He was the only senator from a sece... ...ction started long before the war ended, in Union-occupied Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Slave tax was an important source of state revenue in... ... thus, attracts female flies eager to lay their eggs. Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Italy's University of Ca... ...Yotta is a thousand zetta (one septillion). Juan Enriquez quotes a study by the University of California at Berkeley in his tome, "As the Future...

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