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Tokyo to Tijuana: Gabriele Departing America

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...d, admirable, and charming personage, but we shall tell him that in our state there is no one like him, and that our law excludes such chara... ...t Toksugum Palace in Chongno of Seoul Sang Huin (known by his friends in the states as Shawn) felt an empathy as deep as the gods; and the reconstruct... ...comfortable minutes hoping that the mouth of the fountain could articulate a statement that would solve the situation as well as ease his discomfort. ... ...It was a miracle, to him, that he had been able to finish his studies at the University of Houston following his sister's death. Back then while stu... ...her. When his sister was murdered, he was just beginning his studies at the university. When his father committed suicide, Sang Huin's cadaverous num... ...was Buddha's birthday and that Yang Kwam was under a huge canvas canopy on a university campus where the ground was a hard sandless desert. Those unde... ...briele did not feel much misanthropy. Her ideas, she knew, were as rare as a Tennessee Coneflower or a Black Outhouse Hollyhock-both of which bordered...

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