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Three Soldiers

By: John Dos Passos

... JOHN DOS PASSOS 1921 1921 1921 1921 1921 “Les contemporains qui souffrent de certaines choses ne peuvent s’en souvenir qu’avec une horreur qui paraly... ...n souvenir qu’avec une horreur qui paralyse tout autre plaisir, meme celui de lire un conte.” —Stendhal P P P P PAR AR AR AR ART ONE: MAKING T ONE: MA... ...ge. I’d stay at home if I had to do that. Man, first class for me, a cabin de lux, when I git rich.” But here he was in this town in the East, where h... ...into barracks identical to those they had left two days before, “is an em- barkation camp, but I’d like to know where the hell we em- bark at.” He twi... ...ut of the inner room. She gave him her hand indifferently. “Comment ca va! Yvonne? Bon?” His pidgin-French made her show her little pearly teeth in a ... ...” she said in English. They laughed childishly. “Say, will you be my girl, Yvonne?” She looked in his eyes and laughed. “Non compris,” she said. “We, ... ... absorbed in what they were saying that they did not notice the other two. Yvonne took the Frenchman by the hair and pulled his head back and told him... ...cross the open fields. Down the main road an anti-aircraft gun had started bark- ing and the sky sparkled with exploding shrapnel. The “put, put, put”... ... the sticky buds of the trees, in the tender green quick under their rough bark, in the little furry animals of the woods and in the sweet-smelling ca...

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