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Dancing with Fate : Song of the Muses

By: Hywela Lyn

... normally as smooth and clear as the polished black marble of the great throne of Zeus. “Only if you return to impart these skills once more; much ... ...e form of a mortal.” “What—give up my immortality?” “No, not give it up. I doubt Zeus would allow Dancing With Fate 5 that, nor would you wan... ... With Fate 5 that, nor would you want it from the expression on your face. No, Zeus and I have discussed the matter and feel you should pretend ... ...your dear sisters farewell, before you take your leave of your mother and myself. Zeus will facilitate your departure and instruct the Horai to all... ...ged horse might give away the fact that you are not mortal, don’t you think? Also, Zeus might be unwilling to loan his favorite steed, even to one ... ...ill, muddy water, and she was powerless to turn back, or even to move any more. Zeus, oh, Father, please help me...don’t desert me now. For the ... ...f foretelling. Was her mind so clouded by love she could see nothing else, or had Zeus simply deprived her of the gift for reasons of his own? Sh... ...ssion filled her heart. She thought of her own family her stern but loving father Zeus, and her beloved mother, Mnemosyne. Her dear sister muses, a... ..., too!” Desist Ares. At once! A mighty clap of thunder, announced the arrival of Zeus himself. The skies grew black and bolts of lightning flashed...

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