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The Ulysseans

By: Antonio Mercurio

...land for more than seven years, and she would have never let him go unless Zeus had not ordered her to let him go. She tries to seduce him in a thou... ... and Hermes intervenes twice when Athena requests him to. The first time, Zeus orders Hermes to go to Calypso and tell her to let Ulysses go, after... ...F. In fact, Athena has always been a symbol for the wisdom that comes from Zeus and is given to human kind, so they can use it properly. In the 24 ... ...ial presence, Ulysses would have never been able to finish his journey and Zeus would have never forced Neptune to stop punishing him. If we interp... ...us was crazy. Hermes was sent to him, as well, carrying wise messages from Zeus, but Aegisthus did not want to listen to him and he acted madly by a... ... reach without the gods. The gods are not lacking in beauty and even still Zeus, first among them, is continuously falling in love with human, morta... ...on as theft to living the Oedipal complex as a gift. The poem opens with Zeus’ harsh judgment against Aegisthus, who, in following his own madness... ...madness humans choose to act on instead of following the wise council that Zeus sends us. Homer doesn’t mention the myth of Oedipus, but the poet m... ...of secondary beauty. Athena is not only a symbol for wisdom, she is also Zeus’ daughter; she is the daughter of the God who goes after human being...

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