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Listed buildings in Birmingham

There are 1,946 listed buildings in Birmingham, England. This list by district includes those of Grade I and Grade II* importance, plus a selection of those of Grade II importance that are otherwise noteworthy. It also includes the Scheduled Ancient Monuments in the city (indicated by the letters AM).

As of April 2006 there are 23 Grade I, 95 Grade II*, 1,828 Grade II, and 13 Scheduled Ancient Monuments.


Acocks Green Aston Balsall Heath Birchfield City Centre Deritend Edgbaston Erdington Frankley Hall Green Handsworth Harborne Hockley Highgate Kings Norton Kingstanding Ladywood Longbridge Lozells Moseley New Oscott Northfield Old Oscott Perry Barr Sheldon Small Heath Sparkbrook Sutton Coldfield Tile Cross Weoley Castle Winson Green Yardley

Acocks Green

Building Grade Date Architect
Burnt Mound, Fox Hollies Park AM ???? ????


Aston Hall (including lodge and stables) I 1618 - c. 1635 John Thorpe
Bartons Arms II* 1901 James & Lister Lea
Church of Saints Peter and Paul II* 1480 (tower only), 1879–1908 J. A. Chatwin

Balsall Heath

Public Library and Baths, Moseley Road II* 1895 (library), 1907 (baths) Cossins & Peacock (library), W. Hale & Son (baths)
College of Art (496, 498 & 500) Moseley Road II* 1899 William Henry Bidlake


Holy Trinity Church II* 1860 J. A. Chatwin

City Centre

6 Bennett's Hill II* early 19th century Charles Edge
8 Bennett's Hill (former National Provincial Bank) II* 1869 & 1890 John Gibson
26-33 Bennett's Hill (former Midland Bank) II 1869 & 1830 Thomas Rickman
Council House II* 1874–1879; 1884–1889 Yeoville Thomason
Birmingham Council House Extension (contains parts of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery) II* 1913 Ashley & Newton
Birmingham and Midland Ear and Throat Hospital II 1891 Jethro Cossins and F. B. Peacock
Birmingham and Midland Institute II* 1889 Jethro Cossins, F. B. Peacock & Ernest Bewley
Birmingham Town Hall I 1832; 1837; 1849–1851 Joseph Hansom & Edward Welch. Charles Edge
Chamberlain Memorial II 1880 John Henry Chamberlain
41-43 Church Street II* c. 1900 Thomas W. F. Newton & A. E. Cheatle
57-59 Church Street II* 1909 G.A. Cox
City Arcade II* 1898 Thomas W. F. Newton & A. E. Cheatle
122-124 Colmore Row (former Eagle Insurance offices, now Hudsons Coffee House) I 1900 W.R. Lethaby & Joseph Lancaster Ball
1-7 Constitution Hill II 1895–1896 William Doubleday & James R Shaw
85-87 Cornwall Street II* 1899 William Henman & T. Coope
89-91 Cornwall Street II* 1904 C. E. Bateman
93 Cornwall Street II* 1902 Thomas W. F. Newton & A. E. Cheatle
95 Cornwall Street II* 1901 Thomas W. F. Newton & A. E. Cheatle
153-161 Corporation Street II* 1897 J. Crouch & E. Butler
Crown Inn, The II 1781 Unknown
Curzon Street Station I 1838 Philip Hardwick
98 Edmund Street (Former School Board office) II* 1875 Martin & Chamberlain
13 & 15 Fleet Street II* ???? ????
39 Gas Street (Gas Retort House) II* 1822 Samuel Clegg
Guild House, 43-45 Great Charles Street II* 1897–1898 Arthur S. Dixon
Grand Hotel, Colmore Row II* 1875 Thomson Plevins
Hall of Memory I 1922-25 S. N. Cooke and W. N. Twist
Ikon Gallery II 1877, 1898 John Henry Chamberlain
Methodist Central Hall II* 1899–1903 Ewan Harper & James A. Harper
Statue of Horatio Nelson, Birmingham, Bull Ring II* 1807–1809 Richard Westmacott
17 & 19 Newhall Street I 1896 Frederick Martin
56-60 Newhall Street II* c. 1900 Thomas W. F. Newton & A. E. Cheatle
St Chad's Cathedral II* 1839–1841 Augustus Pugin
St Martin in the Bull Ring II* 13th century, tower rebuilt 1853 - 1855, body rebuilt 1872 - 1875 Philip Hardwick (tower), J. A. Chatwin (body)
St Philip's Cathedral I 1709–1725 Thomas Archer
23 Sheepcote Street II* ???? ????
Singers Hill Synagogue II* 1855–1856 Yeoville Thomason
Birmingham School of Art I 1885 John Henry Chamberlain
Victoria Law Courts I 1891 Aston Webb & Ingress Bell
Wellesley House, 36A & 37 Waterloo Street II* ???? ????
44 Waterloo Street II* 1900–1902 Mansell & Mansell


Anchor Inn II 1901 James & Lister Lea
The Old Crown II* 15th century]] Unknown


12 Ampton Road (including stables) II* 1855 John Henry Chamberlain
107 Harborne Road (including coach house) II 1850 Unknown Georgian Architect
Berrow Court Hotel, Berrow Road II* 1879 John Henry Chamberlain
35 Calthorpe Road II* 1829 John Fallows
36 Calthorpe Road II* 1830 John Fallows
Garth House, 47 Edgbaston Park Road II* 1901 William Henry Bidlake
Giles House, 83 Harborne Road II* ???? ????
Chapel of King Edward's School II* 1833, moved from New Street and rebuilt mid 20th century Charles Barry (original), Holland W. Hobbiss (rebuild)
Metchley Camp Roman Fort (remains) AM 1st century Not applicable
Oratory Priest's House, 141 Hagley Road II* 1851 Terence Flanagan
Perrott's Folly, Waterworks Road II* 1758 Unknown
17 & 19 Rotton Park Road II* 1894–1895 Joseph Lancaster Ball
St Augustine's Church II* 1868 & 1876 J. A. Chatwin
St Philip's Sixth Form College (part) II* 1861–1862 Henry Clutton
Knutsford Lodge, 25 Somerset Road II* 1861 J. A. Chatwin
University of Birmingham (Great Hall and Quadrant Range) II* 1900–1909 Aston Webb & Ingress Bell
The Homestead, 25 Woodbourne Road I 1897–1898 C.E. Bateman
21 Yateley Road I 1899–1900 Herbert Tudor Buckland


Lad in the Lane II 1400 & 1930s ????


Gannow Green Moat, Devon Road AM ???? ????

Hall Green

Church of the Ascension II* 1703 to 1704 ????


Mortuary Chapel, Handsworth Cemetery I 1908 William Henry Bidlake
The Anchorage, 137 Handsworth Wood Road II* 1897 ????
Red Lion Public House, Soho Road II* ???? ????
St Andrew's Church I 1907–1909 William Henry Bidlake
St Mary's Church II* ???? ????
Soho House II* c. 1760 and 1796–1799 James Wyatt
The Old Bank, 61-65 Villa Road, B19 1BH II Unknown Unknown


Metchley Abbey & Lodge, Metchley Lane II* c.1800 ????


St Alban's Church II* 1879–1881 John Loughborough Pearson
Stratford House, 82 Stratford Place II* 1601 Unknown


54-57 Albion Street II* 1837 ????
Argent Works, Frederick Street II* 1862–1863 J.G. Bland
16-18, Great Hampton Street II* 1912 Arthur McKewan
80-82, Great Hampton Street II* 1872 Yeoville Thomason
Icknield Street School & 303 Icknield Street (Headmaster's house) II* 1883 John Henry Chamberlain
9, 10 & 11 Legge Lane II* ???? ????
St Paul's Church I 1777–1779; spire 1822 - 1823 Roger Eykyn (body), Francis Goodwin (spire)
Newman Brothers Coffin Furniture Factory II* 1892–1894 Richard Harley
Aquinas House, 62 & 64 Warstone Lane II* 1882 Frederick Proud
Victoria Works II 1839-40

Kings Norton

Bells Farmhouse, 157 Bells Lane II* ???? ????
Guillotine Stop Lock, Lifford Lane II* / AM ???? ????
Old Grammar School II* Mid 15th century Unknown
Primrose Hill Farmhouse, Primrose Hill II* ???? ????
St Nicolas' Church I 13th century Unknown
Saracen's Head II* c. 1492 Unknown


Kings Standing Mound, Kingstanding Road AM ???? ????


Spring Hill Library II* 1893 Martin & Chamberlain


Hawksley Farm moated site AM ???? ????


Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, 98 Hunter's Road II* ???? ????


Burnt mounds, Moseley Bog AM ???? ????
Highbury, 4 Yew Tree Road II* 1879–1880 John Henry Chamberlain

New Oscott

Oscott College (including chapel and statue of the Virgin Mary) II* 1836–1838 Augustus Pugin and Joseph Potter


Burnt Mound, Woodlands Park AM ???? ????
St Laurence's Church, Northfield Grade 1 From 12th century ????

Old Oscott

Maryvale Mercy Convent, Old Oscott Hill II* ???? ????

Perry Barr

Packhorse Bridge, Aldridge Road II / AM ???? ????


Kent's Moat, Sheldon Heath Road AM ???? ????
St Giles' Church II* ???? ????

Small Heath

10 Byron Road II* ???? ????
Hay Hall, Birmingham II 1423 ????
St Aidan's Church II* 1894 F. T. Proud
St Oswald's Church II* 1893 William Bidlake
Small Heath School, Waverley Road II* 1892 Martin & Chamberlain


Ladypool Junior & Infant School II* 1885 Martin & Chamberlain
St Agatha's Church I 1899 William Henry Bidlake
100 Sampson Road II* ???? ????
Lloyd House, 139 Sampson Road II* ???? ????

Sutton Coldfield

Ashfurlong Hall, Tamworth Road II* ???? ????
The Grove, Grove Lane II* ???? ????
20 High Street II* ???? ????
Holy Trinity Church I 13th century ????
Saint Winnow, 22 Ladywood Road II* ???? ????
Moat House, 24 Lichfield Road II* c.1680 William Wilson
Medieval Deer Park and other archaeological remains, Sutton Park AM ???? ????
The Old Farm, 29 Moor Hall Drive II* ???? ????
New Hall I 13th century ????
New Hall Mill, Wylde Green Road II* ???? ????
Moated site, Peddimore Hall AM 13th century ????
Vesey Cottage, Withy Hill Road II* ???? ????
Vesey Grange, Weeford Road II* ???? ????
Vesey House, Wylde Green Road II* ???? ????
Barn, New Shipton Farm, Walmley Road II* ???? ????
Water Orton Bridge, Water Orton Lane II* ???? ????

Tile Cross

Sheldon Hall, Gressel Lane II* ???? ????

Weoley Castle

Weoley Castle II / AM ???? ????

Winson Green

The Bellefield Public House, Winson Street II* ???? ????
Bishop Latimer Memorial Church II* 1904 William Henry Bidlake


Blakesley Hall II* 1590 Unknown
422 & 424 Church Road II* ???? ????
Old Grammar School II* ???? ????
St Edburgha's Church I c. 1230 Unknown

See also


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  • Consolidated List of Statutorily Listed Buildings - Birmingham (full list in PDF format) - Birmingham City Council
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