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Family tree of Abu Bakr

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Title: Family tree of Abu Bakr  
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Subject: Abu Bakr family, Arab people, Umayyad family tree, The Fourteen Infallibles
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Family tree of Abu Bakr

Abū Bakr (c. 573–August 23, 634/13 AH) was the first Muslim ruler after Muhammad (632–634). While Sunnis regard him as his rightful successor (caliph), chosen by the people, the first of four righteous Caliphs (Rashidun).[1]

Family tree

Grandfather: 'Amir ibn 'Amr ibn Ka'ab ibn Sa'ad ibn Taim
Father: Uthman ibn Amir

Abu Bakr was a Muslim the closest companion to the prophet.(umar)

Mother: Umm al-Khair Salma bint Shakhr ibn Amir ibn Ka'ab ibn Sa'ad ibn ::Brother: Mu'taq
Brother: Utaiq[2]
Wife: Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza ibn 'Abd ibn As'ad (divorced)
Daughter: Asma bint Abu Bakr
Grandson Abd-Allah ibn al-Zubayr - His birth spread happiness amongs muslims, killed by Hajjaj bin Yousef.
    Great grandson: 'Abbad ibn 'Abd-Allah
      Great great grandson: Yahya ibn 'Abbad
Grandson Urwa ibn al-Zubayr
Great grandson Hisham ibn Urwa
Son: 'Abd Allaah ibn Abi Bakr, married to 'Atika bint Zayd
Wife: Um Ruman bint Amir ibn Uwaymir ibn Zuhal ibn Dahman (from Kinanah)
Step son: Tufail ibn Abdullah, The son of Abd-Allah ibn Harith
Son: Abdu'l-Rahman ibn Abu Bakr
Daughter: 'Aisha
Son in law: Muhammad, tree
Wife: Asma' bint Umays ibn Ma'ad ibn Taym al-Khath'amiyyah (former wife of Ja`far ibn Abī Tālib. She was later married to Imam Ali after Abu Bakr's death.)
Son: Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr
   Grandson: Qasim ibn Muhammad
     Great granddaughter: Ummu Farwah who was married to Muhammad al-Baqir
Wife: Habibah bint Kharijah ibn Zayd ibn Abi Zuhayr (from the tribe of Banu al-Haris ibn al-Khazraj
Daughter: Umm Khultum bint Abu Bakr.[3]

Great grand relatives

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Further reading

  • Armstrong, Karen. Muhammad: Biography of the Prophet, Phoenix, 1991. ISBN 1-84212-608-3

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