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Prêmio Brasil Olímpico

Prêmio Brasil Olímpico (which can be translated as National Olympic Prize) is the name given to the highest recognition that a Brazilian athlete can receive nationally.


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History and configuration

The award was created in 1999 by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC), who wanted to have a form of maximum recognition that could be bestowed upon the Brazilian athletes that were considered to have been the best in the country.

The first installment of the award was held in São Paulo, but every other ceremony thereafter has been held in Rio de Janeiro.

In order to be eligible, an athlete must be affiliated to a sport's Confederation whose sport is part of the Olympic Program. The athlete is then nominated by his or her Confederation for a vote that will determine the best athlete in the country for each sport — some Confederations have nominated only one athlete at times, which results in the need for only one vote in order for the athlete to be chosen as the best in the country.

The winners of each sport's election integrate the longlist for the highest award to be granted: the Athlete of the Year award. From the longlist, three finalists (or nominees) are selected, with the winner announced only at the Award Ceremony, which takes place in the first half of December. It is also possible that an athlete that may not have won in his or her sport (which serves as a longlist for the Athlete of the Year award), still be included in the shortlist, if said athlete is the winner of the previous year award. This was done in 2005, when female gymnast Daiane dos Santos, although not having won in her sport's category, was included in the shortlist for the female award as the winner of the 2004 award — this resulted in the unusual circumstance of having two athletes from the same sport running for the same award, since gymnast Laís Souza was also nominated for the female Athlete of the Year award.

A noteworthy discrepancy is that, in the election for best athlete in each sport, men and women run together (there is only one "best athlete" in each sport, man or woman), but for the nomination for Best Athlete of the Year, there are separate categories for male and female athletes. This has the effect of ensuring a variety of sports amidst the six athletes (between men and women) that run for the two awards, since no sport will have two nominees (one male and one female).

In the election, the candidates are voted on by two separate groups: a selected jury (chosen by the BOC) and the popular vote, both voting online. The results are then combined and the winner, chosen.

In addition, there is another award, which can be granted to both athletes and non-athletes: the Personalidade Olímpica (Olympic Personality) Award. This is granted to any public figure whose efforts were deemed to have helped advance sport in the country.

In 2004, for the first time, awards were given for the Best Paralympic Athlete of the Year (also seggreagating men and women).

Best athlete of the year


Year Date Athlete Discipline
1999 December 7 Gustavo Kuerten Tennis
Claudinei Quirino Athletics
Rodrigo Pessoa Equestrian
2000 December 11 Gustavo Kuerten Tennis
Robert Scheidt Sailing
Claudinei Quirino Athletics
2001 December 17 Robert Scheidt Sailing
Gustavo Kuerten Tennis
Nalbert Bitencourt Volleyball
2002 December 17 Nalbert Bitencourt Volleyball
Robert Scheidt Sailing
André Sá Tennis
2003 December 15 Fernando Meligeni Tennis
Robert Scheidt Sailing
Giovane Gavio Volleyball
2004 December 7 Vanderlei de Lima Athletics
Robert Scheidt Sailing
Torben Grael Sailing
2005 December 13 João Derly Judo
Robert Scheidt Sailing
Giba Volleyball
2006 December 12 Giba Volleyball
Torben Grael Sailing
Diego Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
2007 December 17 Thiago Pereira Swimming
Diego Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
Tiago Camilo Judo
2008 December 16 César Cielo Swimming
Diego Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
Robert Scheidt Sailing
2009 December 21 César Cielo Swimming
Diego Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
Torben Grael Sailing
2010 December 20 Murilo Endres Volleyball
César Cielo Swimming
Leandro Guilheiro Judo
2011 December 19 César Cielo Swimming
Emanuel Rego Beach volleyball
Diego Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
2012 December 18 Arthur Zanetti Artistic gymnastics
Esquiva Falcão Boxing
Thiago Pereira Swimming
2013 December 17 Jorge Zarif Sailing
Arthur Zanetti Artistic gymnastics
César Cielo Swimming
2014 December 16 Arthur Zanetti Artistic gymnastics
Marcus Vinicius D'Almeida Archery
Tiago Splitter Basketball


Year Date Athlete Sport
1999 December 7 Maurren Maggi Athletics
Shelda Bede Beach volleyball
Daiane dos Santos Artistic gymnastics
2000 December 11 Leila Barros Volleyball
Janeth Arcain Basketball
Shelda Bede Beach volleyball
2001 December 17 Daniele Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
Janeth Arcain Basketball
Maurren Maggi Athletics
2002 December 17 Daniele Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
Maurren Maggi Athletics
Adriana Behar Beach volleyball
2003 December 15 Daiane dos Santos Artistic gymnastics
Janeth Arcain Basketball
Juliana Veloso Diving
2004 December 7 Daiane dos Santos Artistic gymnastics
Daniele Hypólito Artistic gymnastics
Shelda Bede Beach volleyball
2005 December 13 Natália Falavigna Taekwondo
Daiane dos Santos Artistic gymnastics
Laís Souza Artistic gymnastics
2006 December 12 Laís Souza Artistic gymnastics
Larissa França Beach volleyball
Isabel Clark Ribeiro Snowboard
2007 December 17 Jade Barbosa Artistic gymnastics
Fabiana Murer Athletics
Marta Football
2008 December 16 Maurren Maggi Athletics
Ketleyn Quadros Judo
Natália Falavigna Taekwondo
2009 December 21 Sarah Menezes Judo
Poliana Okimoto Open water swimming
Natália Falavigna Taekwondo
2010 December 21 Fabiana Murer Athletics
Juliana Silva and Larissa França Beach volleyball
Ana Marcela Cunha Open water swimming
2011 December 19 Fabiana Murer Athletics
Maurren Maggi Athletics
Fabiana Beltrame Rowing
2012 December 18 Sheilla Castro Volleyball
Sarah Menezes Judo
Yane Marques Modern pentathlon
2013 December 17 Poliana Okimoto Open water swimming
Rafaela Silva Judo
Yane Marques Modern pentathlon
2014 December 16 Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze Sailing
Ana Marcela Cunha Open water swimming
Mayra Aguiar Judo

Fan's Choice

Year Date Athlete Discipline
2014 December 16 Flávia Saraiva Artistic Gymnastics
Diego Hypólito Artistic Gymnastics
Cesar Cielo Swimming
Matheus Santana Swimming
Isaquias Queiroz Canoeing
Marcus D'Almeida Archery
Tiago Splitter Basketball
Aline Ferreira Wrestling
Larissa França Beach Volleyball
Talita Antunes Beach Volleyball
Martine Grahel Sailing
Kahena Kunze Sailing
Mayra Aguiar Judo
Sheilla Castro Volleyball

Best athlete per sport

What follows is a list of the sports that had athletes chosen by the Brazilian Olympic Committee as the best in Brazil in each year. For this election, there is no gender seggregation, and only one individual is chosen per sport or category of sports — in some cases, given the Confederations that have authoritiy over several sports, only one athlete is chosen as "best" in that entire Confederation.

Although not a winner in a sport-specific category, gymnast Daiane dos Santos made the shortlist for the female Athlete of the Year as the winner of the previous year's award.

External links

  • Official website (Portuguese)
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