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National Register of Historic Places listings in Monroe County, New York


National Register of Historic Places listings in Monroe County, New York

Location of Monroe County in New York

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Monroe County, New York

This is intended to be a complete list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Monroe County, New York, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a Google map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates".[1]

There are 172 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 2 National Historic Landmarks. The city of Rochester includes 93 of these properties and districts, including both National Historic Landmarks; they are listed separately, while the remaining 86 properties and districts are listed here.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 5, 2014.[2]
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Current listings


Outside of Rochester

[3] Name on the Register Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Description
1 Adams-Ryan House
Adams-Ryan House
September 5, 1985
425 Washington St.
Adams Basin
2 Adsit Cobblestone Farmhouse
Adsit Cobblestone Farmhouse
November 29, 1996
3871 Clover St.
Mendon Federal style cobblestone farmhouse from c.1832. Operated as an inn during the mid-19th century, it was used by farmers delivering grain on the road from Canandaigua to Rochester.[5]
3 Alcoa Care-free Home
Alcoa Care-free Home
June 18, 2010
1589 Clover St.
4 Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell Childhood Home
Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell Childhood Home
November 16, 1989
1099 Pinnacle Rd.
5 Brockport Central Rural High School
Brockport Central Rural High School
November 10, 2011
40 Allen St.
6 Horace and Grace Bush House
Horace and Grace Bush House
June 10, 1994
1932 Five Mile Line Rd.
7 Chase Cobblestone Farmhouse
Chase Cobblestone Farmhouse
November 7, 1995
1191 Manitou Rd., Town of Parma
8 Chili Mills Conservation Area
March 12, 1975
1 mi. SW of West Chili off Stuart Rd. along Black Creek
West Chili
9 Clarkson Corners Historic District
Clarkson Corners Historic District
September 2, 1994
Jct. of Ridge and Lake Rds. and E and W along Ridge and S along Lake
Clarkson Corners
10 Cole Cobblestone Farmhouse
Cole Cobblestone Farmhouse
November 29, 1996
933 Mile Square Rd.
11 William Covert Cobblestone Farmhouse
William Covert Cobblestone Farmhouse
November 7, 1995
978 N. Greece Rd.
12 Isaac Cox Cobblestone Farmstead
Isaac Cox Cobblestone Farmstead
March 7, 2003
5015 River Rd.
13 Curtis-Crumb Farm
Curtis-Crumb Farm
January 3, 1997
307 Curtis Rd.
14 Daisy Flour Mill, Inc.
Daisy Flour Mill, Inc.
June 26, 1972
1880 Blossom Rd.
Penfield A former flour mill, now a restaurant and party house.
15 Dayton's Corners School
Dayton's Corners School
July 5, 2001
1363 Creek St.
Penfield A one-room schoolhouse, Penfield District #9. Now used for fourth-grade local history studies.
16 Henry DeLand House
Henry DeLand House
April 17, 1980
99 S. Main St.
Fairport Home of Henry Addison DeLand, it later became an inn, restaurant, speakeasy, bar and a catering hall.
17 First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
October 20, 2011
124 Main St.
18 First Baptist Church of Fairport
First Baptist Church of Fairport
September 28, 2006
94 S. Main St.
Fairport A church undergoing restoration
19 First Baptist Church of Mumford
First Baptist Church of Mumford
March 23, 2010
5 Dakin St.
20 First Presbyterian Church (Brockport)
First Presbyterian Church (Brockport)
June 25, 1999
35 State St.
21 First Presbyterian Church of Mumford
April 1, 2002
George and William Sts.
22 Florendin Feasel House
Florendin Feasel House
February 14, 2014
1294 Lehigh Station Rd.
Coordinates missing
23 Garbuttsville Cemetery
Garbuttsville Cemetery
November 29, 2006
Union St.
24 Gates-Livermore Cobblestone Farmhouse
Gates-Livermore Cobblestone Farmhouse
November 29, 1996
4389 Clover St.
25 Grace Church
Grace Church
July 30, 2010
9 Browns Ave.
26 Greece Memorial Hall
April 23, 1998
2595 Ridge Rd. W
27 Edward Harrison House
Edward Harrison House
October 22, 2010
75 College St.
28 Hildreth-Lord-Hawley Farm
Hildreth-Lord-Hawley Farm
October 29, 1996
44 N. Main St.
29 Franklin Hinchey House
Franklin Hinchey House
November 10, 1983
634 Hinchey Rd.
30 Hipp-Kennedy House
Hipp-Kennedy House
February 4, 1994
1931 Five Mile Line Rd.
31 Honeoye Falls Village Historic District
Honeoye Falls Village Historic District
November 24, 1993
Roughly, jct. of Main, Monroe and Ontario Sts. and adjacent areas
Honeoye Falls
32 Hopkins Farm
Hopkins Farm
October 6, 2000
3151 Clover St.
33 Jayne and Mason Bank Building
Jayne and Mason Bank Building
November 1, 2006
11 E. Main St.
Webster Currently a secondhand shop called "Nest Things"
34 William C. Jayne House
William C. Jayne House
September 28, 2006
183 E. Main St.
35 Lake View Cemetery
Lake View Cemetery
July 24, 2009
NY 19
36 Adolph Lomb House
Adolph Lomb House
January 24, 1995
Jct. of Sutherland St. and W. Jefferson Rd.
37 Lower Mill
Lower Mill
May 17, 1973
N. Main St.
Honeoye Falls
38 Main Street Historic District
Main Street Historic District
April 2, 2004
Main, Market and King Sts.
39 Donald Mann House
Donald Mann House
June 25, 2013
327 Stewart Rd.
Coordinates missing
40 George G. Mason House
October 27, 2004
39 Dunning Ave.
41 David McVean House
David McVean House
January 18, 2006
805 North Rd.
42 Mendon Cobblestone Academy
Mendon Cobblestone Academy
November 29, 1996
16 Mendon-Ionia Rd.
43 Mendon Presbyterian Church
Mendon Presbyterian Church
December 23, 2005
3886 Rush-Mendon Rd.
44 Romanta T. Miller House
Romanta T. Miller House
April 11, 2014
1089 Bowerman Rd.
Coordinates missing
45 Morgan-Manning House
April 25, 1991
151 Main St.
46 Mud House
Mud House
October 11, 1978
1000 Whalen Rd.
47 New York State Barge Canal
New York State Barge Canal
October 15, 2014
Linear across county
Coordinates missing
Brighton, Brockport, Chili, Clarkson, Fairport, Gates, Greece, Henrietta, Ogden, Perinton, Pittsford, Spencerport, Sweden Successor to Erie Canal approved by state voters in early 20th century to compete with railroads.
48 North Star School District No. 11
September 10, 2014
660 Walker Lake Ontario Rd.
Coordinates missing
Hamlin Late 19th-century one-room schoolhouse now serves as local history museum
49 Oatka Cemetery
Oatka Cemetery
February 24, 2014
411 Scottsville-Mumford Rd.
Coordinates missing
50 Our Mother of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church Complex
Our Mother of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church Complex
November 30, 1989
1785 Latta Rd.
51 William Payne House
William Payne House
June 20, 2012
505 Elmgrove Rd.
52 Penfield Road Historic District
Penfield Road Historic District
December 7, 2005
1862-1895 Penfield Rd.
53 Stephen Phelps House
Stephen Phelps House
February 2, 1995
2701 Penfield Rd.
54 Phoenix Building
Phoenix Building
August 7, 1974
S. Main and State Sts.
55 Pittsford Village Historic District
Pittsford Village Historic District
September 7, 1984
Roughly bounded by the Canal, Jefferson Rd., Sutherland, and South Sts.
56 Samuel Rich House
Samuel Rich House
December 30, 1987
2204 Five Mile Line Rd.
57 Richardson's Tavern
Richardson's Tavern
May 6, 1980
1474 Marsh Rd.
58 Riga Academy
November 21, 1980
3 Riga-Mumford Rd.
59 Rochester Street Historic District
Rochester Street Historic District
October 25, 1973
Both sides of Rochester St.
60 Simeon Sage House
Simeon Sage House
January 29, 2010
69 Main St.
61 Sheldon Cobblestone House
Sheldon Cobblestone House
November 29, 1996
21 Mendon-Ionia Rd., S of jct. with NY 251
62 William Shirts House
William Shirts House
April 16, 2004
196 Harmon Rd.
63 Hiram Sibley Homestead
September 12, 1985
29 Sibley Rd.
64 Soldiers' Memorial Tower
Soldiers' Memorial Tower
April 8, 1994
Owens Rd. N of Conrail RR tracks
65 Spencerport Methodist Church
Spencerport Methodist Church
April 11, 2008
32 Amity St.
66 Spring House
Spring House
November 20, 1975
3001 Monroe Ave.
Pittsford An inn along the original Erie Canal, now a restaurant
67 St. John's Episcopal Church
St. John's Episcopal Church
July 7, 1988
11 Episcopal Ave.
Honeoye Falls
68 St. Luke's Episcopal Church
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
April 26, 1990
14 State St.
69 Stewart Cobblestone Farmhouse
Stewart Cobblestone Farmhouse
March 4, 1997
Douglas Rd., S of jct. with Canfield Rd.
70 Stone-Tolan House
Stone-Tolan House
July 21, 1983
2370 East Ave.
71 Tall Maples Miniature Golf Course
Tall Maples Miniature Golf Course
December 31, 2002
4083 Culver Rd.
Sea Breeze Now known as Parkside Whispering Pines [6]
72 Tinker Cobblestone Farmstead
Tinker Cobblestone Farmstead
April 27, 1995
1585 Calkins Rd.
73 Totiakton Site
Totiakton Site
September 21, 1978
Address Restricted
Honeoye Falls
74 Union Presbyterian Church
Union Presbyterian Church
December 13, 2004
Church St.
75 United Congregational Church of Irondequoit
United Congregational Church of Irondequoit
August 2, 2002
644 Titus Ave.
76 US Post Office-East Rochester
US Post Office-East Rochester
November 17, 1988
206 W. Commercial St.
East Rochester
77 US Post Office-Honeoye Falls
US Post Office-Honeoye Falls
May 11, 1989
W. Main St. and Episcopal Ave.
Honeoye Falls
78 Webster Baptist Church
Webster Baptist Church
November 7, 1991
59 South Ave.
79 Harvey Whalen House
Harvey Whalen House
November 21, 1994
140 Whalen Rd.
80 Wheatland Baptist Cemetery
January 18, 2006
McGinnis, Belcoda and Harmon Rds.
81 Whitcomb Cobblestone Farmhouse
Whitcomb Cobblestone Farmhouse
November 29, 1996
437 Pond Rd.
82 John and Chauncey White House
January 15, 2014
854 White Rd.
Coordinates missing
West Sweden vicinity
83 Whiteside, Barnett and Co. Agricultural Works
Whiteside, Barnett and Co. Agricultural Works
February 22, 2001
60 Clinton St.
84 Wilbur House
Wilbur House
May 6, 1980
187 S. Main St.
85 Windom Hall
Windom Hall
August 5, 1994
28 Main St.
86 Thomas Youngs House
Thomas Youngs House
June 24, 1993
50 Mitchell Rd.

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by most on-line maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
  2. ^ "National Register of Historic Places: Weekly List Actions". National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. Retrieved on December 5, 2014.
  3. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined , differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  4. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.
  5. ^ Nancy L. Todd (July 1996). "National Register of Historic Places Registration: Adsit Cobblestone Farmhouse".  
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