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List of super-middleweight boxing champions

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Title: List of super-middleweight boxing champions  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Triple champion, Quadruple champion, Septuple champion, Lineal championship, Ring Magazine pound for pound
Collection: Lists of Boxers, World Boxing Champions by Weight Class, World Super-Middleweight Boxing Champions
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List of super-middleweight boxing champions

This is a chronological List of World Super Middleweight Boxing Champions, as recognized by four of the better-known sanctioning organizations:

Reign Began Reign Ended Champion Recognition
Title inaugurated
1984-03-28 1984-07-22 Murray Sutherland IBF
1984-07-22 1988-03-11-Vacated Chong-Pal Park IBF
1988-03-11 1990-01-27-Vacated Graciano Rocchigiani IBF
1990-01-27 1991-05-18 Lindell Holmes IBF
1991-05-18 1992-01-10 Darrin Van Horn IBF
1992-01-10 1993-02-13 Iran Barkley IBF
1993-02-13 1994-11-18 James Toney IBF
1994-11-18 1996-11-22-Vacated Roy Jones, Jr IBF
1997-06-21 1998-10-24 Charles Brewer IBF
1998-10-24 2004-03-27-Retired Sven Ottke IBF
2004-10-02 2006-03-04 Jeff Lacy IBF
2006-03-04 2006-11-27 - Vacated Joe Calzaghe IBF
2007-03-03 2007-10-19 Alejandro Berrio IBF
2007-10-19 2012-05-26 Lucian Bute IBF
2012-05-26 2015-02-03-Vacated Carl Froch IBF
2015-05-23 Present James DeGale IBF
Title inaugurated
1988-11-07 1990-12-15-Retired Sugar Ray Leonard WBC
1990-12-15 1992-10-03 Mauro Galvano WBC
1992-10-03 1996-03-02 Nigel Benn WBC
1996-03-02 1996-07-06 Thulani Malinga WBC
1996-07-06 1996-10-12 Vincenzo Nardiello WBC
1996-10-12 1997-12-19 Robin Reid WBC
1997-12-19 1998-03-27 Thulani Malinga WBC
1998-03-27 1999-10-23 Richie Woodhall WBC
1999-10-23 2000-05-06 Markus Beyer WBC
2000-05-06 2000-09-01 Glenn Catley WBC
2000-09-01 2000-12-15 Dingaan Thobela WBC
2000-12-15 2001-05-Stripped Dave Hilton WBC
2001-07-10 2003-04-05 Eric Lucas WBC
2003-04-05 2004-06-05 Markus Beyer WBC
2004-06-05 2004-10-09 Cristian Sanavia WBC
2004-10-09 2006-10-14 Markus Beyer WBC
2006-10-14 2007-11-04 Mikkel Kessler WBC
2007-11-04 2008-06-27- Vacated Joe Calzaghe WBC
2008-12-06 2010-04-24 Carl Froch WBC
2010-04-24 2010-09-06- Stripped Mikkel Kessler WBC
2010-11-27 2011-12-17 Carl Froch WBC
2011-12-17 2013-04-11- Stripped Andre Ward WBC
2013-06-22 2014-08-16 Sakio Bika WBC
2014-08-16 2015-04-24 Anthony Dirrell WBC
2015-04-24 Present Badou Jack WBC
Title inaugurated
1987-12-06 1988-05-23 Chong-Pal Park WBA
1988-05-23 1989-05-28 Fulgencio Obelmejias WBA
1989-05-28 1990-03-30 In-Chul Baek WBA
1990-03-30 1991-04-05 Christophe Tiozzo WBA
1991-04-05 1992-09-12 Victor Cordoba WBA
1992-09-12 1994-02-26 Michael Nunn WBA
1994-02-26 1994-08-12 Steve Little WBA
1994-08-12 1999-06-12 Frankie Liles WBA
1999-06-12 2000-04-08 Byron Mitchell WBA
2000-04-08 2000-09-16-Vacated Bruno Girard WBA
2001-03-03 2003-03-15 Byron Mitchell WBA
2003-03-15 2004-03-27 - Retired Sven Ottke WBA Super Champion
2003-09-03 2004-05-05 Anthony Mundine WBA Regular Champion
2004-05-05 2004-11-12 Manny Siaca WBA
2004-11-12 2007-11-04 Mikkel Kessler WBA Super Champion
2007-03-07 2008-05-28- Vacated Anthony Mundine WBA Regular Champion
2007-11-04 2008-09 - Vacated Joe Calzaghe WBA Super Champion
2008-06-21 2009-11-21 Mikkel Kessler WBA Super Champion
2009-11-21 Present Andre Ward WBA Super Champion
2009-11-21 2011-07-Vacated Dimitri Sartison WBA Regular Champion
2011-08-26 2012-08-Stripped Karoly Balzsay WBA Regular Champion
2012-11-03 2012-12-08 Brian Magee WBA Regular Champion
2012-12-08 2013-05-25 Mikkel Kessler WBA Regular Champion
2013-05-25 2015-05-08-Stripped Carl Froch WBA Regular Champion
2015-05-09 Present Fedor Chudinov WBA Regular Champion
Title inaugurated
1988-11-04 1990-04-28-Vacated Thomas Hearns WBO
1990-11-18 1995-03-18 Chris Eubank WBO
1995-03-18 1997-07-05 - Retired Steve Collins WBO
1997-10-11 2008-09-26 - Vacated Joe Calzaghe WBO
2008-09-26 2009-01-10 Denis Inkin WBO
2009-01-10 2009-08-22 Károly Balzsay WBO
2009-08-22 2012-08-25 Robert Stieglitz WBO
2012-08-25 2013-03-23 Arthur Abraham WBO
2013-03-23 2014-03-01 Robert Stieglitz WBO
2014-03-01 Present Arthur Abraham WBO
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