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Grade I listed buildings in City of Bradford


Grade I listed buildings in City of Bradford

Bradford City Hall

This is a list of the grade I listed buildings in the City of Bradford. In the United Kingdom, the term listed building refers to a building or other structure officially designated as being of special architectural, historical or cultural significance; Grade I structures are those on account of their special architectural or historic interest.[1] In England, the authority for listing under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990[2] rests with English Heritage, a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.[1]

The city of Bradford is a metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England, established by the Local Government Act 1972. It covers a number of other outlying towns and villages, which had previously been covered by separate municipal borough, urban and rural district councils. The buildings are listed according to their individual towns, with Bradford having the most listed buildings, with a total of seven. Ilkley has four, with one of those being three stones outside All Saints Parish Church. Keighley has three listed buildings, Addingham has two, and Bingley and Shipley each have one.


  • Addingham 1
  • Bingley 2
  • Bradford 3
  • Ilkley 4
  • Keighley 5
  • Shipley 6
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  • References 8


Name Completed Architect Location Grid Ref[3] Refs
Farfield Hall 1722 or 1729 Bolton Road, Addingham [4]
St Peter's Church 15th century Church Street, Addingham [4]


Looking up toward Five Rise Locks
Name Completed Architect Location Grid Ref[3] Refs
Five Rise Locks c. 1773 John Longbottom Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Bingley [5]


The altar of Bradford Cathedral
Name Completed Architect Location Grid Ref[3] Refs
Bolling Hall 14th century Bowling Hall Road, Bowling, Bradford [6]
Bradford Cathedral 8th century Church Bank, Bradford [6]
Bradford City Hall 1873 F E P Edwards Town Hall Square, Bradford [6]
Tong Hall 1702 Sir George Tempest Tong Lane, Tong, Bradford [6]
St James's Church 1727 Sir George Tempest Tong Lane, Tong, Bradford [6]
Upper Headley Hall Headley Lane, Thornton Bradford [6]
Wool Exchange 1867 Lockwood and Mawson Market Street, Bradford [6]


Name Completed Architect Location Grid Ref[3] Refs
All Saints' Parish Church stone crosses 9th century Church Street, Ilkley [7]
Burley House 18th century Bradford Road, Burley in Wharfedale [7]
Manor House 16th century Castle Yard, Ilkley [7]
Myddleton Lodge 16th century Langbar Road, Ilkley [7]
Heathcote, subsidiary buildings and structures, and entrance walls 20th century King's Road, Ilkley [8]


Name Completed Architect Location Grid Ref[3] Refs
Brontë Parsonage Museum 1779 Church Street, Haworth [9]
East Riddlesden Hall 1640 Bradford Road, Riddlesden [9]
West Riddlesden Hall c. 1687 Scott Lane, Riddlesden [9]


The Congregational Church in Saltaire
Name Completed Architect Location Grid Ref[3] Refs
Saltaire United Reformed Church 1859 Lockwood and Mawson Victoria Road, Saltaire [10]

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