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Lu Fang

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Title: Lu Fang  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Cat vs Rat, Shi Bao (Water Margin), All Men Are Brothers (TV series), Li Shishi (Song dynasty), Suo Chao
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Lu Fang

Lu Fang 盧方
from a 1890 print of the novel
Created by Shi Yukun
Appearances The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants
Personal information
Nickname(s) Sky-Penetrating Rat (鑽天鼠)
Mast-Coiling Rat (盤桅鼠)
Hometown Songjiang
Children Lu Zhen, son
Sworn siblings Han Zhang, 2nd brother
Xu Qing, 3rd brother
Jiang Ping, 4th brother
Bai Yutang, 5th brother

Lu Fang is a fictional character from the 19th-century Chinese novel The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants. Nicknamed "Sky-Penetrating Rat" for his mast-climbing skills, he was the oldest sworn brother of the "Five Rats".


Lu Fang's father had been a rich but generous squire on Hollow Island (陷空島) in Songjiang, and Lu Fang inherited his Lu-Family Estate (盧家莊). His estate engaged in fishing in the river surrounding the island. Once, when a boat's halyard broke, Lu Fang quickly climbed up the mast and knotted the loose ends together. He was thereafter nicknamed "Sky-Penetrating Rat".

He was married with a son Lu Zhen (盧珍).

Lu Fang valued friendship and became sworn brothers with Han Zhang, Xu Qing, Jiang Ping, and Bai Yutang, all from different places in the empire. Together, they lived on Hollow Island and were collectively known as "The Five Rats" (五鼠). As the oldest brother, Lu Fang was the leader.

Portrayal in film and television

  • Yang Chih-ching in King Cat (1967)
  • Tso You in Justice Pao (1974–75)
  • Cheung Chin-pang in Cat vs Rat (1982)
  • Chu Ko in House of Traps (1982)
  • Chang Kuo-chu in Justice Pao (1993–94)
  • Shut Chung-tin in The Invincible Constable (1993)
  • Lin Tsai-pei in The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants (1994)
  • Wang Quanyou in The New Seven Heroes and Five Gallants (1994)
  • Xie Jiaqi in Cat and Mouse (2003)
  • Gao Zhan in A Game of Cat and Mouse (2005)
  • Zhang Xin in Bai Yutang (2005) and Justice Bao (2008)
  • Wang Wenyan in Justice Bao: The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants (2010)
  • Liu Weihua in Invincible Knights Errant (2011)
  • Shang Daqing in Sleek Rat, the Challenger (2013)
  • He Yu in The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (upcoming)
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