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List of Vuelta a España classification winners

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Title: List of Vuelta a España classification winners  
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Language: English
Subject: List of Vuelta a España general classification winners, Vuelta a España records and statistics, Vuelta a España, Grand Tour, General classification
Collection: Lists of Cyclists, Vuelta a España, Vuelta a España Winners
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List of Vuelta a España classification winners

Since 1935, and annually since 1955, the Vuelta a España has been the most important multiday cycle racing event in Spain. In the 63 editions of the race, riders from eleven different countries have won the general classification. A mountains classification has been held every edition too, while the first points classification was held in 1945 and annually since 1955. Madrid has staged the most Vuelta-starts and finishes, and has been the regular finish city since 1994.


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    • King of the Mountains 3.3
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By year

Vuelta Year Overall Points Mountains Combination
69 2014 Contador, AlbertoAlberto Contador Degenkolb, JohnJohn Degenkolb Sánchez, Luis LeónLuis León Sánchez Contador, AlbertoAlberto Contador
68 2013 Horner, ChrisChris Horner Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde Edet, NicolasNicolas Edet Horner, ChrisChris Horner
67 2012 Contador, AlbertoAlberto Contador Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde Clarke, SimonSimon Clarke Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde
66 2011 Cobo, Juan JoséJuan José Cobo Mollema, BaukeBauke Mollema Moncoutié, DavidDavid Moncoutié Cobo, Juan JoséJuan José Cobo
65 2010 Nibali, VincenzoVincenzo Nibali Cavendish, MarkMark Cavendish Moncoutié, DavidDavid Moncoutié Nibali, VincenzoVincenzo Nibali
64 2009 Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde Greipel, AndréAndré Greipel Moncoutié, DavidDavid Moncoutié Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde
63 2008 Contador, AlbertoAlberto Contador Van Avermaet, GregGreg Van Avermaet Moncoutié, DavidDavid Moncoutié Contador, AlbertoAlberto Contador
62 2007 Menchov, DenisDenis Menchov Bennati , DanieleDaniele Bennati Menchov, DenisDenis Menchov Menchov, DenisDenis Menchov
61 2006 Vinokourov, AlexandreAlexandre Vinokourov Hushovd , ThorThor Hushovd Martínez, EgoiEgoi Martínez Vinokourov, AlexandreAlexandre Vinokourov
60 2005 Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras Petacchi , AlessandroAlessandro Petacchi Rodríguez, JoaquimJoaquim Rodríguez Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras
59 2004 Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras Zabel , ErikErik Zabel Cárdenas , FélixFélix Cárdenas Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras
58 2003 Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras Zabel, ErikErik Zabel Cárdenas, FélixFélix Cárdenas Valverde, AlejandroAlejandro Valverde
57 2002 González, AitorAitor González Zabel, ErikErik Zabel Osa, AitorAitor Osa Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras
56 2001 Casero, ÁngelÁngel Casero Jiménez, José MaríaJosé María Jiménez Jiménez, José MaríaJosé María Jiménez
55 2000 Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras Sastre, CarlosCarlos Sastre
54 1999 Ullrich, JanJan Ullrich Vandenbroucke, FrankFrank Vandenbroucke Jiménez, José MaríaJosé María Jiménez
53 1998 Olano, AbrahamAbraham Olano Guidi, FabrizioFabrizio Guidi Jiménez, José MaríaJosé María Jiménez
52 1997 Zülle, AlexAlex Zülle Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert Jiménez, José MaríaJosé María Jiménez
51 1996 Zülle, AlexAlex Zülle Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert Rominger, TonyTony Rominger
50 1995 Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert
49 1994 Rominger, TonyTony Rominger Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert Leblanc, LucLuc Leblanc
48 1993 Rominger, TonyTony Rominger Rominger, TonyTony Rominger Rominger, TonyTony Rominger Montoya, JesúsJesús Montoya
47 1992 Rominger, TonyTony Rominger Abdoujaparov, DjamolidineDjamolidine Abdoujaparov Hernández, CarlosCarlos Hernández Rominger, TonyTony Rominger
46 1991 Mauri, MelchorMelchor Mauri Raab, UweUwe Raab Herrera, LuchoLucho Herrera Echave, FedericoFederico Echave
45 1990 Giovannetti, MarcoMarco Giovannetti Raab, UweUwe Raab Farfán, José MartínJosé Martín Farfán Echave, FedericoFederico Echave
44 1989 Delgado, PedroPedro Delgado Elliott, MalcolmMalcolm Elliott Vargas, ÓscarÓscar Vargas Vargas, ÓscarÓscar Vargas
43 1988 Kelly, SeanSean Kelly Kelly, SeanSean Kelly Pino, ÁlvaroÁlvaro Pino Kelly, SeanSean Kelly
42 1987 Herrera, LuchoLucho Herrera Gutiérrez, AlfonsoAlfonso Gutiérrez Herrera, LuchoLucho Herrera Fignon, LaurentLaurent Fignon
41 1986 Pino, ÁlvaroÁlvaro Pino Kelly, SeanSean Kelly Laguía, José LuisJosé Luis Laguía Kelly, SeanSean Kelly
40 1985 Delgado, PedroPedro Delgado Kelly, SeanSean Kelly Laguía, José LuisJosé Luis Laguía
39 1984 Caritoux, EricEric Caritoux Van Calster, GuidoGuido Van Calster Yáñez, FelipeFelipe Yáñez
38 1983 Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault Lejarreta, MarinoMarino Lejarreta Laguía, José LuisJosé Luis Laguía
37 1982 Lejarreta, MarinoMarino Lejarreta Mutter, StefanStefan Mutter Laguía, José LuisJosé Luis Laguía
36 1981 Battaglin, GiovanniGiovanni Battaglin Cedena, Francisco JavierFrancisco Javier Cedena Laguía, José LuisJosé Luis Laguía
35 1980 Rupérez, FaustinoFaustino Rupérez Kelly, SeanSean Kelly Fernández, JuanJuan Fernández
34 1979 Zoetemelk, JoopJoop Zoetemelk De Wolf, FonsFons De Wolf Yáñez, FelipeFelipe Yáñez
33 1978 Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault Van den Haute, FerdiFerdi Van den Haute Oliva, AndrésAndrés Oliva
32 1977 Maertens, FreddyFreddy Maertens Maertens, FreddyFreddy Maertens Torres, PedroPedro Torres
31 1976 Pesarrodona, JoséJosé Pesarrodona Thurau, DietrichDietrich Thurau Oliva, AndrésAndrés Oliva
30 1975 Tamames, AgustínAgustín Tamames Lasa, Miguel MaríaMiguel María Lasa Oliva, AndrésAndrés Oliva
29 1974 Fuente, José ManuelJosé Manuel Fuente Perurena, DomingoDomingo Perurena Abilleira, José LuisJosé Luis Abilleira Abilleira, José LuisJosé Luis Abilleira
28 1973 Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx Abilleira, José LuisJosé Luis Abilleira Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx
27 1972 Fuente, José ManuelJosé Manuel Fuente Perurena, DomingoDomingo Perurena Fuente, José ManuelJosé Manuel Fuente Fuente, José ManuelJosé Manuel Fuente
26 1971 Bracke, FerdinandFerdinand Bracke Guimard, CyrilleCyrille Guimard Zoetemelk, JoopJoop Zoetemelk Guimard, CyrilleCyrille Guimard
25 1970 Ocaña, LuisLuis Ocaña Reybrouck, GuidoGuido Reybrouck Tamames, AgustínAgustín Tamames Reybrouck, GuidoGuido Reybrouck
24 1969 Pingeon, RogerRoger Pingeon Steegmans, RaymondRaymond Steegmans Ocaña, LuisLuis Ocaña
23 1968 Gimondi, FeliceFelice Gimondi Janssen, JanJan Janssen Gabica, FranciscoFrancisco Gabica
22 1967 Janssen, JanJan Janssen Janssen, JanJan Janssen Díaz, MarianoMariano Díaz
21 1966 Gabica, FranciscoFrancisco Gabica van der Vleuten, JosJos van der Vleuten San Miguel, GregorioGregorio San Miguel
20 1965 Wolfshohl, RolfRolf Wolfshohl Van Looy, RikRik Van Looy Jiménez, JulioJulio Jiménez
19 1964 Poulidor, RaymondRaymond Poulidor Pérez-Francés, JoséJosé Pérez-Francés Jiménez, JulioJulio Jiménez
18 1963 Anquetil, JacquesJacques Anquetil Maliepaard, BasBas Maliepaard Jiménez, JulioJulio Jiménez
17 1962 Altig, RudiRudi Altig Altig, RudiRudi Altig Karmany, AntonioAntonio Karmany
16 1961 Soler, AngelinoAngelino Soler Suárez, AntonioAntonio Suárez Karmany, AntonioAntonio Karmany
15 1960 De Mulder, FranzFranz De Mulder De Cabooter, ArthurArthur De Cabooter Karmany, AntonioAntonio Karmany
14 1959 Suárez, AntonioAntonio Suárez Van Looy, RikRik Van Looy Suárez, AntonioAntonio Suárez
13 1958 Stablinski, JeanJean Stablinski Botella, SalvadorSalvador Botella Bahamontes, FedericoFederico Bahamontes
12 1957 Loroño, JesúsJesús Loroño Iturat, VicenteVicente Iturat Bahamontes, FedericoFederico Bahamontes
11 1956 Conterno, AngeloAngelo Conterno van Steenbergen, RikRik van Steenbergen Defilippis, NinoNino Defilippis
10 1955 Dotto, JeanJean Dotto Magni, FiorenzoFiorenzo Magni Buratti, GiuseppeGiuseppe Buratti
9 1950 Rodríguez, EmilioEmilio Rodríguez Rodríguez, EmilioEmilio Rodríguez
8 1948 Ruiz, BernardoBernardo Ruiz Ruiz, BernardoBernardo Ruiz
7 1947 van Dyck, EdouardEdouard van Dyck Rodríguez, EmilioEmilio Rodríguez
6 1946 Langarica, DalmacioDalmacio Langarica Rodríguez, EmilioEmilio Rodríguez
5 1945 Rodríguez, DelioDelio Rodríguez Rodríguez, DelioDelio Rodríguez Berrendero, JuliánJulián Berrendero
4 1942 Berrendero, JuliánJulián Berrendero Berrendero, JuliánJulián Berrendero
3 1941 Berrendero, JuliánJulián Berrendero Trueba, FermínFermín Trueba
2 1936 Deloor, GustaafGustaaf Deloor Molina, SalvadorSalvador Molina
1 1935 Deloor, GustaafGustaaf Deloor Molinar, EdoardoEdoardo Molinar

By riders

Cyclist Total Years
 Heras, RobertoRoberto Heras (ESP) 4 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005
 Rominger, TonyTony Rominger (SUI) 3 1992, 1993, 1994
 Contador, AlbertoAlberto Contador (ESP) 3 2008, 2012, 2014
 Deloor, GustaafGustaaf Deloor (BEL) 2 1935, 1936
 Berrendero, JuliánJulián Berrendero (ESP) 2 1941, 1942
 Manuel Fuente, JoséJosé Manuel Fuente (ESP) 2 1972, 1974
 Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault (FRA) 2 1978, 1983
 Delgado, PedroPedro Delgado (ESP) 2 1985, 1989
 Zülle, AlexAlex Zülle (SUI) 2 1996, 1997

By country


Rank Country Wins
1  Spain 32
2  France 9
3  Belgium 7
4   Switzerland 5
 Italy 5
6  Germany 3
7  Netherlands 2
 Russia 2
9  Colombia 1
 Ireland 1
 Kazakhstan 1
 United States 1


Rank Country Wins
1  Spain 17
2  Belgium 13
3  Germany 8
4  France 5
 Netherlands 5
6  Italy 4
7  Ireland 4
8   Switzerland 2
 United Kingdom 2
10  Norway 1
 Uzbekistan 1

King of the Mountains

Rank Country Wins
1  Spain 48
2  France 7
3  Colombia 6
4  Italy 3
5   Switzerland 2
6  Australia 1
 Netherlands 1
 Russia 1

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