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2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men

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Title: 2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men  
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Subject: Ryan Brathwaite, South Korea at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, Georgia at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, Alexander John (athlete), French Polynesia at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics
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2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men

Events at the
2009 World Championships
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800 m men women
1500 m men women
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The men's 110 metres hurdles at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Olympic Stadium 19 and 20 August.

Just as he had done at the 2008 Olympic final, former world record holder Liu Xiang missed the competition through injury, leaving the reigning Olympic champion and world record holder Dayron Robles as the favourite. Furthermore, two of the fastest hurdlers of the season,[1] David Oliver and Dexter Faulk, had not been selected for the American team, which featured David Payne, Terrence Trammell, and Aries Merritt as the main challengers to Robles. Twenty-one-year-old Ryan Brathwaite was a much improved hurdler that season, and Dwight Thomas and Maurice Wignall of Jamaica were other contenders.[2]

The heats stage was one of the more eventful of the championships: Robles struggled to qualify in third as he was hampered by an injury, Merritt did not progress from his race (having earlier suffered a twisted ankle), and Andy Turner (another carrying an injury) was also eliminated. Dániel Kiss was the fastest of the round, setting a Hungarian record. Brathwaite was the only pre-race favourite to win in the heats, while Alexander John and Ji Wei were the other fastest hurdlers.[3] In the semi finals, Trammell and Petr Svoboda were the top two in the first semi-final, and Payne and Brathwaite (who set a national record), took the second race. William Sharman set a personal best to win the third semi-final, which saw Robles pull up due to injury and Kiss eliminated.[4]

In the final, Brathwaite started poorly but was soon level with Payne and Trammell. The three remained even after the final hurdle and, with one hundredth of a second between them, it was a photo finish. Brathwaite emerged as the winner with a national record of 13.14 seconds, Trammell was the silver medallist, and Payne took the bronze. Sharman took fourth with a personal best of 13.30 seconds and Wignall finished fifth, clocking 13.31 seconds, his best of the year.[5]

Although he had entered the competition as an outside medal possibility, Brathwaite became the youngest ever champion in the event, and was also Barbados' first ever gold medallist in athletics at either the World Championships or the Olympic Games. Unable to capitalise on the absence of Xiang and Robles, perennial minor medallists Payne and Trammell again missed out on the gold medal. After Brathwaite, fourth-placed William Sharman was the other surprise of the race: he was a last minute addition to the British team, and his two personal best performances turned him from a rank outsider to Europe's fastest at the competition.[5][6]


Gold Ryan Brathwaite
Barbados (BAR)
Silver Terrence Trammell
United States (USA)
Bronze David Payne
United States (USA)


World record  Dayron Robles (CUB) 12.87 Ostrava, Czech Republic 12 June 2008
Championship record  Colin Jackson (GBR) 12.91 Stuttgart, Germany 20 August 1993
World leading  Dayron Robles (CUB) 13.04 Ostrava, Czech Republic 17 June 2009
African record  Shaun Bownes (RSA) 13.26 Heusden, Netherlands 14 July 2001
Asian record  Liu Xiang (CHN) 12.88 Lausanne, Switzerland 11 July 2006
North American record  Dayron Robles (CUB) 12.87 Ostrava, Czech Republic 12 June 2008
South American record  Redelén dos Santos (BRA) 13.29 Lisbon, Portugal 13 June 2004
European record  Colin Jackson (GBR) 12.91 Stuttgart, Germany 20 August 1993
Oceanian record  Kyle Vander Kuyp (AUS) 13.29 Gothenburg, Sweden 11 August 1995

Qualification standards

A time B time
13.55 13.62


Date Time Round
19 August 2009 11:35 Heats
20 August 2009 18:15 Semi-finals
20 August 2009 20:55 Final



Qualification: First 3 in each heat (Q) and the next 6 fastest (q) advance to the semi-finals.

Rank Heat Name Nationality Time Notes
1 6 Dániel Kiss  Hungary (Hungary) 13.34 Q, NR
2 4 Ryan Brathwaite  Barbados (Barbados) 13.35 Q
3 4 Alexander John  Germany (Germany) 13.41 Q
4 5 Ji Wei  China (China) 13.51 Q
4 5 Terrence Trammell  United States (United States) 13.51 Q
6 4 William Sharman  Great Britain (Great Britain) 13.52 Q
6 6 Paulo Villar  Colombia (Colombia) 13.52 Q, SB
8 5 Gregory Sedoc  Netherlands (Netherlands) 13.54 Q
8 6 David Payne  United States (United States) 13.54 Q
10 5 Dimitri Bascou  France (France) 13.55 q
11 1 Shi Dongpeng  China (China) 13.56 Q
11 3 Petr Svoboda  Czech Republic (Czech Republic) 13.56 Q
11 3 Garfield Darien  France (France) 13.56 Q
11 3 Artur Noga  Poland (Poland) 13.56 Q
15 1 Dwight Thomas  Jamaica (Jamaica) 13.57 Q
15 5 Shamar Sands  Bahamas (Bahamas) 13.57 q
17 4 Staņislavs Olijars  Latvia (Latvia) 13.59 q
18 4 Maksim Lynsha  Belarus (Belarus) 13.61 q
18 6 Dayron Capetillo  Cuba (Cuba) 13.61 q
20 2 Maurice Wignall  Jamaica (Jamaica) 13.62 Q
21 1 Jackson Quiñónez  Spain (Spain) 13.63 Q
21 4 Evgeniy Borisov  Russia (Russia) 13.63 q
23 2 Helge Schwarzer  Germany (Germany) 13.66 Q
24 2 Dayron Robles  Cuba (Cuba) 13.67 Q
24 1 Lehann Fourie  South Africa (South Africa) 13.67
26 5 Selim Nurudeen  Nigeria (Nigeria) 13.68
27 3 Aries Merritt  United States (United States) 13.70
27 6 Richard Phillips  Jamaica (Jamaica) 13.70
29 3 Serhiy Demydyuk  Ukraine (Ukraine) 13.71 SB
30 2 Cédric Lavanne  France (France) 13.72
30 2 Felipe Vivancos  Spain (Spain) 13.72
32 1 Andy Turner  Great Britain (Great Britain) 13.73
33 6 Matthias Bühler  Germany (Germany) 13.75
34 3 Adrien Deghelt  Belgium (Belgium) 13.78
35 5 Héctor Cotto  Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico) 13.81
36 1 Lee Jung-Joon  South Korea (South Korea) 13.83 SB
36 3 Gianni Frankis  Great Britain (Great Britain) 13.83
38 1 Tasuku Tanonaka  Japan (Japan) 13.84
39 6 David Ilariani (Georgia) 13.86
40 4 Park Tae-Kyong  South Korea (South Korea) 13.93
41 5 Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian  Malaysia (Malaysia) 14.06
42 2 Damien Broothaerts  Belgium (Belgium) 14.15
43 6 Abdul Hakeem Abdul Halim  Singapore (Singapore) 14.63 SB
44 4 Ahmad Hazer  Lebanon (Lebanon) 14.74
45 3 Toriki Urarii 15.01 SB
1 Joseph-Berlioz Randriamihaja DNF
2 Yin Jing DNS

Key: Q = qualification by place in heat, q = qualification by overall place, SB = Seasonal best


Qualification: First 2 in each semi-final (Q) and the next 2 fastest (q) advance to the final.

Rank Heat Name Nationality Time Notes
1 2 Ryan Brathwaite 13.18 Q, NR
2 1 Terrence Trammell 13.24 Q
2 2 David Payne 13.24 Q
4 1 Petr Svoboda 13.33 Q, SB
5 2 Dwight Thomas 13.37 q
6 3 William Sharman 13.38 Q, PB
7 1 Ji Wei 13.41 q, SB
8 2 Shi Dongpeng 13.42 SB
9 1 Artur Noga 13.43 SB
9 3 Maurice Wignall 13.43 Q, SB
11 1 Paulo Villar 13.44 SB
12 2 Gregory Sedoc 13.45
12 3 Dániel Kiss 13.45
14 2 Maksim Lynsha 13.46 PB
15 3 Shamar Sands 13.47
16 2 Dimitri Bascou 13.49 PB
17 1 Staņislavs Olijars 13.50
18 1 Jackson Quiñónez 13.54
19 1 Dayron Capetillo 13.55
20 3 Garfield Darien 13.57
21 3 Evgeniy Borisov 13.63
22 2 Alexander John 13.64
23 3 Helge Schwarzer 13.72
3 Dayron Robles DNF


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st Ryan Brathwaite 13.14 NR
2nd Terrence Trammell 13.15
3rd David Payne 13.15
4 William Sharman 13.30 PB
5 Maurice Wignall 13.31 SB
6 Petr Svoboda 13.38
7 Dwight Thomas 13.56
8 Ji Wei 13.57


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