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List of marine fishes of the suborder Percoidei of South Africa

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Title: List of marine fishes of the suborder Percoidei of South Africa  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Perciformes
Collection: Perciformes
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of marine fishes of the suborder Percoidei of South Africa

This is a sub-list of the List of marine Perciform fishes of South Africa for fishes of the suborder Percoidei recorded from the oceans bordering South Africa. This list comprises locally used common names, scientific names with author citation and recorded ranges. Ranges specified may not be the entire known range for the species, but should include the known range within the waters surrounding the Republic of South Africa.

List ordering and taxonomy complies where possible with the current usage in Wikispecies, and may differ from the cited source, as listed citations are primarily for range or existence of records for the region. Sub-taxa within any given taxon are arranged alphabetically as a general rule. Details of each species may be available through the relevant internal links. Synonyms may be listed where useful.

Map of the Southern African coastline showing some of the landmarks referred to in species range statements


  • Suborder: Percoidei 1
    • Superfamily: Cepoloidea 1.1
      • Family: Cepolidae — Bandfishes 1.1.1
    • Superfamily: Cirrhitoidea 1.2
      • Family: Cheilodactylidae — Fingerfins 1.2.1
      • Family: Cirrhitidae — Hawkfishes 1.2.2
    • Superfamily: Percoidea 1.3
      • Family: Acropomatidae — Lanternbellies 1.3.1
      • Family: Ambassidae — Glassies 1.3.2
      • Family: Apogonidae — Cardinal fishes (see also Epigonidae) 1.3.3
      • Family: Bathyclupeidae — Bathyclupeids 1.3.4
      • Family: Bramidae — Pomfrets 1.3.5
      • Family: Caesionidae — Fusiliers 1.3.6
      • Family: Callanthiidae — Goldies 1.3.7
      • Family: Carangidae — Kingfishes 1.3.8
      • Family: Caristiidae — Manefishes 1.3.9
      • Family: Centracanthidae — Picarels 1.3.10
      • Family: Chaetodontidae — Butterflyfishes 1.3.11
      • Family: Coryphaenidae — Dolphinfish or Dorades 1.3.12
      • Family: Dichistiidae — Galjoens 1.3.13
      • Family: Dinopercidae 1.3.14
      • Family: Drepaneidae — Sicklefishes 1.3.15
      • Family: Echeneidae — Remoras 1.3.16
      • Family: Emmelichthyidae — Rovers 1.3.17
      • Family: Epigonidae — Cardinal fishes (see also Apogonidae) 1.3.18
      • Family: Gerreidae — Pursemouths 1.3.19
      • Family: Haemulidae — Rubberlips and grunters 1.3.20
      • Family: Kuhliidae — Flagtails 1.3.21
      • Family: Kyphosidae — Sea chubs 1.3.22
      • Family: Leiognathidae — Soapies 1.3.23
      • Family: Lethrinidae — Emperors 1.3.24
      • Family: Lobotidae — Tripletails 1.3.25
      • Family: Lutjanidae — Snappers 1.3.26
      • Family: Malacanthidae — Tilefishes 1.3.27
      • Family: Menidae — Moonfish 1.3.28
      • Family: Monodactylidae — Moonies 1.3.29
      • Family: Mullidae — Goatfishes 1.3.30
      • Family: Nemipteridae — Butterfly breams, spinecheeks 1.3.31
      • Family: Opistognathidae — Jawfishes 1.3.32
      • Family: Oplegnathidae — Knifejaws 1.3.33
      • Family: Parascorpididae — Jutjaw 1.3.34
      • Family: Pempheridae — Sweepers 1.3.35
      • Family: Pentacerotidae — Armourheads 1.3.36
      • Family: Plesiopidae — Longfins 1.3.37
      • Family: Polynemidae — Threadfins 1.3.38
      • Family: Polyprionidae — Wreckfishes 1.3.39
      • Family: Pomacanthidae — Angelfishes 1.3.40
      • Family: Pomatomidae — Elf 1.3.41
      • Family: Priacanthidae — Bigeyes 1.3.42
      • Family: Pseudochromidae — Dottybacks 1.3.43
      • Family: Rachycentridae — Cobia 1.3.44
      • Family: Sciaenidae — Kobs 1.3.45
      • Family: Scombropidae — Gnomefishes 1.3.46
      • Family: Serranidae — Rockcods (groupers) and seabasses 1.3.47
      • Family: Sillaginidae — Sillagos 1.3.48
      • Family: Sparidae — Seabreams 1.3.49
      • Family: Terapontidae — Thornfishes 1.3.50
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Suborder: Percoidei

Superfamily: Cepoloidea

Family: Cepolidae — Bandfishes

Superfamily: Cirrhitoidea

Family: Cheilodactylidae — Fingerfins

Family: Cirrhitidae — Hawkfishes

Superfamily: Percoidea

Family: Acropomatidae — Lanternbellies

Family: Ambassidae — Glassies

Family: Apogonidae — Cardinal fishes (see also Epigonidae)

Subfamily: Apogoninae

Subfamily: Pseudaminae

Family: Bathyclupeidae — Bathyclupeids

Family: Bramidae — Pomfrets

Family: Caesionidae — Fusiliers

Family: Callanthiidae — Goldies

Family: Carangidae — Kingfishes

Family: Caristiidae — Manefishes

Family: Centracanthidae — Picarels

Family: Chaetodontidae — Butterflyfishes

Family: Coryphaenidae — Dolphinfish or Dorades

  • Dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus Linnaeus,1758 (all tropical and subtropical waters to 35°S)[1]

Family: Dichistiidae — Galjoens

Family: Dinopercidae

Family: Drepaneidae — Sicklefishes

  • Concertina-fish Drepane longimanus (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) (Tropical Indo-West Pacific south to East London)

Family: Echeneidae — Remoras

  • Shark remora Echineis naucrates Linnaeus, 1758 (Namibia to Mozambique)[2] (all warm waters except eastern Pacific)[1]
  • Slender remora Phtheirichthys lineatus (Menzies, 1791) (Worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters)[1]
  • Whale remora Remora australis (Bennett, 1840) (Worldwide, pelagic: found only on cetaceans)[1]
  • Spearfish remora Remora brachyptera (Lowe, 1839) (Worldwide, prefers billfishes)[1]
  • Remora Remora remora (Linnaeus, 1758) (Worldwide, prefers sharks)[1]
  • White remora Remorina albescens (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845) (Worldwide, prefers Manta rays)

Family: Emmelichthyidae — Rovers

Family: Epigonidae — Cardinal fishes (see also Apogonidae)

Family: Gerreidae — Pursemouths

Family: Haemulidae — Rubberlips and grunters

Family: Kuhliidae — Flagtails

Family: Kyphosidae — Sea chubs

Family: Leiognathidae — Soapies

Family: Lethrinidae — Emperors

Family: Lobotidae — Tripletails

  • Tripletail Lobotes surinamensis (Bloch, 1790) (Cape St Francis northwards, all tropical and subtropical oceans)[1]

Family: Lutjanidae — Snappers

Family: Malacanthidae — Tilefishes

Family: Menidae — Moonfish

Family: Monodactylidae — Moonies

Family: Mullidae — Goatfishes

Family: Nemipteridae — Butterfly breams, spinecheeks

Family: Opistognathidae — Jawfishes

Family: Oplegnathidae — Knifejaws

Family: Parascorpididae — Jutjaw

  • Jutjaw (Parascorpis typus) Bleeker, 1875 (Known only from False Bay to Maputo)[1]

Family: Pempheridae — Sweepers

Family: Pentacerotidae — Armourheads

Family: Plesiopidae — Longfins

Subfamily: Acanthoclininae — Spiny basslets

Subfamily: Plesiopinae

Family: Polynemidae — Threadfins

Family: Polyprionidae — Wreckfishes

Family: Pomacanthidae — Angelfishes

Family: Pomatomidae — Elf

Family: Priacanthidae — Bigeyes

Family: Pseudochromidae — Dottybacks

Subfamily: Anisochrominae

Subfamily: Congrogadinae — Snakelets

Subfamily: Pseudochrominae

Subfamily: Pseudoplesiopinae

Family: Rachycentridae — Cobia

Family: Sciaenidae — Kobs

Family: Scombropidae — Gnomefishes

Family: Serranidae — Rockcods (groupers) and seabasses

Subfamily: Anthiniinae

Subfamily: Epinephelinae

Subfamily: Grammistinae — Soapfishes and Podges

Subfamily: Liopropomatinae

Subfamily: Serraninae

Family: Sillaginidae — Sillagos

Family: Sparidae — Seabreams

Family: Terapontidae — Thornfishes


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