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List of massacres in Greece

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Title: List of massacres in Greece  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Massacre of Kalavryta, Massacres, Mousiotitsa, List of massacres in the Dominican Republic, List of massacres in Jamaica
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of massacres in Greece

Ancient Greece

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Destruction of Melos 415 BC Milos unknown Troops of Athens Population partly massacred, partly enslaved.
Battle of Thebes December, 335 BC Thebes 6,000 (plus 30,000 enslaved) Troops of Alexander the Great The city was completely destroyed.
Battle of Corinth (146 BC) 146 BC Corinth unknown Troops of the Roman Empire Complete destruction of the city. Population partly massacred, partly enslaved.
Massacre of Thessalonica April 390 Thessalonica 7,000 Troops of the Roman Emperor Theodosius I

Byzantine Greece

Sack of Thessalonica (1185) 9–24 August 1185 Thessaloniki 7,000 Normans

Ottoman Greece

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Peloponnese massacres March 1770 Peloponnese, mainly Tripolitsa 3,000-10,000 (plus 20,000 refugees) Ottoman army/Albanian irregulars After the failure of Orlov Revolt.
Preveza massacre October 1798 Preveza unknown Ottoman army/Albanian muslims Complete destruction, devastation of the city.

Greek Revolution (1821- 1832)

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Constantinople massacre April–July 1821 Occurred in Constantinople, but contemporary pogrom activities spread in parts of present-day Greece (Kos, Rhodes)[1] unknown Ottoman government
Thessaloniki massacres May 1821 Thessaloniki unknown Ottoman government Governor Yusuf Bey ordered to kill any Greeks found in the streets.
Navarino massacre 19 August 1821 Pylos 3,000 Greek irregular forces
Samothrace massacre 1 September 1821 Samothrace 1,000[2] Ottoman army Complete destruction, devastation of the island.
Tripolitsa massacre 23 September 1821 Tripolis 6,000-15,000 Greek irregular forces
Chios massacre March 1822 Chios 20,000 Ottoman government
Naousa massacre 13 April 1822 Naousa 2,000 Ottoman army
Kasos massacre 7 June 1824 Kasos 7,000 Ottoman-Egyptian army
Destruction of Psara July 1824 Psara 7,000 Ottoman army
Third Siege of Missolonghi April 1826 Missolonghi 8,000 Ottoman/Egyptian army Missolonghi received the honorary title of Hiera Polis (Sacred City) by the Greek state.

First Balkan War

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Servia massacre 10 October 1912 Servia, Greece 117 Ottoman Army

Second Balkan War

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Doxato massacre 30 June 1913 Doxato 650 Bulgarian Royal Army

World War II

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Massacre of Kondomari 2 June 1941 Crete 60 German paratroopers
Razing of Kandanos 3 June 1941 Western Crete 180 German Army troops
Doxato massacre 28–29 September 1941 Doxato 200+ Bulgarian Royal Army
Domenikon massacre 16–17 February 1943 Domenikon 150 Italian Royal Army
Feneos executions March 1943-June 1944 Feneos unknown mainly OPLA The local monastery functioned as a concentration camp.
Holocaust of Viannos 14–16 June 1943 Viannos and Ierapetra regions 500+ German Army troops
Massacre of the Acqui Division 21 September 1943 Kefalonia, Greece 5,000 German Army troops Dramatized in the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin.
Kommeno massacre 16 August 1943 Kommeno 317 German Army troops
Paramythia executions 19–29 September 1943 Paramythia 201 Cham Albanian paramilitary/German Army troops
Massacre of Kalavryta 13 December 1943 Kalavryta 1,200+ German Army troops
5/42 Evzone Regiment dissolution 17 April 1944 Phocis, Central Greece 200+ ELAS troops Colonel Dimitrios Psarros executed also.
Pyrgi (former Katranitsa) massacre 20 April 1944 Pyrgi 346 German Army troops
Executions of Kaisariani 1 May 1944 Kaisariani 200 German Army troops
Distomo massacre 10 June 1944 Distomo 218 German SS troops
Massacre of Mousiotitsa 25 July 1943 Mousiotitsa 153 German SS troops
Executions of Kokkinia 17 August 1944 Kokkinia 300+ German Army troops/Security Battalions
Holocaust of Kedros 22 August 1944 Amari Valley 164 German Army troops
The massacre of Chortiatis 2 September 1944 Chortiatis 146 German Army troops Perpetrated by Friedrich Schubert
Executions of Meligalas 16 September 1944 Meligalas c.1,000 ELAS troops All victims were members of the Security Battalions, Greek military units assisting the Germans.
Executions of ULEN/Peristeri December 1944 (Dekemvriana) Athens 3,000+ (unknown exactly) OPLA, other minor communist groups

Post War

Name Date Location Deaths Perpetrators Notes
Athens Polytechnic uprising November 1973 Athens 18-50 (unknown exactly), many injured Greek military junta

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