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Timeline of motor vehicle brands


Timeline of motor vehicle brands

This is a chronological index for the start year for motor vehicle brands (up to 1969). For manufacturers that went on to produce many models, it represents the start date of the whole brand; for the others, it usually represents the date of appearance of the main (perhaps only) model that was produced.

This also gives an idea of what motor vehicles were appearing on the streets in each country around each date (allowing, too, for imports from other countries). Moreover, by showing which models were contemporary, it gives a first indication of how individual designers were being influenced by each other, and a flavor of the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamics of the pioneering days of motor vehicle manufacture.[1][2]

Within each year, and country of origin, the lists are structured according to the type of vehicle first introduced. These include the following types: steam, electric, hybrid electric, internal-combustion, touring car, roadster, tonneau, phaeton, cyclecar, light car, voiturette, runabout, high wheeler, buggy, tricar, motor quadricycle, motor tricycle, motorcycle, coach, bus, fire-engine, truck, tractor, racing car, avant-train.


  • Veteran era 1
    • 1860 1.1
    • 1861 1.2
    • 1873 1.3
    • 1883 1.4
    • 1884 1.5
    • 1885 1.6
    • 1887 1.7
    • 1889 1.8
    • 1890 1.9
    • 1891 1.10
    • 1893 1.11
    • 1894 1.12
    • 1895 1.13
    • 1896 1.14
    • 1897 1.15
    • 1898 1.16
    • 1899 1.17
    • 1900 1.18
    • 1901 1.19
    • 1902 1.20
    • 1903 1.21
    • 1904 1.22
  • Brass era 2
    • 1905 2.1
    • 1906 2.2
    • 1907 2.3
    • 1908 2.4
    • 1909 2.5
    • 1910 2.6
    • 1911 2.7
    • 1912 2.8
    • 1913 2.9
    • 1914 2.10
    • 1915 2.11
    • 1916 2.12
    • 1917 2.13
    • 1918 2.14
    • 1919 2.15
  • Vintage era 3
    • 1920 3.1
    • 1921 3.2
    • 1922 3.3
    • 1923 3.4
    • 1924 3.5
    • 1925 3.6
    • 1926 3.7
    • 1927 3.8
    • 1928 3.9
    • 1929 3.10
  • Pre-war years 4
    • 1930 4.1
    • 1931 4.2
    • 1932 4.3
    • 1933 4.4
    • 1934 4.5
    • 1935 4.6
    • 1936 4.7
    • 1937 4.8
    • 1938 4.9
  • War years 5
    • 1939 5.1
    • 1940 5.2
    • 1945 5.3
  • Post-war years 6
    • 1946 6.1
    • 1947 6.2
    • 1948 6.3
    • 1949 6.4
    • 1950 6.5
    • 1951 6.6
    • 1952 6.7
    • 1953 6.8
    • 1954 6.9
    • 1955 6.10
    • 1956 6.11
    • 1957 6.12
    • 1958 6.13
    • 1959 6.14
  • Classic era 7
    • 1960 7.1
    • 1961 7.2
    • 1962 7.3
    • 1963 7.4
    • 1964 7.5
    • 1965 7.6
    • 1966 7.7
    • 1967 7.8
    • 1968 7.9
    • 1969 7.10
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  • References 9

Veteran era

Amédée père designed the Mancelle, which is regarded as the first automobile to be put into series production - 1878


Thomas Rickett's steam powered car was particularly notable in the history of motor vehicle production in as much that several examples were made, and it was also advertised.

UK. Steam: Rickett


USA. Steam: Ware Steam Wagon


The Bollée family played a significant part in the history of motor vehicle manufacture; the father with his steam car, and one of his sons, in 1895, with an internal-combustion engine design.

France. Steam bus: Amédée Bollée

USA. Internal-combustion: De La Vergne, Duryea


1885 Benz Tri-Car

France. Steam: De Dion-Bouton (later internal-combustion, with a patent in 1889)


France. Internal-combustion: Delamare-Deboutteville


Karl Benz's vehicle was the first true automobile, entirely designed as such, rather than simply being a motorized stage coach or horse carriage. This is why he was granted his patent, and is regarded as its inventor. His wife and sons became the first true motorists, in 1889, when they took the car out for the specific task of paying a family visit.

Germany. Internal-combustion: Benz

UK. Internal-combustion: Butler

USA. Electric: Armstrong Electric

Panhard-Levassor (1890-1895). This model was the first automobile to circulate in Portugal


UK. Motorcycle: New Imperial


The first Daimler car was a converted carriage, but with innovations that are still adopted today (cushioned engine mountings, fan cooling, finned-radiator water cooling).[3]

France. Steam: Paris–Brest–Paris)

Germany. Internal-combustion: Daimler (DMG)

UK. Internal-combustion: Santler

USA. Internal-combustion rotary engine: Adams-Farwell


Panhard and Levassor's design of a front-mounted engine established the layout of the majority of cars since then.

France. Internal-combustion: Panhard-Levassor


The 1891 Buckeye Gasoline Buggy

USA. Steam: Black; steam tractor: Avery; internal-combustion: Buckeye gasoline buggy


France. Electric (and later internal-combustion): Jeantaud

UK. Steam: Straker-Squire (also known as Brazil Straker)

USA. Internal-combustion: Elmore


France. Internal-combustion: Audibert & Lavirotte, Berliet, Delahaye

UK. Electric: Garrard & Blumfield

USA. Electric: Electrobat

Morris and Salom in the 1894 Electrobat


France. Internal-combustion: Léon Bollée, Corre, Rochet-Schneider

UK. Internal-combustion: Knight, Lanchester

USA. Electric: Morris & Salom


In the UK, the Locomotives on Highways Act 1896 replaced the hugely restrictive Locomotive Acts of 1861, 1865 and 1878 (the so-called Red Flag acts) thereby finally freeing up the automotive industry in the UK (and, incidentally, was also the origin of the celebrations of the first London to Brighton Veteran Car Run). Knight had been convicted under the old act, the previous year, for not having a man precede his vehicle with a red flag, and Walter Arnold was the first person to be convicted, in January 1896, for exceeding the speed limit. Meanwhile, Serpollet was issued with what was effectively the first driving licence.

France. Steam: Gardner-Serpollet; internal-combustion: Clément-Gladiator, Dalifol, Darracq, Lorraine-Dietrich, Triouleyre; voiturette: Dalifol & Thomas, Goujon, Léon Bollée; motorcycle: Clément and Gladiator

Italy. Internal-combustion: Enrico Bernardi

UK. Steam: Leyland; internal-combustion: Anglo-French, Arnold, Arrol-Johnston, Atkinson and Philipson; motorcycle: Excelsior, motor tricycle: Ariel

USA. Internal-combustion: Altham, Black, Electric & internal-combustion: Brewster, Haynes-Apperson


Winton Motor Carriage Company First Auto Ad

France. Steam: Richard; avant-train: Amiot

UK. Steam: Toward & Philipson; Electric: Bushbury Electric, Neale; electric phaeton: Electric Motive Power; internal-combustion: Belsize; bus: Thomas Harrington

USA. Electric: Pope; internal-combustion: Oldsmobile, Plass, Winton


Belgium. Internal-combustion: Delecroix, Métallurgique

France. Internal-combustion: Ailloud, Astresse, Auge, David & Bourgeois, De Dietrich, Lufbery, Poron, Tourey; voiturette: Le Blon, De Riancey; trucks and tractors: Latil; avant-train: Ponsard-Ansaloni

Germany. Electric: Kühlstein; internal-combustion: AWE, Wartburg

Italy. Internal-combustion: Ceirano GB & C; motor tricycle/quadricycle: Prinetti & Stucchi

UK. Electric: Oppermann; internal-combustion: Alldays & Onions, Grose, James and Browne, Madelvic, Star; tricar: Humber; motor tricycle/quadricycle: Arsenal, Eadie, Leuchters; motorcycle: Swift,

USA. Steam: American Waltham; electric: Riker; internal-combustion: Rutenber, St. Louis; buggy: Stearns


Century Steam Surrey - C. R. Woodlin and WIlliam Van Wagoner in 1901

Belgium. Voiturette: Vivinus

France. Electric: Bouquet, Garcin & Schivre, Monnard; internal-combustion: Allard-Latour, Esculape, La Lorraine, Luc Court, Marot-Gardon, Raouval, Renault (including the first saloon car), Turcat-Méry; light car: Naptholette; voiturette: Andre Py, Cochotte, Populaire, Rouxel; alcohol fuelled: L'Alkolumine

Germany. Internal-combustion: Opel

Italy. Internal-combustion: Fiat

UK. Electric: Joel-Rosenthal; internal-combustion: Accles-Turrell, Geering; voiturette: Argyll; motor tricycle/quadricycle: Allard, Anglo-American; motorcycle: Coventry-Eagle, OK-Supreme, Quadrant, Royal Enfield

USA. Steam: Century, Grout, Kensington, Keystone, Kidder, Leach, Liquid Air, Locomobile, Mobile (pre Stanley Steamer), Strathmore, Victor Steam, Waltham Steam; electric: American Electric, Baker, Columbia (taxi), Electric Vehicle, Quinby, Stearns, US Automobile, Van Wagoner, Woods; internal-combustion: American, Black, Bramwell-Robinson, Gasmobile, Gurley, Holyoke, International, Media, Oakman-Hertel, Packard (Ohio), Quick, Sintz

Louis Renault in 1903


Belgium. Hybrid: Pieper; internal-combustion: Nagant, Pipe; voiturette: Antoine

Canada. Electric: Canadian Motor

France. Internal-combustion: Ader, Ardent, Chenard-Walcker, Maillard, Nanceene, Otto; voiturette: Chainless, Soncin; motorcycle: Buchet, Castoldi

Germany. Internal-combustion: Adler, Albion; voiturette: AGG; motorcycle (later trucks): Phänomen

UK. Internal-combustion: Hewinson-Bell, Napier, Smith & Dowse; voiturette: Billings-Burns; motorcycle: Rex-Acme

USA. Steam: Tractobile, Kent's Pacemaker, Porter Stanhope, Skene, Steamobile; electric: Hewitt-Lindstrom, National; internal-combustion: Auburn, Canda, California, Eureka, Holley, Keystone, Knox, Lozier, Peerless, Rambler, Stearns-Knight; tractor: Samson; truck: Detroit

Charles J. Glidden on his 1902 world tour


Canada. Light car: Queen

France. Internal-combustion: Charron, Corre La Licorne; voiturette: L'Ardennais, Guerraz, Henry-Dubray, Korn et Latil, Malliary; light car: Denis de Boisse

Germany. Internal-combustion: Horch, Stoewer; motorcycle: NSU

UK. Electric: Electromobile; internal-combustion: Asquith, Imperial, John O'Gaunt, Sunbeam, paraffin fuelled: Ralph Lucas; cyclecar: Campion; light car: Ralph Gilbert; voiturette: Wolseley; motorcycle: Matchless, Singer

USA. Steam: Aultman, Binney & Burnham, Covert, Desberon, Hidley, Hudson, Reading Steamer, Stearns, White; internal-combustion: Altman, Apperson, Buffalo, Buffum, De Dion, Empire, Marion, Pierce-Arrow, Schaum; touring car: Austin; runabout: Stevens-Duryea; high wheeler: Holsman; motorcycle: Indian


Belgium. Internal-combustion: Minerva

France. Internal-combustion: Motobloc, Richard-Brasier

Germany. Internal-combustion: Aachener, AEG, Argus, Beaufort, NAG; motorised tricycle/quadricycle: Cyklon

Spain. Internal-combustion: Anglada

UK. Steam: Vapomobile; internal-combustion: Abingdon, Armstrong, Karminski, Maudslay, Rover, Vulcan; voiturette: Esculapeus, tricar: Advance; motorcycle: Norton, Triumph

USA. Steam: Clipper, Hoffman, Richmond, Stanley; electric: Studebaker; internal-combustion: Blood, Brennan, Cadillac, Cameron, Cannon, Clarkmobile, Franklin (automobile), Gaeth, Hammer-Sommer, Kirk, Marmon, Reber; runabout: Glide (automobile), Smith, Standard Steel; touring car: Spaulding; light car: Greenleaf, Orient; buggy: American, Union; compound expansion: Eisenhuth; truck: Rapid


Belgium. Internal-combustion: Excelsior

France. Internal-combustion: Ariès, Clément-Bayard, Delaunay-Belleville, Hotchkiss, Regal, Talbot; light car: Henry Bauchet

Germany. Internal-combustion bus/truck: Büssing

UK. Electric: Lems; steam (and internal-combustion): Albany; internal-combustion: Attila, Elswick, Kyma, Lea-Francis, Lee Stroyer, Standard, Vauxhall, Whitlock; avant-train: Adams; motorcycle: Chater-Lea, New Hudson, Wilkinson Sword

USA. Steam: Jaxon; internal-combustion: American Chocolate (Walter), Bates, Ford, Lenawee, Marble-Swift, Matheson, Vermont, Wilson; touring car: Acme, Berg, Logan, Michigan, Iroquois, Jackson, Phelps, Premier; roadster: Buckmobile; runabout: Dingfelder, Eldredge, Marr, Mitchell, Overland, Sandusky, Tincher


Canada. Internal-combustion: Russell

France. Internal-combustion: Cottin & Desgouttes, Grégoire; voiturette: Lavie; motor tricycle: La Va Bon Train

Germany. Internal-combustion: Alliance, Wenkelmobil

Italy. Internal-combustion: Itala

Spain. Internal-combustion: Hispano-Suiza

UK. Electric: Imperial; internal-combustion: Arbee, Armstrong Whitworth, Ascot, Calthorpe, Chambers, Crossley, Croxted, Iden, Motor Carrier, Queen; voiturette: Achilles; light car: Gilburt; tricar: Garrard; motorcycle: Phelon & Moore, Zenith

USA. Steam: Empire Steamer; electric: Berwick, Marquette; internal-combustion: American, American Mercedes, American Napier, Christie, Cleveland, Corbin, Detroit Wheeler, Dolson, Lambert, Luverne, Maxwell, Moline, Orlo, Oscar Lear, Pierce-Racine, Queen, Sampson, Schacht, Sinclair-Scott (Maryland), Standard, Studebaker-Garford, Twyford Stanhope; touring car: Brew-Hatcher, Crane-Simplex, Crestmobile, Detroit Auto, Frayer-Miller, Jeffery, Pungs Finch, Richmond, Royal, Thomas, Upton; runabout: Courier, Fredonia, Northern, Pierce, Pope-Tribune; tractor: Holt

Brass era


A De Dion-Bouton in 1905

France. Internal-combustion: Alliance, Brasier, Charlon, Couverchel, Delage, Eudelin, Rolland-Pilain, Sizaire-Naudin; touring car: Rebour; light car: Helbé, Urric; voiturette: Eureka; motorcycle: Herdtle & Bruneau

Germany. Steam: Altmann; internal-combustion: Ehrhardt, Hansa, Hexe, Solidor

Italy. Internal-combustion: Diatto, Zust

UK. Electric: Alexandra, Ekstromer; internal-combustion: Adams, Austin, Edismith, Riley, Sunbeam-Talbot, Talbot; light car: One of the Best; tricar: Anglian; motorcycle: Velocette

USA. Electric: Rauch and Lang; internal-combustion: Aerocar, Ardsley, Ariel, Cartercar, Corwin, Crown, Harrison, Haynes, Silent Knight, Pullman, Rainier, Selden, Soules, Stoddard-Dayton; touring car: Detroit-Oxford, Diamond T, Gas-au-lec, Lambert, REO, USA Daimler; roadster: Walker, Western; light car: Bell, buggy: Deal, Hammer; motorcycle: Excelsior-Henderson, Harley-Davidson, Shawmobile


Belgium. Internal-combustion: Imperia; hybrid: Auto-Mixte

France. Internal-combustion: AM, Ampère, Antoinette, Lion-Peugeot, Unic; light car: Doriot, Flandrin & Parant; voiturette and motorcycle: Alcyon

Germany. Internal-combustion: AAG

Italy. Internal-combustion: Aquila Italiana, Fial, Peugeot-Croizat, SCAT, SPA, Standard

UK. Internal-combustion: All-British, Ladas, Marlborough, Rolls-Royce; light car: Jowett; tricar: Addison, Armadale; dual-control car: Academy; hybrid bus: Tilling-Stevens; motorcycle: Dot

USA. Steam: Doble, Ross; electric: Babcock; internal-combustion: ALCO, American, American Simplex, Apollo, Atlas, Bliss, Car de Luxe, Deere, Dorris, Dragon, Frontenac, Hol-Tan, Jewell, Kissel, Model, Moore (Ball-Bearing Car); touring car: Heine-Velox, Moon; roadster: Colburn; light car: Janney; high wheeler: ABC, Black, McIntyre, Success


Belgium. Internal-combustion: Springuel

Canada. Internal-combustion: McLaughlin

France. Internal-combustion: Ariane, Jean-Bart, Lahaussois, Lutier, Marie de Bagneux, Prod'homme, Sinpar, Sixcyl; voiturette: Couteret, Obus, La Radieuse; voiturette tricar: Guerry et Bourguignon, Lurquin-Coudert; tricar: Austral, Mototri Contal; hybrid: AL; amphibious: Ravailler; racing car: De Bazelaire

UK. Internal-combustion: Dalgliesh-Gullane, Hillman; truck: Commer; motorcycle: Douglas

USA. Electric: American Juvenile Electric, Detroit Electric; internal-combustion: Allen Kingston, Anderson, Carter Twin-Engine, Continental, Corbitt, Fuller, Griswold, Maryland, Kiblinger, Oakland, Regal, Speedwell; high wheeler: Eureka, Hatfield, Single Center, Staver; roadster: CVI; runabout: Albany, Colt Runabout, Kermath, Marvel, Nielson


France. Internal-combustion: Le Pratic, X; phaeton: Siscart; voiturette: Roussel

Germany. Internal-combustion: Allright, Brennabor, Fafnir, Lloyd

Italy. Internal-combustion: Lancia, Marca-Tre-Spade, Temperino

UK. Internal-combustion: Arno, Sheffield-Simplex, Valveless; touring car: Argon; light car: Alex; motorcycle: Premier

USA. Internal-combustion: Davis


France. Internal-combustion: Bugatti, FL, La Ponette, Le Zèbre

Italy. Racing car: Brixia-Zust; motorcycle: Della Ferrera

Netherlands. Internal-combustion: Entrop

UK. Internal-combustion: Pilot

USA. Internal-combustion: Abbott-Detroit, Anhut, Black Crow, Crow-Elkhart, Cutting, EMF, Everitt, Fuller, GJG, Hupmobile, Inter-State, Lion, Pilot; touring car: Crawford, Fal-Car, Piggins, Standard Six; roadster: Coyote, Hudson, Kauffman; runabout: Brush; small car: Herreshoff, Hitchcock, KRIT; light car: Courier; buggy: Paterson; raceabout: Mercer; racing car: McFarlan; truck: Chase, Sanford-Herbert

Brillié-Schneider Autobus running for the Compagnie Générale des Omnibus, Paris


Canada. Internal-combustion: Gareau

France. Internal-combustion: Ageron, Damaizin & Pujos, Margaria, Mathis, Plasson; light car: Simplicia; cyclecar: Bédélia

Germany. Internal-combustion: Ansbach, Apollo, Audi

Italy. Internal-combustion: Alfa Romeo, Chiribiri

UK. Steam: Siddeley-Deasy; cyclecar: GN

USA. Electric: Grinnell; internal-combustion: Alpena, Cavac, De Mot, Flanders, Great Eagle, Kline Kar, Lexington, Maytag-Mason, Parry, Spaulding, United States; touring car: Carhartt, Chalmers, Detroit-Dearborn, Etnyre, Faulkner-Blanchard, Great Southern; tonneau: Henry, Midland; roadster: Ames, King-Remick, Penn; runabout: Empire; cyclecar: Autoette; high wheeler: Anchor Buggy; buggy: Aldo


Canada. Internal-combustion: Clinton

France. Cyclecar: Enders

Germany. Internal-combustion: Excelsior-Mascot, Podeus; rotary valve: Standard

Italy. Motorcycle: Benelli

1912 Aberdonia Landau

UK. Internal-combustion: Aberdonia, AGR, Airedale, GWK, Newton-Bennett, Roper-Corbet; cyclecar: Alvechurch, Autotrix, Lambert; motorcycle: Beardmore, Coventry-Victor, Levis, Rudge-Whitworth, Villiers

USA. Electric: Hupp-Yeats, Century, Dayton Electric; internal-combustion: America, Ann Arbor, Chevrolet, Day, Gaylord, Jonz (The American), King, Komet, Marathon, Overland OctoAuto, Nyberg, Pilgrim of Providence, Rayfield, Stutz, Virginian, Willys; tractor: Mogul; fire-engine: Ahrens-Fox,


Canada. Internal-combustion: Amherst

France. Electric: Anderson Electric, internal-combustion: Albatros, Alda, Arista, Cognet de Seynes, Hédéa, La Roulette, SCAP; light car: Luxior, truck: Laffly, avant-train: Ponts,

Hungary. Internal-combustion: Raba

Italy. Internal-combustion: Storero

The Imperia-Abadal model was manufactured by Imperia under Abadal license

Spain. Internal-combustion: Abadal

UK. Steam: Sheppee; internal-combustion: ABC; cyclecar: Adamson, Arden, Chota, Coventry Premier, Crouch, Hampton, HCE, Tiny, Tyseley; motorcycle: NUT, Sunbeam

USA. Electric: Argo Electric, Buffalo Electric, Church-Field; internal-combustion: Anna, Briggs-Detroiter, Crane & Breed, Pathfinder, Standard; touring car: Miller, Westcott; light-car: Lad's Car, Little; tricar: American Tri-Car, motorcycle: Cyclone; truck: Brockway, Palmer-Moore


Belgium. Internal-combustion: Alatac

France. Internal-combustion: Ajax, Alba, Alva, Rougier; cyclecar: Jouvie

Spain. Cyclecar: David

UK. Internal-combustion: Morris, Perry, Woodrow, WW; light car: Ace, Lucar; cyclecar: Armstrong, Athmac, Baker & Dale, Bantam, BPD, Britannia, Broadway, Carlette, Dallison, Dewcar, LAD, Lester Solus, Vee Gee, Warne, Wilbrook, Wrigley; motocycle: Montgomery

USA. Electric: American Electric; internal-combustion: Allen (Ohio), Allen (Philadelphia), Chandler, Flyer, Grant, Lyons-Knight, Monarch; cyclecar: Car-Nation, Coey, Detroit Cyclecar, Downing-Detroit, Dudly Bug, Gadabout, JPL, Little Detroit Speedster, Little Princess, Twombly; touring car: Keeton; roadster: Saxon, Scripps-Booth; sports car: Duesenberg; motocycle: Bi-Autogo


France. Internal-combustion: Ascot, Donnet-Zedel; light car: Nardini

Japan. Internal-combustion: DAT

UK. Internal-combustion: Trojan, Utopian; light car: Bifort, cyclecar: Bradwell, Buckingham, Carden, Hill & Stanier, Imperial, Projecta, Simplic; motocycle: ABC

USA. Electric: Ward; internal-combustion: Ajax, American, Benham, Dile, Keystone, Light, Monroe, MPM, Partin, Willys-Knight; touring car: Alter; roadster: Metz, Vulcan; light car: Fischer, Lincoln; cyclecar: Argo, Arrow, Biesel, CAC, Cricket, Davis, Dodge, Engler, Excel, Hawk, Logan, LuLu, Malcolm Jones, Mercury, Motor Bob, O-We-Go, Xenia

1914 Xenia


Canada. Internal-combustion: Gray-Dort, Regal

UK. Internal-combustion: Atalanta; sports car: Aston Martin

USA. Electric: Menominee, hybrid electric: Owen Magnetic, internal-combustion: All-Steel, Apple, Biddle, Bour-Davis, Briscoe, Dort, Elcar, Herff-Brooks, Hollier, Ross, Smith Flyer, light car: Bell, Harvard, cyclecar: Koppin, racing car: Frontenac,


USA. Electric: Belmont; internal-combustion: Aland, American, Bush, Daniels, Dixie Flyer, Hackett, HAL, Jordan, Liberty, Sun, Yale; touring car: Barley, Marion-Handley,

Germany: BMW


The Moose Jaw Standard

Canada. Internal-combustion: Moose Jaw Standard

UK. Cyclecar: Gibbons

USA. Internal-combustion: Able, Amalgamated, American, Anderson, Columbia, Commonwealth, Piedmont, Shad-Wyck, Templar; touring car: Harroun, Nelson, Olympian; light car: Gem; truck: Nash,


UK. Internal-combustion: All British Ford; motorcycle: Cotton

USA. Steam: Bryan, internal-combustion: Essex; motorcycle: Ner-a-Car

1922 Castle Three


France. Internal-combustion: Avions Voisin, Butterosi, Citroen, Leyat, Salmson; cyclecar: ASS, Soriano-Pedroso

Germany. Internal-combustion: AGA, Anker

UK. Internal-combustion: Alvis, Angus-Sanderson, Armstrong Siddeley, Ashton-Evans, Bentley, Dawson, Eric-Campbell, Maiflower, Ruston-Hornsby, Willys Overland Crossley; cyclecar: Aero Car, Ashby, AV, Castle Three, Economic, Tamplin; motorcycle: Brough Superior, Coventry-Victor, Dunelt, Duzmo

USA. Internal-combustion: Amco, Argonne, Climber, Du Pont, Graham-Paige; truck: Huffman

Vintage era


Belgium: ALP

France: Able, Ajams, Astatic, La Comfortable, De Marçay, Electricar, Elfe, Fonlupt, Janémian, Jouffret, Kevah, Radior, Santax

Germany: Joswin, Selve; touring car: Steiger

UK: Aeroford, Albert, Allwyn, Archer, Baughan, Bell, Black Prince, Blériot-Whippet, Bound, Cambro, CFB, Cubitt, Galloway, Palmerston, Payze, Sports Junior, Winson

USA: Ace, Alsace, Aluminum, Astra, Binghamton Electric, Carroll, Colonial, Colonial/Shaw, Friend, Gardner, Gray Light Car, LaFayette, Lorraine, Mason Truck, Sheridan, Standard Steam Car, Stanwood


Canada: Brock Six, London Six

France: Hinstin, Janoir, Madoz, Quo Vadis, Le Roitelet, Solanet

Germany: Alfi, Arimofa, Atlantic, Pawi, Rumpler Tropfenwagen, Zündapp

Italy: Ansaldo, Aurea, IENA

Japan: Ales

UK: Amazon, Barnard, Scott Sociable, Skeoch

USA. Steam: Coats, Davis, internal combustion: Adria, Aero Car, Ajax, Automatic, Birmingham, Colonial, Davis Totem, Durant, Earl, Handley-Knight, Jacquet Flyer, Kessler, Wills Sainte Claire


Canada: Colonial

France: Astra, Bucciali, Induco, JG, Vaillant

Germany: Juho, Komet

UK: Abbey, Abingdon, Albatros, Alberford, Aster, Atomette, Autogear, Baby Blake, Bean, Bow-V-Car, Christchurch-Campbell, Clyno, Frazer Nash, Gwynne, Packman & Poppe, Wigan-Barlow, Xtra

USA. Steam: Alena, American Steamer, Endurance, internal combustion: ABC, Anahuac, Ansted-Lexington, Checker, DAC, Dagmar, Detroit, Gray, Jewett, Kess-Line 8, Rickenbacker, Star, Stewart-Coats


Belgium: ADK, De Wandre, Juwel

Canada. Steam: Brooks

France: Bell, Henou, Willème

Germany: Alan, Kenter, Pilot, motorcycle: BMW

UK: Astral, Urecar

USA: Flint, Rugby


Czech Republic: Skoda

France: AEM, AS, Le Cabri, De Sanzy, Elgé, Jean Gras, Jousset

Germany: Amor, Ehrhardt-Szawe, Tempo

Japan: Otomo

UK: HRD, Morris, Paydell

USA. Steam: American; internal-combustion: Chrysler, Junior R, Pennant


Belgium: Jeecy-Vea

France: Heinis, Jack Sport

Germany: Hanomag, Sablatnig-Beuchelt, Seidel-Arop

Italy: Amilcar Italiana, Maggiora, Moretti

UK: Brocklebank, Invicta, Jappic, McEvoy, MG

USA: Empire Steam Car, Ajax, Diana


France: Alma, Arzac, Chaigneau-Brasier, Constantinesco, Lambert, Ratier, Sensaud de Lavaud, Tracta

Germany: Daimler-Benz, Gutbrod, Mercedes-Benz

UK: Arab, HP, Marendaz, Swallow

1931 Austin 7 Swallow saloon

USA: Ansted, Divco, Dodgeson


France: Rosengart, Silva-Coroner

UK: Arrol-Aster, Avro, Streamline (Burney Car)

USA: Falcon-Knight, Graham-Paige, LaSalle


Germany: BMW, DKW

UK: Ascot, Vincent

USA: DeSoto, Plymouth


France: Alphi, Michel Irat

Germany: Borgward

Italy: Ferrari

Spain: National Pescara

UK: Alta

USA: American Austin, Blackhawk, Cord, Roosevelt, Ruxton, Viking, Windsor

Pre-war years


Belgium: Astra

France: AER, Virus

Germany: Ardie-Ganz


Germany: Maikäfer

Japan: Datsun

UK: Squire

USA: De Vaux, Hoffman (Detroit automobile)


Italy: Nardi

Poland: Polski Fiat

UK: Vale Special

USA: Allied, De Vaux Continental, Jaeger


France: Tracford

Germany: Standard Superior

UK: André, Railton

USA: Continental


France: Simca

Germany: Auto Union, Bungartz Butz

Japan: Ohta Jidosha

UK: Aveling-Barford, British Salmson, Rytecraft


France: Talbot-Lago

Germany: Henschel

UK: Autovia, Batten, Jensen, Reliant

USA: Stout Scarab


France: Darl'mat, Monocar

UK: Allard, HRG, Lammas, Lloyd, Skirrow


France: Ardex, Danvignes

Germany: Volkswagen

UK: Atalanta


France: DB, Rolux

UK: Nuffield

War years


USA: Albatross, Crosley, truck: Peterbilt




UK: Bristol, Healey

USA: Kaiser-Frazer

Post-war years


France: Chappe et Gessalin, Mochet, Rovin

Germany: Messerschmitt

Hungary: Csepel

Italy: Bandini, Cisitalia, Stanguellini

Spain: Pegaso

UK: Cooper

USA: AMI, Frazer


Canada: Studebaker

France: Aerocarene, Alamagny

Italy: Innocenti, Lambretta, Maserati, O.S.C.A.

UK: Ambassador, Ausfod, Buckler

USA: Airscoot, Davis, Playboy


France: J-P Wimille

Germany: Fend Flitzer

Italy: Fimer, Iso Rivolta, Siata

UK: EMC, Land Rover, Rochdale, Thundersley Invacar

USA: Autoette, Keller, Tucker Sedan


France: Atlas


Japan. Motorcycle: Honda

UK: Dellow, Jaguar

USA: Aerocar, Airway, Glasspar G2; scooter: PMC


France: Autobleu

Germany: Fuldamobil, Kersting-Modellbauwerkstätten, Kleinschnittger, Staunau

Spain: Seat

UK: Marauder, Paramount

USA: Muntz


France: Atlas, Automobiles Marathon, Le Piaf, Reyonnah

Germany: Glas

Poland: FSO

UK: Arnott, Russon, Turner

USA: Nash-Healey


France: Martin-Spéciale, Poinard

Germany: Brütsch, Champion

UK: Austin-Healey, BMC, Greeves, Lotus

USA: Allstate, Woodill


Germany: EMW

USA: Eshelman, Fina-Sport


France: Alpine, Facel Vega

Spain: Serveta

UK: Astra, Fairthorpe, Rodley, Swallow Doretti

USA: AMC, Studebaker-Packard


Belgium: Meeussen

France: Saviem, VELAM

Germany: Goggomobil, Zwickau

Italy: Autobianchi

UK: Ashley, Elva

USA: Tri5's


France: Arista

Germany: Heinkel Kabine

UK: Berkeley, Tourette

USA: Auto Cub, Devin, Dual-Ghia


France: Arbel, Atla

Germany: Neckar, Trabant

UK: Peerless (Warwick), Scootacar, Tornado

USA: Aurora, Hackney


UK: Gill, Frisky

USA: Edsel, Streco Turnpike Cruiser


UK: Bristol Siddeley, Gilbern, Marcos

USA: Argonaut, Nu-Klea Starlite

Classic era


India: Ideal Jawa

UK: Ausper, Brabham, Rickman

USA. Replica veteran car: Gaslight


Germany: Amphicar

UK: Diva


Australia. Kit car: J&S

Canada: Acadian

France: Automobiles René Bonnet

Japan. Motorcycle: Kawasaki

USA: Apollo


Italy: Lamborghini

UK: Bond, Gordon-Keeble

USA: Exner Revival Cars; trucks: Marmon


Italy: ASA

USA: Fiberfab


France: Matra

Italy: Ferves

Spain: IPV

UK: Jago, Peel


Italy: Bizzarrini

UK: Norton-Villiers, Trident, Unipower


UK: Quasar-Unipower

USA. Trucks: Diamond Reo


Italy: Autozodiaco, LMX Sirex

UK: Piper

USA: Savage GT


UK: Enfield

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