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Motivation and Personality (book)

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Title: Motivation and Personality (book)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Works about personality, 1954 books, Psychology books
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Motivation and Personality (book)

Motivation and Personality
Author Abraham Maslow
Language English
Subject Psychology
Publisher Harper
Publication date
Pages 411

Motivation and Personality is a book on psychology by Dr. Abraham Maslow, first published in 1954. Maslow's work deals with the subject of the nature of human fulfillment and the significance of personal relationships, implementing a conceptualization of self-actualization.[1] Underachievers have a need for social love and affection, but a self-actualized person has these "lower" needs gratified and is able to pursue his or her own path towards self-actualization.[2]

Maslow's book is perhaps the best known contemporary work on human needs. Maslow postulated a hierarchical pyramid of human needs stretching from basic physical needs at the bottom to spiritual or transcendental needs at the top.[3]

In Motivation and Personality, Maslow argues that in order for individuals to thrive and excel, a health-fostering culture must be created.[4] Maslow is among the psychological theorists that believe that when parents fail to provide a safe, nurturing environment, their children will develop deep feelings of insecurity.[5] Maslow considers human beings to be energized by an actualizing tendency and believe that well-being occurs to the extent people can freely express their inherent potentials.[6]

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