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1948 Ostzonenmeisterschaft

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Title: 1948 Ostzonenmeisterschaft  
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Subject: List of East German football champions
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1948 Ostzonenmeisterschaft

The Ostzonenmeisterschaft 1948 (English: Championship of the Eastern Zone) was the first championship in what was to become East Germany. It was played in a one-leg knock-out format with ten participating teams. Each of the five LänderMecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt—sent two representatives. The regional championships of Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt were ended after the semi finals as by then two participants had been determined. The Ostzone champion was supposed to take part in the 1948 German championship, playing 1. FC Nuremberg in Stuttgart, but the team of SG Planitz was not allowed to travel for political reasons.

Teams qualified for the play-offs

Club Qualified as
SG Planitz Representative of Saxony
SG Meerane Representative of Saxony
SG Weimar-Ost Representative of Thuringia
SG Sömmerda Representative of Thuringia
SG Freiimfelde Halle Representative of Saxony-Anhalt
SG Sportfreunde Burg Representative of Saxony-Anhalt
SG Cottbus-Ost Brandenburg champions
SG Babelsberg Brandenburg vice-champions
SG Schwerin Mecklenburg-Vorpommern champions
SG Wismar-Süd Mecklenburg-Vorpommern runners-up


Qualifying round

13 Jun 1948
SG Sportfreunde Burg 1 – 0 SG Sömmerda
Ernst Abbe Sportfeld, Jena
Attendance: 20,000
13 Jun 1948
SG Meerane 3 – 1 SG Babelsberg
Westsachsenstadion, Planitz
Attendance: 10,000

Quarter finals

20 Jun 1948
SG Meerane 2 – 1
SG Sportfreunde Burg
Attendance: 15,000
20 Jun 1948
SG Schwerin 1 – 3 SG Planitz
Attendance: 11,000
20 Jun 1948
SG Cottbus-Ost 0 – 1
SG Weimar-Ost
Attendance: 15,000
20 Jun 1948
SG Freiimfelde Halle 3 – 1 SG Wismar-Süd
Attendance: 10,000

Semi finals

27 Jun 1948
SG Freiimfelde Halle 5 – 2 SG Meerane
Attendance: 10,000
27 Jun 1948
SG Planitz 5 – 0 SG Weimar-Ost
Ostragehege, Dresden
Attendance: 25,000


4 Jul 1948
SG Planitz 1 – 0 SG Freiimfelde Halle
Weiß Goal 38'
Probstheidaer Stadion, Leipzig
Attendance: 40,000
Referee: Kurt Liebscher, Weißenfels
' Anton Huber
' Erick Merkel
' Egon Jugel
' Günther Schneider
' Herbert Seltmann
' Erich Meichser
' Hans Meier
' Johannes Breitenstein
' Horst Weiß
' Karl Dittes
' Helmut Fischer
' Kurt Grimm
' Fritz Belger
' Hans Meyer
' Walter Metzner
' Karl-Heinz Scheer
' Kurt Fritzsche
' Manfred Krüger
' Heinz Pabst
' Paul Brandt
' Horst Blüher
' Karl Golla


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