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1992 Major League Baseball expansion draft

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Title: 1992 Major League Baseball expansion draft  
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Subject: Miami Marlins, Expansion draft, Shawon Dunston, Trevor Hoffman, Jeff Conine, Eric Wedge, David Nied, Tom Werner, Curt Leskanic, Scott Aldred
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1992 Major League Baseball expansion draft

On November 17, 1992, during the 1992–93 offseason, Major League Baseball (MLB) held an expansion draft in New York City to allow the Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies to build their rosters prior to debuting in the National League (NL) East and the NL West divisions, respectively, in the 1993 MLB season.

The 1990 collective bargaining agreement between MLB owners and the MLB Players Association allowed the NL to expand by two members to match the American League (AL).[1] In June 1991, MLB accepted bids of groups from Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado, with debuts set for 1993.[2][3]

The Marlins and Rockies used the expansion draft to build their teams using different strategies. As the Rockies had a smaller operating budget than the Marlins, the Rockies targeted prospects with low salaries, while the Marlins selected older players intended to provide more immediate impact.[4] All three rounds of the draft were televised by ESPN.[4]


As opposed to previous expansion drafts, players from both leagues were available to the expansion clubs.[4] Each existing club could protect fifteen players on their 40-man roster from being drafted and only one player could be drafted from each team in each round. At the end of each round NL teams could protect an additional three players and AL teams could protect an additional four. To further protect the AL teams, a maximum of eight AL teams could have three players chosen.[5]

All unprotected MLB and minor league players were eligible except those chosen in the amateur drafts of 1991 or 1992 and players who were 18 or younger when signed in 1990.[5] Players who were free agents after the 1992 season were not eligible for selection in the draft.[4] The Rockies and Marlins, however, were not restricted in offering contracts to free agents. The Rockies signed their first free agent, Andrés Galarraga, to a one-year contract the day before the expansion draft.[6]

The draft order was determined by a coin toss, the winner of which could choose either: (a) the first overall pick in the expansion draft and the 28th, and last, pick in the first round of the 1993 MLB amateur draft; or (b) allow the other team to pick first and receive both the second and third overall expansion draft picks, the right to pick first in the subsequent rounds of the expansion draft, and the 27th, and next-to-last, overall pick in the 1993 MLB amateur draft. Colorado won the toss and chose to pick first overall.[4][5]


With the first pick, the Rockies chose David Nied, who had a 3–0 win–loss record with a 1.17 earned run average in six MLB appearances with the Atlanta Braves.[7] The Marlins' first selection, Nigel Wilson, spent the 1992 season with the Double-A Knoxville Smokies of the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and had no MLB experience.[8]

In total, the Rockies and Marlins chose 41 pitchers with their combined 72 selections.[9] Of the 72 players chosen, 11 were All-Stars during their careers. Jack Armstrong,[10] Bryan Harvey,[11] and Danny Jackson[12] had been All-Stars before the expansion draft, while Andy Ashby,[13] Brad Ausmus,[14] Vinny Castilla,[15] Jeff Conine,[16] Carl Everett,[17] Joe Girardi,[18] Harvey,[11] Trevor Hoffman,[19] Jackson,[12] and Eric Young[20] became All-Stars later on in their careers.


Round Pick Player Position Selected from Selected by
1 1 Nied, DavidDavid Nied Right-handed pitcher Atlanta Braves Colorado Rockies
1 2 Wilson, NigelNigel Wilson Outfielder Toronto Blue Jays Florida Marlins
1 3 Hayes, CharlieCharlie Hayes Third baseman New York Yankees Colorado Rockies
1 4 Martínez, JoséJosé Martínez Right-handed pitcher New York Mets Florida Marlins
1 5 Holmes, DarrenDarren Holmes Right-handed pitcher Milwaukee Brewers Colorado Rockies
1 6 Barberie, BretBret Barberie Shortstop Montreal Expos Florida Marlins
1 7 Clark, JeraldJerald Clark Outfielder San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies
1 8 Hoffman, TrevorTrevor Hoffman Right-handed pitcher Cincinnati Reds Florida Marlins
1 9 Reimer, KevinKevin Reimer Outfielder Texas Rangers Colorado Rockies
1 10 Rapp, PatPat Rapp Right-handed pitcher San Francisco Giants Florida Marlins
1 11 Young, EricEric Young Second baseman Los Angeles Dodgers Colorado Rockies
1 12 Hibbard, GregGreg Hibbard Left-handed pitcher Chicago White Sox Florida Marlins
1 13 Reed, JodyJody Reed Second baseman Boston Red Sox Colorado Rockies
1 14 Carr, ChuckChuck Carr Outfielder St. Louis Cardinals Florida Marlins
1 15 Aldred, ScottScott Aldred Left-handed pitcher Detroit Tigers Colorado Rockies
1 16 Whitmore, DarrellDarrell Whitmore Outfielder Cleveland Indians Florida Marlins
1 17 Cole, AlexAlex Cole Outfielder Pittsburgh Pirates Colorado Rockies
1 18 Helfand, EricEric Helfand Catcher Oakland Athletics Florida Marlins
1 19 Girardi, JoeJoe Girardi Catcher Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies
1 20 Harvey, BryanBryan Harvey Right-handed pitcher California Angels Florida Marlins
1 21 Blair, WillieWillie Blair Right-handed pitcher Houston Astros Colorado Rockies
1 22 Conine, JeffJeff Conine First baseman/Outfielder Kansas City Royals Florida Marlins
1 23 Owens, JayJay Owens Catcher Minnesota Twins Colorado Rockies
1 24 Kip Yaughn Right-handed pitcher Baltimore Orioles Florida Marlins
1 25 Ashby, AndyAndy Ashby Right-handed pitcher Philadelphia Phillies Colorado Rockies
1 26 Tavárez, JesúsJesús Tavárez Outfielder Seattle Mariners Florida Marlins
2 27 Benavides, FreddieFreddie Benavides Shortstop Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies
2 28 Everett, CarlCarl Everett Outfielder New York Yankees Florida Marlins
2 29 Mejia, RobertoRoberto Mejia Second baseman Los Angeles Dodgers Colorado Rockies
2 30 Weathers, DavidDavid Weathers Right-handed pitcher Toronto Blue Jays Florida Marlins
2 31 Bochtler, DougDoug Bochtler Right-handed pitcher Montreal Expos Colorado Rockies
2 32 Johnstone, JohnJohn Johnstone Right-handed pitcher New York Mets Florida Marlins
2 33 Painter, LanceLance Painter Left-handed pitcher San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies
2 34 Martínez, RamónRamón Martínez Shortstop Pittsburgh Pirates Florida Marlins
2 35 Henry, ButchButch Henry Left-handed pitcher Houston Astros Colorado Rockies
2 36 Decker, SteveSteve Decker Catcher San Francisco Giants Florida Marlins
2 37 Hawblitzel, RyanRyan Hawblitzel Right-handed pitcher Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies
2 38 Carpenter, CrisCris Carpenter Right-handed pitcher St. Louis Cardinals Florida Marlins
2 39 Castilla, VinnyVinny Castilla Shortstop Atlanta Braves Colorado Rockies
2 40 Armstrong, JackJack Armstrong Right-handed pitcher Cleveland Indians Florida Marlins
2 41 Merriman, BrettBrett Merriman Right-handed pitcher California Angels Colorado Rockies
2 42 Chiamparino, ScottScott Chiamparino Right-handed pitcher Texas Rangers Florida Marlins
2 43 Tatum, JimJim Tatum Third baseman Milwaukee Brewers Colorado Rockies
2 44 Edens, TomTom Edens Right-handed pitcher Minnesota Twins Florida Marlins
2 45 Ritz, KevinKevin Ritz Right-handed pitcher Detroit Tigers Colorado Rockies
2 46 Berumen, AndrésAndrés Berumen Right-handed pitcher Kansas City Royals Florida Marlins
2 47 Wedge, EricEric Wedge Catcher Boston Red Sox Colorado Rockies
2 48 Person, RobertRobert Person Right-handed pitcher Chicago White Sox Florida Marlins
2 49 Shepherd, KeithKeith Shepherd Right-handed pitcher Philadelphia Phillies Colorado Rockies
2 50 Corsi, JimJim Corsi Right-handed pitcher Oakland Athletics Florida Marlins
2 51 Jones, CalvinCalvin Jones Right-handed pitcher Seattle Mariners Colorado Rockies
2 52 Lewis, RichieRichie Lewis Right-handed pitcher Baltimore Orioles Florida Marlins
3 53 Ausmus, BradBrad Ausmus Catcher New York Yankees Colorado Rockies
3 54 Jackson, DannyDanny Jackson Left-handed pitcher Pittsburgh Pirates Florida Marlins
3 55 Moore, MarcusMarcus Moore Right-handed pitcher Toronto Blue Jays Colorado Rockies
3 56 McAndrew, JamieJamie McAndrew Right-handed pitcher Los Angeles Dodgers Florida Marlins
3 57 Reynoso, ArmandoArmando Reynoso Right-handed pitcher Atlanta Braves Colorado Rockies
3 58 Natal, BobBob Natal Catcher Montreal Expos Florida Marlins
3 59 Reed, SteveSteve Reed Right-handed pitcher San Francisco Giants Colorado Rockies
3 60 Félix, JuniorJunior Félix Outfielder California Angels Florida Marlins
3 61 Sanford, MoMo Sanford Right-handed pitcher Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies
3 62 Moore, KerwinKerwin Moore Outfielder Kansas City Royals Florida Marlins
3 63 Castellano, PedroPedro Castellano Third baseman Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies
3 64 Bowen, RyanRyan Bowen Right-handed pitcher Houston Astros Florida Marlins
3 65 Leskanic, CurtisCurtis Leskanic Right-handed pitcher Minnesota Twins Colorado Rockies
3 66 Baker, ScottScott Baker Left-handed pitcher St. Louis Cardinals Florida Marlins
3 67 Fredrickson, ScottScott Fredrickson Right-handed pitcher San Diego Padres Colorado Rockies
3 68 Donnels, ChrisChris Donnels Third baseman New York Mets Florida Marlins
3 69 Castillo, BraulioBraulio Castillo Outfielder Philadelphia Phillies Colorado Rockies
3 70 Fariss, MontyMonty Fariss Outfielder Texas Rangers Florida Marlins
3 71 Boucher, DenisDenis Boucher Left-handed pitcher Cleveland Indians Colorado Rockies
3 72 Tabaka, JeffJeff Tabaka Left-handed pitcher Milwaukee Brewers Florida Marlins

Draft-day trades

The following trades were announced at the conclusion of the expansion draft:[24]


Several older star players who were left unprotected, including Danny Tartabull, Jack Morris, and Shawon Dunston, were not selected due to their high salaries and advanced age.[25] Based on the results of the expansion draft, the Marlins were projected to have a higher payroll in 1993 than the Rockies.[26] The Rockies' payroll appeared to be $4 million, less than what the Marlins would pay Bryan Harvey.[25]

The New York Yankees challenged the validity of the draft on the basis that the Marlins did not compensate the Yankees for the loss of territory in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the Yankees had a minor league team. They attempted to revoke the assignment of Hayes and Ausmus to the Rockies and Everett to the Marlins. Invoking the "best interests of baseball" clause, Commissioner Bud Selig and the major league executive council affirmed the draft results.[27]

In the 1993 Major League Baseball season, the Marlins and Rockies both finished sixth out of seven teams in their respective divisions.[28] The Rockies were the first team to reach the playoffs, using the roster they developed through the expansion draft to win the wild card in 1995, a record for the shortest amount of time for an expansion team to make the playoffs in any sport. (The Arizona Diamondbacks would go on to break that record, by reaching the playoffs in 1999, the second year of their existence) [29] Ritz and Painter, both selected in the expansion draft, started Games 1 and 2 of the 1995 National League Division Series for the Rockies.[29] The Rockies added free agent acquisition Larry Walker to a lineup of power hitters in Galarraga, Bichette, and Castilla, known collectively as the "Blake Street Bombers".[30]

Meanwhile, the Marlins kept fewer players they selected in the expansion draft than the Rockies. In 1996, the Rockies retained 13 players from the draft, while the Marlins had six.[31] Jeff Conine, nicknamed "Mr. Marlin", was the only player selected in the expansion draft on the Marlins' 1997 World Series championship roster.[32] However, the Marlins used the players selected in the expansion draft to craft their 1997 roster. The Marlins traded three players selected in the draft, Hoffman, Martínez and Berumen, to the San Diego Padres for Gary Sheffield,[33] a key member of the 1997 Florida Marlins.[34] However, other key players to the Marlins' World Series championship were signed as free agents.[35]

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