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2010 CFL season

2010 CFL season
Regular season
Duration July 1, 2010 – November 7, 2010
Start date November 14, 2010
East Champions Montreal Alouettes2010-11-21
West Champions Saskatchewan Roughriders2010-11-21
98th Grey Cup
Date November 28, 2010
Site Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton
Champions Montreal Alouettes
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The 2010 CFL season is the 57th season of modern Canadian professional football. Officially, it is the 53rd season of the league. Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton hosted the 98th Grey Cup on November 28 when the Montreal Alouettes became the first team to repeat as Grey Cup Champions in 13 years, defeating the Saskatchewan Roughriders, 21–18. The league announced on its Twitter page on January 29, 2010 that the season would start on July 1, 2010.

CFL news in 2010

CFL retro

As the league approaches the 100th Grey Cup, the CFL will celebrate the 1970s with all eight teams wearing retro-themed uniforms from that era during Weeks 6 and 7.[1] Since Saskatchewan's alternate jersey is a version of the 1970s home jersey, they were the only team to wear both home and away retro jerseys during these games.

Additionally, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the players donned red and black centennial jerseys that the team wore from 1912 to 1947 on July 17 when they played Edmonton at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

Debut of the Moncton Series

The CFL will begin a series of annual games in Moncton, New Brunswick during the 2010 season. The first game, marketed under the "Touchdown Atlantic" banner took place on September 26, as the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Toronto Argonauts, 24–6, in front of a sold out crowd of 20,725 at the new Moncton Stadium. Tickets for the game sold out within 32 hours of going on sale.[2][3] The success of Touchdown Atlantic 2010 has moved Moncton towards a position of candidate for CFL expansion.[4][5]

Labour agreement

The collective bargaining agreement between the CFL and the CFL Players' Association expires on June 5, 2010. Negotiations between the two parties have been stalled since October 2009; a meeting is scheduled on April 26, 2010 in Toronto. Stu Laird, president of the CFLPA, has sent e-mails to all players. According to Canwest News Service, the e-mails advise the players to remain unified and "It continues to be the opinion of the executive committee that a CFL management lockout of the players is a very real possibility."[6]

On June 29, 2010, two days before the start of the regular season, it was announced that the CFL and CFLPA had agreed to a new 4-year CBA, set to expire before the 2014 CFL season.[7] While many changes were made, the most prominent were those made to the salaries and the introduction of a drug policy. The 2010 team salary cap is set at $4,250,000 with a team salary floor of $3,900,000 and a minimum player salary of $42,000.[8] The salary cap is set to increase $50,000 per season, reaching $4,400,000 by 2013, with the floor being $4,000,000 by that time. The minimum player salary is set to increase by $1000 per season until 2013 where it would be $45,000.

Rule changes

Like in the 2009 CFL season, another fan contest on what rule changes the fans wanted to see was done, this time the fans were asked by Commissioner Mark Cohon to focus on what changes could be made to the overtime format to improve it. While a complete overhaul of the format such as going to a "mini game" of playing two 5 minute no quarter halves or eliminating over time in the regular season, fans endorsed the current overtime format with one significant change. The four rules changes for the season approved by the rules committee, including a change to overtime the fans call on in the contest, are as follows:

Changes to overtime

  • Teams that score a touchdown in overtime must go for a two-point convert by running or passing the ball into the end zone instead of kicking for a single point. A similar rule is used in United States intercollegiate football, where a similar overtime is used, starting with the third overtime session (overtime sessions are unlimited). This rule has been experimented in other football leagues like the World Football League and the XFL.

Changes in regulation

  • Will allow a team that gives up a field goal the option of scrimmaging from its 35-yard line instead of receiving a kick-off. In 2009, this option was eliminated, but has been overturned as it failed to make any significant difference in entertainment value as it was intended, and was unpopular with the coaches.
  • Will ensure there is no penalty for pass interference applied if a forward pass is deemed uncatchable.
  • Fixing the no yards or halo rule that will result in a penalty of five instead of fifteen yards when a ball is punted, hits the ground and hits a player from the covering team.[9]


TSN remains the exclusive broadcaster for all CFL games in Canada. In the United States, the CFL ended its longstanding agreement with America One and signed a more limited deal with NFL Network, which will air 14 games for the season (as opposed to the roughly 70 games per year carried by America One). As with America One, NFL Network will simulcast the TSN broadcast. RDS remains the exclusive French broadcaster of the CFL showing all 18 Montreal Alouettes regular season games and all of the CFL Playoffs.

Records and milestones

Regular season

Note: GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PF = Points For, PA = Points Against, Pts = Points

Teams in bold are currently in playoff positions.
X – clinched playoff berth
Y – clinched first place

Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
Y-Calgary Stampeders 18 13 5 0 626 459 26 Details
X-Saskatchewan Roughriders 18 10 8 0 497 488 20 Details
X-BC Lions 18 8 10 0 466 466 16 Details
Edmonton Eskimos 18 7 11 0 382 545 14 Details
Team GP W L T PF PA Pts
Y-Montreal Alouettes 18 12 6 0 521 475 24 Details
X-Hamilton Tiger-Cats 18 9 9 0 481 450 18 Details
X-Toronto Argonauts 18 9 9 0 373 442 18 Details
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 18 4 14 0 464 485 8 Details

Award winners

CFL Player of the Week

Week Offensive Player of the Week Defensive Player of the Week Special Teams Player of the Week Outstanding Canadian
One Darian Durant Joe Lobendahn Marcus Thigpen Andy Fantuz
Two Buck Pierce Brent Hawkins Chad Owens Etienne Boulay
Three Kevin Glenn Maurice Lloyd Noel Prefontaine Dave Stala
Four Romby Bryant John Bowman Jovon Johnson Jon Cornish
Five Arland Bruce Chris Thompson Luca Congi Andy Fantuz
Six Cory Boyd Chip Cox Tim Maypray Dave Stala
Seven Chad Owens Jerrell Freeman Kelly Campbell Matt Kirk
Eight Brandon Whitaker Chip Cox Jovon Johnson Andre Durie
Nine Ken-Yon Rambo James Patrick Noel Prefontaine Jon Cornish
Ten Kevin Glenn Brandon Smith Markeith Knowlton Dave Stala
Eleven Henry Burris Ronald Flemons Andrew Harris Jerome Messam
Twelve Andy Fantuz Markeith Knowlton Chad Owens Andy Fantuz
Thirteen Anthony Calvillo Elliott Richardson Yonus Davis Elliott Richardson
Fourteen Henry Burris Rod Davis Chad Owens Andy Fantuz
Fifteen Anthony Calvillo Anwar Stewart Colt David Doug Brown
Sixteen Daniel Porter Stevie Baggs Derek Schiavone Chris Getzlaf
Seventeen Kevin Glenn Stevie Baggs Chad Owens Chris Bauman
Eighteen Anthony Calvillo Ryan Phillips Chad Owens Ian Logan
Nineteen Travis Lulay Keon Raymond Justin Palardy Spencer Watt
Twenty Weston Dressler Lance Frazier Paul McCallum Jason Clermont


CFL Player of the Month

Month Offensive Player of the Month Defensive Player of the Month Special Teams Player of the Month Outstanding Canadian
July Anthony Calvillo John Bowman Marcus Thigpen Andy Fantuz
August Cory Boyd Chip Cox Yonus Davis Kevin Eiben
September Darian Durant Ronald Flemons Chad Owens Andy Fantuz
October Henry Burris Stevie Baggs Chad Owens Andy Fantuz


CFL playoffs

Main article: 98th Grey Cup

The Montreal Alouettes became the first team to repeat as Grey Cup Champions in 13 years, defeating the Saskatchewan Roughriders, 21–18 at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium. Alouettes' wide receiver Jamel Richardson was named the Grey Cup Most Valuable Player, and Roughriders' defensive tackle, Keith Shologan was named the Grey Cup Most Valuable Canadian.

Playoff bracket

  November 14: Division Semi-Finals     November 21: Division Finals     November 28: 98th Grey Cup
Commonwealth Stadium – Edmonton
  East     E3  Toronto Argonauts 17  
  E3  Toronto Argonauts 16     E1  Montreal Alouettes 48    
  E2  Hamilton Tiger-Cats 13         E1  Montreal Alouettes 21
      W2  Saskatchewan Roughriders 18
  West     W2  Saskatchewan Roughriders 20    
  W3  BC Lions 38     W1  Calgary Stampeders 16  
  W2  Saskatchewan Roughriders 41*  

*-Team won in Double Overtime.

CFL Leaders

  • CFL Passing Leaders
  • CFL Rushing Leaders
  • CFL Receiving Leaders [12]

2010 CFL All-Stars



Special teams

2010 CFL Western All-Stars



Special teams

2010 CFL Eastern All-Stars



Special teams

2010 CFLPA Pro Player All-Stars



Special teams

Head coach


2010 Gibson's Finest CFL Awards


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