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Animal Stories

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Title: Animal Stories  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Fictional animals, London Weekend Television programmes, Disney Channel shows, Tommy Edwards (announcer), Television programs featuring anthropomorphic characters
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Animal Stories

Animal Stories
Country of origin UK
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 51
Running time 5 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Collingwood O'Hare
Mill Creek Entertainment
Sandman Animation Studio
Original channel LWT (1999-2002)
Cartoon Network Too (2006)
Playhouse Disney (15 November 1999-August 2002)
Original release 1999 – 2002

Animal Stories is a British pre-school animated television series. Cartoon Network TOO began airing this program on 5 June 2006. It also aired on Playhouse Disney in the United States from 1999 to 2002. Animal Stories began airing on Tiny Pop in September 2013. The series gained a 2001 Children's BAFTA for Best Pre-school Animation.[1]


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    • Season 1 2.1
    • Season 2 2.2
    • Season 3 2.3
    • Season 4 2.4
  • DVD release 3
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Every episode centers on a different individual animal, who is unique in personality. Every animal story is in rhyme. There are morals in the stories told in rhyming couplets, narrated by Steve hosted Playhouse Disney's Circle Time segments.


Season 1

# Title Short Summary Air Date
1 Big Pink Pig The Pig tries to work out hard, then he learns to be true to his character.
2 Trevor the Frog Trevor is overwhelmed by his wife Milly's tadpoles, then gets used to it.
3 Helen the Penguin Helen is obsessed with trying to fly and on her birthday, her wish is granted.
4 Smelly Dog The Smelly Dog is kept out of the way due to his stinky breath.
5 Big Bold Lion The Old Lion is the laughing stock due to his baldness.
6 Hugh the Worm Hugh who is secretly a worm has a whirlwind romance with Joyce.
7 Edwina the Aardvark Edwina is unhappy about her appearance, until she meets the doctor.
8 Simpson the Slug Squeaky the Mouse helps Simpson with his slow problem, which changes his life.
9 Win-Stanley the Sloth Win-Stanley has a long journey without even making a move.
10 Polar Bear Little Polar Bear does not like the cold and wants to make a journey.
11 Billy the Giraffe Billy is proud and snooty about his tallness, until he gets a sore throat.
12 Ron the Crab Ron's friends try to teach him how to walk sideways like other crabs.
13 Lou the Crocodile Lou's smile scares away everyone. That is except Jake Snake.

Season 2

# Title Short Summary Air Date
1 Bobby the Ape Bobby's gardening embarrasses the other apes, but not Queen Bridget.
2 Ant 2954 2954 wants to be recognised by other ants and is renamed Differ.
3 Tommy the Bat Tommy has insomnia until he realises he must hang upside-down.
4 Tony the Tortoise Tony removes his shell to run fast, but nobody recognises him.
5 Susie the Kangaroo Susie has trouble controlling her hopping tendencies.
6 Camilla the Camel Camilla isn't confident to attend a dance ball until she rescues an important host.
7 Oliver the Owl Oliver has a fight against Reggie Rooster over their different sleeping patterns.
8 Dinky the Dolophin Dinky experiences freedom in the sea after escaping the aquarium.
9 Clive the Hamster A selfish Clive greedily steals birthday presents that were meant for him.
10 Fred the Dragon Fred tries hard to breathe fire to prove he really is a dragon.
11 Bruce the Goose Bruce develops hiccup problems and his flock has a hard time trying to cure it.
12 Eric the Elephant Eric is timid and shy at school, but gets confident during a fire rescue.
13 Jake the Snake Jake gets in a balloon to be noticed, which works after mishap.

Season 3

# Title Short Summary Air Date
1 Brian the Leopard Brian is teased for the spots on his fur and he wants a new makeover.
2 Pointy the Hedgehog Pointy's spines are becoming an obstacle for him.
3 Peter the Peacock Peter is proud of his feathers, but when they fall off, the peahen helps him.
4 Lewis the Cat A picky Lewis has to try new foods when his regular cafe is closed.
5 Horatio the Rat Despite his nice nature, Horatio is ostracised until he rescues a baby bird.
6 Cyril the Centipede Cyril feels down, when he thinks he's missing his 100th leg.
7 Jimmy the Mouse
8 Bob the Bee
9 Keith the Caterpillar
10 Maurice the Magpie
11 Eddie the Catfish
12 Sammy the Hippo
13 Ernest the Hyena

Season 4

# Title Short Summary Air Date
1 Ralph the Rabbit
2 Austin the Oyster
3 Philip the Fly
4 Felicia the Humming Bird
5 Drew the Whale
6 Clara the Cow
7 Tim the Dinosaur
8 Des the Donkey
9 Ross the Rhinoceros
10 Carla the Koala
11 Melvin the Moose
12 Dodo the Pigeon

DVD release

Mill Creek Entertainment released Animal Stories- The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1 on 18 May 2010.[2]


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