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Ards (borough)

Ards Borough
Area Ranked 20th of 26
- Total 376 km2 (145 sq mi)
Admin HQ Newtownards
ISO 3166-2 GB-ARD
ONS code 95X
Population Ranked 8th
- Total (2010) 78,200
- Density 208/km2 (540/sq mi)
  • Catholic: 12.7%
  • Protestant: 76.9%
Control No overall control
DUP: 11
UUP: 6
Alliance Party: 4
Independent: 1
UUP: 2
Alliance Party: 2
Green Party: 1
MPs Sylvia Hermon (Independent)
Jim Shannon (DUP)

Ards (named after the Ards Peninsula) is a local government district in Northern Ireland with the status of borough. It is one of twenty-six districts formed on 1 October 1973, and has its headquarters in Newtownards. Other towns include Portaferry, Comber, and Donaghadee, and the population of the area was 78,078 according to the 2011 census.

Strangford Lough is at the heart of the area, and is the largest inlet in Ireland with internationally renowned wildlife. The Irish Sea coast stretches from Donaghadee to Portaferry. Mount Stewart, a National Trust property on the shore of Strangford Lough is in the area, as well as Northern Ireland’s only aquarium, Exploris, in Portaferry and Grace Neill's pub in Donaghadee.


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    • Mayor of Ards 1.1
  • Parliamentary and assembly representation 2
  • Town twinning 3
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Borough council

The borough is governed by Ards Borough Council (Ulster-Scots: Burgh Cooncil o' the Airds, Newton an' Blathewick). The borough is divided into four district electoral areas: Newtownards, Ards West, Ards East and Ards Peninsula, from which 23 members are elected. As of February 2011 the following parties are represented on the council: 11 Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), 6 Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), 4 Alliance Party, and 1 Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), and there are one Independent councillors.[1] The next election was due to take place in May 2009, but on April 25, 2008, Shaun Woodward, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland announced that the scheduled 2009 district council elections were to be postponed until the introduction of the eleven new councils in 2011.[2] The proposed reforms were abandoned in 2010, and district council elections took place in 2011[3]

Mayor of Ards

On creation in 1973 Ards District Council adopted the charter of incorporation of the municipal borough of Newtownards, to become Ards Borough Council. The charter also granted the chairman of the council the title "Mayor of Ards".[4]

Year Name Political affiliation Deputy Deputy's affiliation
1973 - 75 John Algie UUP D. Hamilton UUP
1975 - 77 Henry Cosbey UUP J. B. Caughey Independent
1977 - 79 John Scott UUP Hamilton McKeag UUP
1979 - 81 Hamilton McKeag UUP Robert Gaw NI Labour
1981 - 83 Robert Gaw NI Labour Jim McBriar Alliance
1983 - 84 Jim McBriar Alliance Oliver Johnston DUP
1984 - 85 Oliver Johnston DUP Gladys McIntyre Ulster Popular Unionist
1985 - 86 Gladys McIntyre Ulster Popular Unionist Robert Ambrose UUP
1986 - 87 Robert Ambrose UUP Simpson Gibson DUP
1987 - 88 Simpson Gibson DUP Tom Benson UUP
1988 - 89 Tom Benson UUP John Hamilton DUP
1989–1990 John Hamilton DUP Robert Gibson UUP
1990 - 91 Robert Gibson UUP Jim Shannon DUP
1991 - 92 Jim Shannon DUP David Smyth UUP
1992 - 93 David Smyth UUP Wilbert Magill DUP
1993 - 94 Wilbert Magill DUP John Shields UUP
1994 - 95 John Shields UUP St Clair McAlister DUP
1995 - 96 St Clair McAlister DUP Robert Gibson UUP
June - December 1996 Robert Gibson UUP Ronnie Ferguson UUP
January - June 1998 Ronnie Ferguson UUP George Ennis DUP
June 1998 - June 1999 George Ennis DUP Alan McDowell Alliance
1999–2000 Alan McDowell Alliance Tom Hamilton UUP
2000 - 01 Tom Hamilton UUP Margaret Craig DUP
2001 - 02 Margaret Craig DUP Jeff Magill UUP
2002 - 03 Jeff Magill UUP Jim McBriar Alliance
2003 - 04 Jim McBriar Alliance Hamilton Gregory DUP
2004 - 05 Hamilton Gregory DUP Angus Carson UUP
2005 - 06 Terry Williams DUP Angus Carson UUP
2006 - 07 Angus Carson UUP Robin Drysdale DUP
2007 - 08 Robin Drysdale DUP Jim Fletcher UUP
2008 - 09 Jim Fletcher UUP William Montgomery DUP
2009 - 10 William Montgomery DUP David Smyth UUP
2010 - 11[1] David Smyth UUP Mervyn Oswald DUP
2011 - 12 Mervyn Oswald DUP Hamilton Gregory DUP
2012 - 2013 Hamilton Gregory DUP Stephen McIlveen DUP

2013 Stephen McIlveen Democratic Unionist Party

Source: Freedom of Information request to Ards Borough Council

Parliamentary and assembly representation

In elections for the Westminster Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly most of the borough is included in the Strangford constituency, with part (Donaghadee North, Donaghadee South and Millisle) in the North Down constituency.[5]

Town twinning

The borough of Ards has a sister city (twinning) relationship with the city of Peoria, Arizona, USA. As a result of this relationship, regular exchange visits are made between the two communities by artists, educators, business, political, and community leaders.

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