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The National College Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Lubbock, Texas, is a museum operated by the College Baseball Foundation serving as the central point for the study of the history of college baseball in the United States. In partnership with the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library on the campus of Texas Tech University, the National College Baseball Hall of Fame inducts five former collegiate players and five former coaches in addition to two veteran players (from the pre-1947 era), annually.


The College Baseball Foundation was formed in 2004 as a non-profit organization, with the dual aims of continuing the Brooks Wallace Award and creating a national college baseball hall of fame. The inaugural Wallace Award was bestowed in 2004, but the inaugural hall of fame induction class was not chosen until 2006. A permanent building is planned for the near future.[1] As of January 2013, the Foundation had raised approximately $7 million of the $13 million goal, after receiving a $5 million grant from the Moody Foundation.[2]


The 2006 inaugural class for the National College Baseball Hall of Fame consisted of five former coaches and five former players.[3] Every year thereafter, more players and coaches have been enshrined.[4]

Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


Year Inductee Position University
2006 Clark, WillWill Clark First baseman Mississippi State
2006 Horner, BobBob Horner Infielder Arizona State
2006 Kieschnick, BrooksBrooks Kieschnick Outfielder/Pitcher Texas
2006 Winfield, DaveDave Winfield Outfielder/Pitcher Minnesota
2006 Ventura, RobinRobin Ventura Third baseman Oklahoma State
2007 Abbott, JimJim Abbott Pitcher Michigan
2007 Incaviglia, PetePete Incaviglia Outfielder Oklahoma State
2007 Lynn, FredFred Lynn Outfielder Southern California
2007 Olerud, JohnJohn Olerud First baseman/Pitcher Washington State
2007 Stephenson, PhilPhil Stephenson First baseman Wichita State
2007 Tatsuno, DerekDerek Tatsuno Pitcher Hawaii
2008 Arlin, SteveSteve Arlin Pitcher Ohio State
2008 Bane, EddieEddie Bane Pitcher Arizona State
2008 Bannister, FloydFloyd Bannister Pitcher Arizona State
2008 Heaton, NealNeal Heaton Pitcher Miami
2008 Hooton, BurtBurt Hooton Pitcher Texas
2008 Howser, DickDick Howser Infielder Florida State
2008 McDonald, BenBen McDonald Pitcher Louisiana State
2008 Swindell, GregGreg Swindell Pitcher Texas
2009 Carter, JoeJoe Carter Outfielder Wichita State
2009 Dreifort, DarrenDarren Dreifort Pitcher/First baseman Wichita State
2009 Clappsy, NickNick Clappsy Pitcher Texas
2009 Larkin, BarryBarry Larkin Shortstop Michigan
2009 Moreland, KeithKeith Moreland Third baseman Texas
2009 Palmeiro, RafaelRafael Palmeiro First baseman/Outfielder Mississippi State
2009 Walker, ToddTodd Walker Second baseman Louisiana State
2010 Bannister, AlanAlan Bannister Shortstop Arizona State
2010 Furniss, EddyEddy Furniss First baseman Louisiana State
2010 Heinkel, DonDon Heinkel Pitcher Wichita State
2010 Magadan, DaveDave Magadan First baseman/Third baseman Alabama
2010 Surhoff, B. J.B. J. Surhoff Catcher North Carolina
2010 Wortham, RichRich Wortham Pitcher Texas
2011 Francona, TerryTerry Francona Outfielder Arizona
2011 Goodwin, DannyDanny Goodwin Catcher Southern
2011 Groat, DickDick Groat Shortstop Duke
2011 McDowell, OddibeOddibe McDowell Centerfielder Arizona State
2011 Wallach, TimTim Wallach First baseman Cal State Fullerton
2012 Brock, LouLou Brock Outfielder Southern
2012 Garciaparra, NomarNomar Garciaparra Shortstop Georgia Tech
2012 Jorgensen, TimTim Jorgensen Shortstop Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2012 Wilkerson, BradBrad Wilkerson Pitcher/First baseman Florida
2013 Bando, SalSal Bando Third baseman Arizona State
2013 Borland, TomTom Borland Pitcher Oklahoma State
2013 Garr, RalphRalph Garr Second baseman Grambling State
2013 Martinez, TinoTino Martinez First baseman Tampa
2013 Smalley III, RoyRoy Smalley III Shortstop Southern California

Head coaches

Year Inductee University
2006 Bertman, SkipSkip Bertman LSU
2006 Dedeaux, RodRod Dedeaux Southern California
2006 Fraser, RonRon Fraser Miami
2006 Gustafson, CliffCliff Gustafson Texas
2006 Winkles, BobbyBobby Winkles Arizona State
2007 Brayton, ChuckChuck Brayton Washington State
2007 Brock, JimJim Brock Arizona State
2007 Falk, BibbBibb Falk Texas
2007 Kindall, JerryJerry Kindall Arizona
2007 Siebert, DickDick Siebert Minnesota
2008 Todd, BobBob Todd Ohio State
2008 Ward, GaryGary Ward New Mexico State
Oklahoma State
2009 Gillespie, GordieGordie Gillespie University of St. Francis
2009 Polk, RonRon Polk Georgia
Georgia Southern
Mississippi State
2010 Bennett, BobBob Bennett Fresno State
2010 Kincaid, WallyWally Kincaid Cerritos College
2011 Jones, Ralph Waldo EmersonRalph Waldo Emerson Jones Grambling
2011 Wilhelm, BillBill Wilhelm Clemson
2012 Cheff, EdEd Cheff Lewis–Clark State College
2012 Graham, WayneWayne Graham Rice
San Jacinto College
2012 Sancet, FrankFrank Sancet Arizona
2013 Schaly, DonDon Schaly Marietta College
2013 Winkin, JohnJohn Winkin Colby College
Husson College


Year Inductee University
2007 Barry, JackJack Barry Holy Cross
2007 Gehrig, LouLou Gehrig Columbia
2007 Mathewson, ChristyChristy Mathewson Bucknell
2007 Sewell, JoeJoe Sewell Alabama
2008 Disch, BillyBilly Disch Texas
2008 Carroll, OwnieOwnie Carroll Holy Cross
2008 Robinson, JackieJackie Robinson UCLA
2009 Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey Ohio Wesleyan, Michigan
2010 Sisler, GeorgeGeorge Sisler Michigan
2010 Teague, CharlesCharles Teague Wake Forest



Coaches become eligible after ending active collegiate career, not to include an active coach on a professional baseball team. Coaches must have achieved 300 career wins, or have won at least 65% of his games.

Players become eligible 5 years after the student-athlete's final collegiate season, not to include any active player or coach on a professional baseball team roster. Players must have completed one year of competition at a 4-year institution. Players must have made an All-American team (post-1947), an All-League team (pre-1947), or have earned verifiable national acclaim. Veteran and Historical Committees have the right to nominate individuals from pre-1947 era.

Players and coaches are also be evaluated for their citizenship both during and after their active career.[5]


The induction ceremony for the inaugural class inductees occurred on July 4, 2006, which is usually the day after the Brooks Wallace Award winner is announced.

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