Don't eat the neighbours

Don't Eat the Neighbours
Format television series
Voices of Robert Lindsay
Michael McShane
Doon MacKichan
Sean Cullen
Patrick McKenna
Tim McInnerny
Frank Meschkuleit
Simon Callow
Country of origin United Kingdom
Production companies

Granada Media Children's (UK)

Sextant Entertainment (Canada)[1]
Original channel ITV Network (CITV)
Original airing September 20, 2001 – May 2, 2002

Don't Eat the Neighbours (also known as Big Teeth, Bad Breath[2]) is a children's comedy series that originally aired in the United Kingdom and Canada in 2001-2002. It was filmed mainly with puppets, but occasionally used computer graphics. The series was focused on the characters Rabbit, Wolf, and their children. Music for the show was done by Jim Guttridge, with the theme done by Dan Gagnon, Sandy Nuttgens, and Michael Scott.

Only four episodes were released on VHS and DVD in the 2001 volume A Rabbit for All Seasons.

Plot outline

Rabbit lives in the forest with his children: Lucy, Peter, and Emily. Wolf, who has been driven out of Canada by the Brotherhood of Wolves, moves in next door with his sons Barry and Simon. Although Wolf has a strong desire to eat Rabbit, his children develop close friendships with Lucy, rejecting traditional dietary preferences.

List of characters

Whereas the children have normal names, the adult characters are named after the animals they are.

  • Rabbit – Rabbit is confident, clever and quick-witted. A lot of the series' humour is based around the conflict between him, Wolf and Fox. He is also the father of Lucy, Peter, and Emily. Rabbit is tall and wears blue trousers, red converse shoes, a white shirt and a flowery jacket.
  • Lucy – Rabbit's oldest child, Lucy is calm, and often come across as smarter than her father. She is good friends with Barry and Simon, despite the conflict between their parents.
  • Peter and Emily – Rabbit's youngest children are twin babies. Due to their age, they do not speak in any episodes.
  • Wolf – Exiled from his native Canada by the Brotherhood of Wolves, Wolf has relocated to a forest in England where he lives next door to Rabbit. He is dim-witted and clumsy (though has occasional moments of brilliance) and often teams up with Fox in his attempts to catch Rabbit. Wolf is also the father of Barry and Simon. Wolf can prove to be dangerous angry and scary at times when it comes to planning on both hunting and killing his prey. He is tall and wears a red shirt, black leather pants a jacket and platform-like shoes which resemble women's boots.
  • Simon – Wolf's oldest son, Simon is smarter than his brother Barry, though is not all that bright himself.
  • Barry – Wolf's youngest son. Barry is good-hearted but rather dim-witted. He has a small crush on Lucy.
  • Fox – Wolf's posh friend sometimes talks to his mother, who appears to be a voice inside his head. Like Wolf, Fox too is an enemy of Rabbit and regularly tries to eat him. Fox can be very clever when it comes to devising schemes to catch Rabbit, though Rabbit usually manages to foil his plans. He wears a white shirt, yellow waist coat jacket and dark pants.
  • Terrapin – Rabbit's best friend. Terrapin is very cowardly, although there have been occasions when he has shown courage. His twin brother, Colin, looks exactly like him, save for his moustache. Terrapin wears an underdiver's water suit and flippers.
  • Bear – Lucy's confidant and advisor, he is often seen painting. Barry and Simon are frightened of him, though he has a kindly personality. Rabbit and Terapin are also scared of him especially when in the first episode where they had to go to Bear's House to steal cabbage from the cabbage patch in Bear's back yard while Bear was sleeping.
  • Sheep – The Sheep in the show are Wolf's lunch & dinner that he always tries to catch one by one if there in his way.

Cast list

Character Voice Actor
Rabbit Robert Lindsay
Wolf Michael McShane
Lucy Doon MacKichan
Barry Sean Cullen
Simon Patrick McKenna
Terrapin Tim McInnerny
Fox Simon Callow
Bear Simon Callow


  1. "A Rabbit for All Seasons"
  2. "Action Rabbit"
  3. "Barry Loves Lucy"
  4. "Simon the Werewolf"
  5. "Walk like a Rabbit"
  6. "Trust Rabbit"
  7. "Lucy and Woodland Massive"
  8. "Vote for Lucy"
  9. "Wolves in from the Cold"
  10. "Dances with Terrapin"
  11. "Fox Comes to Stay"
  12. "Colin Pays a Visit"
  13. "Old Father Rabbit"
  14. "Lucy the Adventurer"
  15. "Dave Eats the Grass"
  16. "Barry's Close Encounter"
  17. "Terrapin's Hot Date"
  18. "Happy Birthday Mr Rabbit"
  19. "Terrapin on the Rocks"
  20. "Super Terrapin"
  21. "Lucy Blows Her Top"
  22. "Wolf's Grave Fears"
  23. "Terrapin Out of His Shell"
  24. "Lucy Faces the Music"
  25. "Simon Acts Up"
  26. "Rabbit's Greatest Hits"


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