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Duke of Uzès

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Title: Duke of Uzès  
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Subject: List of French peerages, Louis Antoine de Pardaillan de Gondrin
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Duke of Uzès

Lords, viscounts and then dukes of Uzès, in the Languedoc.

Lords of Uzès (Seigneur d'Uzès)

Name Spouse(s) Lived Ruled
Elzéart d'Uzès ? 1080–1125 ?–1125
Decan d'Uzès daughter of the Lord of Posquières 1110–1138 1125–1138
Bermond I d'Uzès Douce de Mézoargues 1105–1181 1138–1181
Raymond Rascas d'Uzès Clothilde 1163–1209 1181–1209
Bermond II d'Uzès Géraude d'Adjémar de Rochemaure 1209–1254 1209–1254
Decan II d'Uzès Hermingarde d'Alais (of Alès) 1254–1285 1254–1285
Bermond III d'Uzès Alix 1250–1318 1285–1318

Viscounts of Uzès (Vicomte d'Uzès)

Name Spouse(s) Lived Ruled
Robert Ier d'Uzès Guiote de Posquières 1300–1349 1318–1349
Decan III d'Uzès Agathe de Baux 1330–1361 1349–1361
Raymond d'Uzès ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
Alzias d'Uzès Dauphine de la Roche 1340–1390 ?–1390
Robert II d'Uzès Gilette de Pressigny 1380–1426 1390–1426
Jéhan d'Uzès Anne de Brancas 1430–1475 1426–1475
Jacques Ier de Crussol Simone d'Uzès 1460–1525 1475–1525
Charles de Crussol Jeanne Ricard de Genouilhac 1483–1546 1525–1546

Dukes of Uzès (Duc d'Uzès)

The viscounty of Uzès became a duchy by letters patent of Charles IX issued at Mont-de-Marsan in May 1565. The dukes were included in the peerage of France from 1572, and by the time of the French Revolution they were the senior peers, ranked immediately after the Princes of the Blood.

Name Spouse(s) Lived Ruled
Antoine de Crussol Louise de Clermont Tallart 1528–1573 1546–1573
Jacques II de Crussol Françoise de Clermont 1540–1586 1573–1586
Emmanuel I de Crussol Claudine d'Ebrard 1570–1657 1586–1657
François de Crussol Marguerite d'Apchier 1604–1680 1657–1680
Emmanuel II de Crussol Julie Marie de Sainte-Maure de Montausier 1637–1692 1680–1692
Louis de Crussol (Did not marry)succeeded by brother 1673–1693 1692–1693
Jean Charles de Crussol Marguerite de Bullion 1675–1739 1693–1739
Charles Emmanuel de Crussol Emilie de la Rochefoucauld 1707–1762 1739–1762
François Emmanuel de Crussol Julie de Pardaillan de Gondrin 1728–1802 1762–1802
Marie François Emmanuel de Crussol Emilie de Chastillon 1756–1843 1802–1842
Géraud de Crussol d'Uzès Françoise de Talhouët 1808–1872 1842–1872
Emmanuel de Crussol, duc d'Uzès Anne de Rochechouart de Mortemart 1840–1878 1872–1878
Jacques de Crussol d'Uzès Succeeded by his brother 1870–1893 1878–1893
Louis de Crussol d'Uzès Marie Thérèse d'Albert de Luynes 1871–1943 1893–1943
Emmanuel Jacques de Crussol d'Uzès, Carolyn Baily Brown 1927–1999 1943–1999
Louis de Crussol d'Uzès Elizabeth de Belleville 1925–2001 1999–2001
Jacques de Crussol d'Uzès Alessandra Passerin d'Entrèves e Courmayeur 1957– 2001–
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