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Gempak Starz

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Title: Gempak Starz  
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Subject: Malaysian manga magazines, Malaysian magazines
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Gempak Starz

Logo of Gempak
Categories Comics
First issue June 1, 1998
Country  Malaysia
Language Malay

GEMPAK is a Malaysian comic/gaming/hobby magazine, published by Art Square Creation beginning in June 1998. The magazine's main motto is "One Issue, One Surprise". Being the first magazine in Malaysia to introduce local comic artists to an international audience, some have criticized the artists' skills as an imitation of the Japanese manga style. Others, however, claim that the artwork is completely different and introduces a new brand of manga, sometimes categorized as graphic novels. Gempak also has the distinction of being the first Malaysian info-comic magazine, offering news and articles about the ACG (Animation, Comics & Games) world in and outside of the country. Gempak magazine aims to encourage the local development of such industries, facilitating the global spread of Malaysian talent.[1]


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Gempak debuted on June 1, 1998, at a time when Malaysia was attempting to recover from the 1997 economic crisis. The economic crisis brought a hard impact on the Malaysian comic industry.

In order to gain a place in the Malaysian comic market, Art Square Creation incorporated the "info-comic" approach, which became the main formula of Gempak‍ '​s success, and the new standard format for many Malaysian comics. It took 18 months for their success to take off without any help from other media advertisements. Starting as a monthly issue for the first three years, it has come to be published bi-monthly (since June 2001), with many demands that the magazine should go for weekly issue.

Their concept of an info-comic magazine has become a trend followed by many recent comic magazines, including one of Malaysia's biggest publishers, Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd., who began releasing a new info-comic magazine titled Jom (later ceased publication). The success of Gempak also resulted in the success of its publisher, Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd., who expanded to become Art Square Group with three subsidiaries: Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd, Anjung Taipan Sdn. Bhd., and Gala Unggul Sdn. Bhd. All Art Square Group products are now labeled under their own brand "GEMPAK STARZ."

Gempak, under Art Square Creation, won the Persatuan Penerbit-Penerbit Majalah Malaysia (MPA) award under other category special Malay magazine ("majalah pengkhususan" (Bahasa Malaysia)) 2007.[2]


Gempak has made over many bucks. They have sold many genres, like horror, romance, science fiction, adventure, and action. Their horror comics are called "Komik Seram" meaning "horror comic".

Komik Seram

Komik Seram is the name for their horror comics. They are most popular and bestselling in the company, although, minimum comics are sometimes sold out because of popularity.

Here is a list of horror comics sold by Gempak:

  • Dari Alam Angker (by various artists)
  • Warisan Puaka by Nizam Bachok
  • Seringai Malam by Nizam Bachok
  • Dajal Berbisik by KF
  • Lawang Penamat by Maita Nao

Gempak Starz products

Besides magazines, Art Square Group publishes more than 200 products under the brand of GEMPAK STARZ. The products include graphic novels (including acquired foreign comics), T-shirts, caps, mugs, toys, posters, illustration books, stationery, and collection items.

List of Gempak comics

  • Mat Gempak by Apoh and Botak
  • Good Morning Teacher!
  • Experiment 105 by Totoro
  • 5th Dimension by Oga
  • Detektif Hantu by Totoro
  • Hikayat Jinggo Si Pemburu by Kenny
  • Shadow Quest by Clay
  • Candy Series by Kaoru Dreamerz
  • Under 18 by Zint
  • 5 Elemen by Kash
  • Siri Maskaret Cinta by various cartoonists (permanent section)
  • Dari Alam Angker/Komik Angker by various cartoonists (permanent section)
  • Wasabi by Keith
  • Lawak Kampus by Keith
  • Zoology by Stanley G, Neko, Jo, and Keith
  • Helios Eclipse by Kaoru[3]
  • Fatal Chaos by Ben
  • Komik Eksklusif by various cartoonists (permanent section)
  • Under 18 No Fear by Zint
  • Falcon by Clay
  • Velocity by Puppeteer
  • Go Notty by Nizam Bachok
  • Neko by Xanseviera (Doujinshi comic)
  • Dunia Cahaya by Kash
  • Komik Antarabangsa by international artists (Outdated)
  • Dewi Remaja (Manhwa) by Lee Ju
  • Glock 17 by Ageha
  • Journey to the West/Raja Monyet by Totoro
  • Kishiro Budak Sihir by Bear
  • Jangka Attribut by Clay
  • Jejak Neraka by Cicak
  • Taufan Pesaka, part 1, 2, and 3 by Hang Sembilan (parts 1, 2) and Kash (part 3)
  • Zaman Gemilang by Hang Sembilan
  • Evolusi Identiti by Puppeteer
  • Jinggo (Remake) by Puppeteer
  • Mat Gempak (Remake) by Apoh
  • Detektif Hantu (Remake) by Totoro
  • G.R.A.V.E. by Totoro
  • MFEO (Meant For Each Other) by Zint
  • Xpresi Tempur by Zint
  • Jackie Perang Pit by Taufan
  • Fear Factor by Taufan
  • Pop! Bang! Boom! by Kenny
  • Pahlawan Raja Alam by Taufan
  • Red Fox by King Kong
  • Sharkman the Hitman by Zint
  • Student King by Stanley G
  • Showtime! by Jo
  • Gengkey by C2V
  • Gengkey (Remake) by C2V
  • X-Pax Channel Comic by various cartoonists (advertisement comic)
  • IT Ekspress by Neko (advertisement comic)
  • Hotlink Warrior by Slaium (advertisement comic)
  • Drak by Slaium
  • Lawak Valentine by Kaoru
  • Oxer by Oga
  • Kisah Pengembaraan Kroit by Zint and K.C.
  • Gol Kraziee 2000 by Kash
  • Twisted Mind of Puyuh by Puyuh@Leong Wan Kok
  • K.O. King by Zint
  • Pelayan Rahsia
  • Segi TiGA Rahsia
  • USER by Zint


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