George Hamilton

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Arts and sports

  • George Hamilton (actor) (born 1939), American actor
  • George Hamilton (musician) (1901–1957), father of the actor George Hamilton
  • George Hamilton IV (1937–2014), country music performer
  • George Rostrevor Hamilton (1888–1967), English poet and critic
  • George Hamilton (broadcaster) (born 1951), association football commentator with RTÉ
  • George Hamilton (footballer) (1917–2001), Scottish footballer


  • Sir George Hamilton, 1st Baronet, of Donalong (c. 1607–1679), Irish baronet
  • George Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Abercorn (c. 1636 – bef. 1683), Scottish nobleman
  • George Hamilton, 4th Baron Hamilton of Strabane (1636/7 – 1668), Irish peer
  • Anstruther Burghs, and Jacobite
  • George Douglas-Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney (1666–1737)
  • George Hamilton (MP) (c. 1697–1775), English Member of Parliament for Wells
  • George Hamilton (lumber baron) (1781–1839), lumber baron in the Ottawa Valley
  • George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen (1784–1860), Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1852–1855
  • George Hamilton (politician) (1788–1836), Canadian politician, founder of Hamilton, Ontario
  • George Baillie-Hamilton, 10th Earl of Haddington (1802–1870), British politician
  • George Alexander Hamilton (1802–1871), British politician and civil servant
  • Lord George Hamilton (1845–1927), British politician
  • George Wellesley Hamilton (1846–1915), Canadian politician
  • Sir George Hamilton, 1st Baronet of Ilford (1877–1947), British politician
  • George Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Earl of Selkirk (1906–1994), Scottish nobleman and politician


  • George Hamilton (priest) (1823–1905), Archdeacon of Lindisfarne and of Northumberland
  • George Hamilton (police officer), senior British police officer
  • George Hamilton (South Australian police) (1812–1883) senior South Australian police commissioner
  • George Douglas Hamilton (1835–1911), New Zealand runholder and station manager
  • George Ernest Hamilton (ca.1800–1872), English civil engineer in South Australia
  • George Henry Hamilton (1875–1948), president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City


  • George Hamilton (Resident Evil), fictional character in the video games Resident Outbreak File # 1 and File #2
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