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Hugh of Champagne

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Title: Hugh of Champagne  
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Subject: April 9 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics), Saint Hugh, 730 deaths, Charles the Child, Drogo of Champagne
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Hugh of Champagne

Saint Hugh, Hugh of Champagne, or St Hugh of Rouen (died 730), was the grandson of Pepin of Heristal and Plectrude and son of Drogo of Champagne and Anstrude, herself daughter of Waratton and Ansflede. Both Waratton and Drogo were mayors of the palaces.

He was, though still a layman, endowed with the abbacies of Saint-Wandrille and Jumièges. He then entered the monastery of Jumièges in 718 and embraced the religious life under Abbot Cochin.

In 722, the archdiocese of Rouen was vacant. Hugh was taken from his solitude and appointed archbishop. In 723, he accepted charge of Fontenelle Abbey. The following year (724), he became bishop of Paris and bishop of Bayeux. At the end of life, he retired to his monastery. He died 9 April 730 and is interred in Notre-Dame. He is regarded as a saint, with a feast day of April 9.

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