Kevin and bean

The Kevin & Bean Show
Other names Kevin and Bean
Genre Comedy, Variety
Country United States United States
Home station KROQ-FM
Starring Kevin Ryder
Gene 'Bean' Baxter
Ralph Garman
Lisa May
Dave 'The King of Mexico' Sanchez
Creator(s) Kevin Ryder
Gene Baxter
Producer(s) Dave Sanchez
Air dates since January 2, 1990

Kevin and Bean is the morning show on KROQ-FM, an alternative rock-format radio station in Los Angeles, California. It is hosted by Kevin Ryder and Gene "Bean" Baxter. The show has been on the air since 1990 and intersperses music and news with comedy bits, celebrity interviews, listener call-ins, and live music performances.


Opening and listener call-in

Each episode opens with an audio montage (usually created by Baxter[1]) featuring musical and audio clips that draw from current events in politics, pop-culture, and the news. Since 2008,[2] the opening has featured a segment called "What it do, nephew?" where listeners are invited to phone in on a topic of their choosing. This segment has appeared in various forms throughout the show's history, and was previously known as "What is your deal" before being renamed after a phrase coined by rapper Snoop Dogg.[3] Recently though the segment of What It Do Nephew? has been taken away from the show.

Hourly segments and The Showbiz Beat

Music from the standard lineup of Kevin and Bean's flagship station, KROQ, is played regularly during the program. Creative control over the choice of music and how many songs are played per hour has been a source of conflict between the hosts and station management over the years.[4][5] This issue received particular attention when, in July 2009, similar pressures from KIIS-FM management prompted rival morning show host Ryan Seacrest to call and commiserate with Ryder and Baxter on air.[6]

Because of the show's position as a morning drive-time program, traffic and news segments are also interspersed between the other material. Newscaster Boyd Britton, known as "Doc on the Roq", provides a brief hourly summary of current events, while Los Angeles-area traffic updates are provided by metro traffic reporter and Kevin and Bean co-host Lisa May.[7][8]

"The Showbiz Beat" is an hourly entertainment-news report featuring Ryder and Baxter's actor co-host Ralph Garman and is one of the program's longest-running segments.[1][9] Before the top of every hour, Garman highlights stories from pop culture and media and, with input from his colleagues, frequently mocks perceived hypocrisies and absurdities of public figures and the entertainment industry. The segment always concludes with an announcement of the day's birthdays for celebrities of varying degrees of fame.

Recurring segments

A large portion of the show's material is made up of segments that recur periodically. Many of these are based on listener participation, and involve the hosts taking calls on an interesting discussion topic or for a guest, or involve games and contests that have been created around the station's promotional giveaways. Ryder and Baxter will also occasionally read emails sent to them, and play messages from the show's voice mail service, known as the "Afro Line." Other segments focus on the hosts and their personalities and quirks, like "Thanks for That Info, Bean", which pokes fun at Baxter's intense interest in seemingly trivial topics, and "A Moment with...", where a humorous audio clip of a statement made on-air by a host is replayed. "Would You Like to Take That Back?" is another feature during which the hosts give each other the option of "taking back" an unsuccessful or poorly delivered joke or pun.[10]

Several segments feature regular guests, including weekly interviews with's Harvey Levin,[11] "This Week in Rage" with former Kevin and Bean Show member Adam Carolla,[12] and sports updates from the Petros and Money Show co-host and former Kevin and Bean Show sports reporter Matt "Money" Smith. Since January 2010, Dr. Drew Pinsky, whose syndicated radio program Loveline is broadcast out of KROQ, has also appeared frequently on the program.[13]

Some of the most popular (and controversial) pieces have involved vocal impressions and celebrity impersonations, which are typically voiced by Ralph Garman and former Kevin and Bean assistant producer and Loveline co-host "Psycho" Mike Catherwood.[9][14] Often, Ryder and Baxter will conduct fake interviews with celebrities like Spencer Pratt, Gene Simmons, Sean Connery, and Kevin Federline, while on other occasions impressions might involve a relatively unknown person in a news story or current event. Garman and Catherwood have also created several alter-egos, including Loquecia, an African-American woman who reviews and ridicules reality television shows, and Rudy, a stereotypical heavily accented cholo with a penchant for marijuana use.

Celebrity interviews

In addition to faux interviews, numerous real celebrities and sports figures have appeared on the show over the years. Regular visitors to the show include Kevin Smith, Kathy Griffin, Petros Papadakis, Joe Rogan, and Olivia Munn. Other notable guests include Seth MacFarlane, Andrew Siciliano, Joel McHale, Bill Simmons, Adam Sessler, Mike Rowe, Landon Donovan, Alex Borstein, Tracy Morgan, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Travis Pastrana, Russell Martin, Will Ferrell, David Alan Grier, Jay Mohr and more.

Closing segments

While the program generally ends with a short preview of the next show, on Fridays the show closes (and opens) with a cover of "Don't Bogart Me" by Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise (a song first performed by the band Fraternity of Man), as performed by the hosts.[15]


Kevin and Bean debuted on KROQ on December 31, 1989, when they hosted the annual countdown of the year's best songs. On June 13, 1990, the show aired a segment called "Confess Your Crime", which included a bogus phone call from fellow DJ Doug "The Slug" Roberts (who was then working at KZZP) as an anonymous listener claiming to have committed murder. The parents of a missing woman believed the fictional caller to be responsible for their daughter's death leading to an investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and coverage in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. When the truth was revealed, the station was billed for the costs of the investigation by the LASD,[16] and sued by the distraught parents. KROQ suspended Kevin and Bean for five days without pay, directed each of them to perform 149 hours of community service, and forced them to pay the Sheriff’s bill out of their pockets. The event also became the inspiration behind the 1996 movie Power 98 starring Eric Roberts.

In March 2003, the show caused international controversy when Ralph made a prank phone call to the office of French president Jacques Chirac while posing as Jerry Lewis. All were surprised when Chirac picked up the phone and began talking to "Jerry."[16] Lewis' lawyers were quick to threaten with lawsuits and the bit has rarely been spoken of since. Though they appear to be under orders not to speak of the matter, Kevin and Bean have made oblique suggestions that Lewis "blackmailed" Kevin and Bean into making a contribution to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the beneficiary of Lewis' annual Labor Day telethon.

In January 2004, a Los Angeles man filed a breach of contract suit against the station and Kevin and Bean saying he was cheated out of a free SUV.[17] Though Kevin and Bean do not address specific lawsuits on the air, they often refer to being frequently sued, usually in the context of people not understanding or appreciating their attempts at humor.

In August 2007, a listener e-mailed a complaint to Kevin and Bean as well as put an article in The Advocate Magazine (Gay & Lesbian Magazine). The complaint was about a parody that Psycho Mike of the Kevin and Bean show did titled "Lean Like a Homo", and was made to make fun of Down's "Lean like a Cholo".

On May 8, 2009 – Westwood One announced that it will begin airing The Kevin & Bean Show on radio stations nationwide on May 11, 2009.

On September 15, 2011 Kevin and Bean won the NAB Marconi Radio Award for "Major Market Personality of the Year".


Personality quirks abound on the show, with Kevin and especially Bean, and their numerous other personalities.


Kevin has odd interests and characteristics that are mentioned on the show from time to time:

  • Has packages mailed to his home using fake names, such as "The Duke of Tarzana".[18]
  • He is married to Melissa Ryder who runs a charity called Friends and Helpers.
  • Has twin daughters.
  • He is very outspoken on his hate for American Idol.
  • He dislikes old people.
  • Is related to former NFL QB Jeff Hostetler .
  • Suffers from Displaced Aphasia
  • While he acknowledges their influence, Kevin dislikes The Beatles. He says this is because when working at an Oldies Station, he was forced to play their music and it got on his nerves.
  • While in rehab for an addiction to pain pills as a result of a botched back surgery, he broke out in order to be with his toddlers on Christmas.


Bean has odd and exotic interests and knowledge of arcane subject matter. In particular, he:

  • Loves the Post Office
  • Owns many undeveloped websites, including one pertaining to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, an American ship that famously sank in the Michigan waters of Lake Superior in 1975. Bean is obsessed with both the ship and the Gordon Lightfoot hit song about it.
  • Is obsessed with Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered the dwarf planet Pluto.[19]
  • Is fascinated by "jet packs" and longs to own one someday.
  • He dislikes the handicapped.
  • He wants to own a dwarf, or little person.
  • Is a serious Weird Al Yankovic's fan.
  • Although Bean has yet to put up a personal website, he does have a blog.[19] Once in a while the show has a segment where the cast reads Bean's blog entries.
  • Lives in a pink house on Vashon Island, near Seattle,[20][21] where he raises a host of farm animals including cows, pigs, sheep, and donkeys as family pets.
  • Is married to Donna H. (Mendivil) Baxter,[20] who was the island's mayor, and also a noted fashion designer.[22]
  • Talks from a room in his guest house where he has a sound mixing board, recording equipment, a video monitor showing his cohorts in the KROQ studio in Los Angeles, a computer and a microphone attached to a high-quality phone line.[23]
  • Supports the Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks, especially when they play teams from L.A. or the favorite teams of other members of the show.
  • Has a cell phone that rings with the theme song from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • Was born and raised in England. As he puts it, he was born in Middlesex, didn't know if he'd be a boy or a girl.[20] Baxter does not, however, speak with an English Accent.
  • Longs to serve on a jury and is frustrated to hear callers complain about receiving summons. Finally chosen to serve on a jury, he served in January '08.
  • Is a huge Fanilow, that is, a huge Barry Manilow fan.
  • Real name is Gene Baxter.
  • Has a form of Autism called Asperger syndrome
  • Has an avid love of Christmas music. He collects it and listens to it all year round.
  • Possesses an uncanny ability to recall Top 40 hits from throughout popular music's history, including chart positions and performers. Possibly due to Asperger's Syndrome, as has been claimed by other members of the show.
  • Graduated from Bowie High School (Bowie, MD) in 1977

Other cast members and key staff

Also on the show are:

  • Ralph Garman — The Man of 1001 Voices (George Bush, Dick Cheney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Michael Jackson, the Pope, Jerry Lewis, Criss Angel, Christian Bale, Sean Connery, Sarah Palin, Doug Kriegel, Keanu Reeves and Bob Dylan, to name a few). He handles entertainment news segments and often acts as a substitute when Kevin or Bean is not present. He is also known to unleash bitter rants aimed at Kevin, Bean, 7-Eleven coffee lids, random celebrity stupidity, country music, and Joan freakin' Rivers. A recurring joke at Ralph's expense refers to his spending nearly 2 months filming Two for the Money with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey, only to have all but a few minutes of screen time cut from the movie. He is a Philadelphia native and a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan. Ralph collects memorabilia from the hit television series Batman, and says Ralph would display Adam West in a glass case in his home if he could (But not a dead Adam West). His Segment "Ralph's Showbiz Beat" is one of the segments the show.
  • Lisa May — Technically, the traffic reporter.[24] Lisa May chimes in during most of the segments, offering a female point of view. A good sport, she is not above putting her own foibles under the microscope and providing a focal point for the recurring game "Lick Lisa." A running joke on the show involves Kevin and Bean trying to offer other hot women the job of traffic reporter. Lisa has appeared on the TV show "Reba" [25] and has done audio looping for the TV show "Alias." She is an avid fan of live theater, and tries to sneak in references to the plays she attends, which Kevin and Bean ignore.
  • Dave Sanchez AKA "The King of Mexico" — The show's lethargic producer, he was given the nickname 'King Of Mexico' because even though his parents are both Mexican and fluent in Spanish, he can't speak a word of it. He even failed Spanish in High School. Sanchez also speaks with a mild Mexican accent. He has set the Guinness World Record for constant TV watching twice, only to have his new record voided each time for inconsistent record-keeping. After a station concert or event, stories of Dave's drunken escapades run rampant. He idolizes young female stars such as Mandy Moore and Kristen Bell. Dave is a Los Angeles Clippers fan, even making songs extolling the team. When the Clippers fell short of the playoffs in the 2006-2007 season, he took some heat for his boasting, including a mocking song submitted by a listener.[26] Dave is known for the 'No-Game Game,' in which he uses no game to get hot chicks. He has an obsession with the band, Paramore, attending one of their concerts one night at San Diego when they were scheduled to be interviewed on the Kevin and Bean show the next morning.
  • DJ Omar Khan AKA "Omar" — The main DJ of the show who is mostly responsible for all the technical aspects. He also creates all of the jingles for various segments, which are mostly other songs with alternate lyrics. He has a deep-rooted hatred for Rachael Ray but loves Tim Allen. A running joke has Kevin and Bean (while on remote segments) recount exaggerated stories of acts committed by Omar, only to have him remind Kevin and Bean that he is at the studio. He is also frequently heard laughing in the background whenever phone "interviews" are conducted, leading to a running joke that Omar is actually wherever the (fake) interviewee happens to be. Omar directed the infamous Cucamonga Heat movie often referred on the show. Recently he has expressed cartoon hate against the FOX hit show Glee with a segment called "Glee Cap" every Wednesday morning. Every few months, Omar will take a popular song and make a parody of it, often inserting clips of embarrassing on-air screw ups by Kevin and Bean (mostly Kevin).
  • Alex Warren — Formerly a producer for the show. Dubbed "Super Whore", she had a running segment (Bad Pitches) where she shared some of the ridiculous products, or people that have tried to get on the show.
  • Jay "Lightning" Tilles — Formerly a producer of the Kevin and Bean show. He started as an intern. He is now running the KROQ-FM website because of his accomplishments with his video editing. Loves big trucks and is the Co-Owner of Long Beach Clothing Co.
  • Jonathan Kantrowe AKA "Beer Mug" — Nickname stemming from a beer mug tattoo he has on his foot. Formerly an intern for Kevin and Bean, he now works with dj Jed the Fish, known for his failure at setting world eating records and his willingness to let Kevin and Bean talk him into dangerous feats. Currently he is taking over for Psycho Mike's position 'helping' Kevin and Bean in studio on air (running the sound board). The running gag is that Beer Mug is terrible at his job, notoriously awful at interviewing celebrities, and that both Kevin and Bean hate him and want him to get fired or worse. A recurring segment now involves sending the inept Beer Mug to red carpet premieres in Hollywood where he fails miserably at interviewing stars. Most listeners who call in or email the show close with the words "Fire Beer Mug."

Frequent Special Guests

Recurring Themes, Characters, & Running Jokes

  • "SANTA MONICA!!!!!!" — Started after the John Kilduff "Let's Paint" Public-access television video was aired on Kevin and Bean. Kilduff had a number of crank callers calling in making "Santa Monica" shout-outs. Soon thereafter, Kevin and Bean got their own "Santa Monica" crank caller.
  • "What it do, nephew?" — A daily listener call-in segment at the start of the show during which the best rant/story sometimes earns the caller a prize. (it used to be during the last 10–20 minutes of each day's program) Formerly known as "What Is Your Deal?", the segment was renamed after a greeting coined by Snoop Dogg and was expanded to include the phrase "what it do, baby boo" to greet Lisa May and female callers.
  • "Robbie Joyner" - Whenever someone young has accomplished something Kevin chimes in with, "Do you know what I was doing at that age? Throwing rocks at my neighbor Robbie Joyner."
  • "The Hot Bell" — Bean often rings a bell at the mention of an attractive woman's name. The practice extends to when callers specifically greet Lisa May, usually with a suggestive tone. A children's bicycle bell is used when attractive but underage stars are mentioned, such as the Olsen Twins, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. A cowbell is used for larger women like Oprah Winfrey. A sound clip for unattractive women is also used, alternating between the sound of a frying pan (as if their face was a result of being struck by a frying pan) and Chewbacca's trademark growl.
  • "Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend ...." — Kevin and Bean start and end their Friday shows with a cover of "Don't Bogart Me" by Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise, sung by the cast. For a while, they opened the Monday show with "The Boys Are Back In Town" by the Bus Boys after it was suggested by a listener.
  • Cucamonga Heat — DJ Omar Khan made a film while in school called Cucamonga Heat that is clearly a low-budget film. After being featured in the show, there is an often-played clip of the film featuring a man sitting down in a chair (DJ Omar Khan) ordering a fake drug deal to occur. This clip is usually played (especially by Kevin) during instances where a clip (from a Movie) should be played usually as a joke or to signify that the thing being reviewed is bad. This also led to anyone named "Eric" to be greeted by "Yea, Eric" when calling in.[27]
  • "(Random Words) Playing at..." — Whenever a strange combination of words are mentioned randomly throughout the show, Kevin and Bean imply that the previously mentioned words are actually the name of a music group that are "set to play" at an upcoming concert. The comedy is in the combination of random words, usually set up as "," by the way..." This is done to poke fun at the absurdity of band names that Kevin and Bean learn about. One example involves the words "concrete vagina," first mentioned in a bit on February 11, 2008, with Bean stating that "They're playing at Coachella. They're very good."
  • "The 909" — The guys often mock the Inland Empire area of Southern California, for its reputation as a haven for meth labs and trailer trash. On one April Fool's Day, the show staged a fake Blink 182 concert in the area as an "apology", sending many 909ers on a frantic search for the bogus event. (It is also rumored/believed that portions of the 909 area code were "re-numbered" to 951 due to Kevin and Bean's constant negative opinion of the area and its inhabitants.)
  • "Loquecia" — A feisty African-American hairdresser, voiced by Ralph, who calls in with recaps of reality shows, often pointing out how crazy white people are.
  • "Rock Me Amadeus" — Ralph's affinity for the '80s pop song by Falco led to a string of listener-submitted stories that would lead to a pun of the song title (such as "Rock Meet Ann B. Davis") and give Ralph an excuse to play it. When that song was eventually "retired", Ralph moved on to classic hits such as "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby, "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant, "Heat of the Moment" by Asia, "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc and, on one occasion, Meat Loaf's "Bat out of Hell", and Eddie Money's Two Tickets To Paradise. As of January 2011, Ralph has been using Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like A Lady.
  • "Pedro Guerrero" — Riffing on the over-enunciated way that O.J. Simpson said the ballplayer's name on a 911 tape, the guys never pass a chance to repeat the name and will, at times, pronounce similar sounding names in the same way.
  • Karl Malone and "Santa" Karl — Reprised each Christmas season by former cast member Jimmy Kimmel, "Santa" Karl is somewhat of an inside joke for longtime listeners. In this bit, Kimmel takes calls from children, posing as Santa Claus as he might be voiced by basketball player Karl Malone. As the children give him their gift wish lists, "Santa" Karl provides improvised, usually inappropriate responses laced with sexual innuendo and other adult references. This bit originated with Kimmel performing in a traditional Santa Claus voice, but changed during the year he began making fun of Karl Malone's radio program, vowing to perform his entire on-air appearances as an impersonation of Malone.
  • "There's always room for J-Lo!" — Although now seldom heard, for several years Ralph made almost daily mentions of Jennifer Lopez in the entertainment news bits, each followed with a lengthy explanation of how, despite the busy schedule and numerous more important stories, they were able to discuss Jennifer because "there's always room for J-Lo." This is a play on the Jell-O slogan, "There's always room for Jell-O!".
  • The Kevin and Bean Curse — Soon after being interviewed for the show, local athletes or their teams often encounter bad luck, including injuries and losing streaks. One notable victim was then-Dodgers closer Éric Gagné.
  • Kevin Breaks Up Bands — Since he reported the break-up of Rage Against the Machine before it was officially announced, Kevin is often blamed for causing the break-up, a trend that continued with Blink 182 and Audioslave.
  • Every April 1, the show broadcasts a hoax, usually in an attempt to lure fans to events that do not exist (The "Mall of America West" in Anaheim, a free Blink 182 concert, Ralph's Bachelor Party). They have also broadcast an entire show of Pirate Radio's Shannon in the Morning (a former LA radio show), as well as running the typical Saturday morning show to throw off listeners.
  • "Point for Cake" — A once-recurring bit titled "The Burning Question" featured staffers (usually Ralph and Money) debating a pointless topic while Bean would keep score of who was winning the contest. One such debate, "Which is better, cake or pie?" lead to the catch phrases "point for cake" meaning something good and "point for pie" meaning something bad. Soon after the bit ran, caller Nioria Gutierrez, claimed that the phrases were being used on the set of The Shield and that guest star Glenn Close started using them herself.
  • "Speecy-Spicy Sausage" — When the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain was making news, a parody clip was played in which Psycho Mike voiced both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in a moment of passion. Part of the clip, which refers to Ledger's member as a "speecy-spicy sausage", caught on as a catch phrase.
  • "AFRO Line" — Kevin and Bean's voicemail line, which is (323) 520-AFRO. Callers phone in rants, jokes, songs, puerile noises, and other commentary, which sometimes makes it on the air. The term "AFRO Line" was coined by former member, Jimmy Kimmel. A-F-R-O are simply the letters found on the keys of the number pad. Interestingly, the members of the show do not remember the inception of the AFRO line, but it was actually Bean that started it. Years ago, Bean recounted one of his vacations to a small town where the local radio station was accessible to the local population. According to Bean, people were allowed to walk in or call the radio station and make a public announcement about local community events like garage sales. Kevin and Bean thought it would be interesting to offer the same service to the K&B listeners and hence the inception of the AFRO line. However, over time, the original intent was lost and it became a repository for listener rants and jokes.
  • "Dieu To" — A Vietnamese listener who calls periodically since 2002 into the show at various times though it has been noted by Kevin and Bean that contacting him is extremely hard to do. Notable traits of Dieu-To were his effed up eye, his love for Steven Segal (which he pronounces Cigar), fondness of buffets, and affinity for desserts. His search for a soul mate lead him to only date women who are 5'8 or 5'9.He was believed to be a fake persona created by Show participant Ralph Garman, though later dispelled with numerous in studio features and a parody segment of MTV Cribs which only furthered the mystery of Dieu To.
  • The Butterball Hotline — Every Thanksgiving, Kevin and Bean call in to get advice from the turkey company, (much to the chagrin of Kevin) often leading to a disastrous, unintentionally funny bit. Bean plays a farmer attempting to get advice from the turkey company on how to kill a turkey with Ralph in the background voicing the turkey in question. The bit was not done in 2011 due to Kevin and Bean forming a devil pact and going against the wishes of Ralph and the land of the stars and stripes. They have yet to be forgiven.
  • Lisa May's Gift from QVC — Every year, for Christmas and Lisa May's birthday, Kevin and Bean call QVC and purchase whatever is being shown on television at the moment for Lisa's gift, regardless of the price or usefulness of the product. The gift is always less than desirable, and the cheaper the price, the happier the boys are.[28][29] One year, Lisa and Ralph enlisted the services of an actress to play the QVC operator, and tricked Kevin and Bean into thinking they just bought her a high definition TV.
  • "Anna?" - A recent, running joke started the day after Anna Nicole Smith was found dead. The joke implies that the "KROQ microphones were there" at the moment of Smith's death, and a recording is played of Smith voicing an intro for the Kevin and Bean Show while walking down a hallway. Suddenly, sounds of Smith falling over are heard, and Producer Lightning, in a deep voice, says, "Anna?" The joke has since been expanded to include Bean's cow("cow?"), Captain America("Captain?"), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ("Turtle?"), Peter Petrelli calling out the name "Mohinder" from NBC's Heroes, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and others.
  • The Month - Forced to give the date multiple times during a broadcast and due to their making fun of that fact that October was coined as "Rocktober", Kevin and Bean have taken to giving each month a funny and sexually suggestive name. Such names include Va-January, Febru-areola, Mar-chi-ca-bow-wow (patterned after porn music), Aprilingus, May...I see them, Poon (June), Ju-like it in the ass, Ju-like cream in your coffee, Au-Au-Au-AUGUST, Slutember, Rocktober, Blovember, and Double D-cemeber. This word play has since been terminated by station management on July 9, 2009 because it 'may' be offensive to some listeners.
  • Halloween Spooks - An annual tradition loved by all except Kevin. "Halloween Spooks" is a song performed by 1960s jazz trio Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross and is loved by the rest of the show except Kevin who complains long and loud about how annoying and stupid the song is. Bean begins October by playing the song in little snippets until Halloween when they will usually play the song in its entirety. The duration of the song will usually include the cast making fun of the odd and unusual vocalizations throughout. The show has created new versions of the song titled "Thanksgiving Cooks" and "Hanukkah Jews" to go along with their respective holidays. Songs for Martin Luther King, Jr., Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, the Chinese New Year, and Leap Day have also been made.
  • Miss Double D-cember — Each December Kevin and Bean have a pageant to choose a voluptuous woman as Miss Double D-cember for the upcoming year. The winner appears with Kevin and Bean at various KROQ shows and events. The current Miss Double D-cember is Joanna.[30]
  • Kevin and Bean Foreign Correspondence- Every time Kevin and Bean find an interesting article that is in another country they go and call the country. Ralph always hates it and he always has a discouraging attitude towards the idea of calling other countries. The calls usually end up being unanswered, or it gets answered but Kevin and Bean wouldn't be able to communicate with the person on the other line, because of the language. In the end they would have to call Dave The King of Mexico to pretend that he is the guy that is in the country that they are calling.
  • Hey!- As of late the Kevin and Bean crew has been adding an over zealous "Hey!" to the end of songs that do not usually require one. To which the person who does the hey gets teased.
  • "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" — Bean is obsessed with the song, which he mentions whenever he can and plays on the anniversary of the wreck.
  • AC/DC? — An obviously false answer given by listeners to giveaway questions when stumped. This originated during a segment called "Famous Deads" where contestants were given trivia questions where all the answers had the word "dead" in them. After Kevin and Ralph explained repeatedly for a solid minute that the answers shall have the word "dead" in them, the very first contestant to call in obliviously answered with "AC/DC?"[31]

Noted former cast members

The show has been the stepping stone for celebrities such as:

  • Jimmy Kimmel got his start as their sports announcer. Annually, he returns to the show to reprise his role as "Santa" Karl, an inappropriately crass Santa Claus character who takes calls from children in the voice of basketball player Karl Malone.
  • Adam Carolla would do spots as the cranky Mr. Birchum (who later became a character on Comedy Central's Crank Yankers). Adam has returned to the show to do a weekly segment called "This Week In Rage" after the demise of his own syndicated radio show.
  • Michael Dwight "Psycho Mike" Catherwood — Former assistant producer for the show, he frequently stars in man-on-the-street segments as well as parodies of most commercial songs which generally involve crude themes. Psycho Mike is also an amateur body builder and a certified personal trainer, a recovering addict, and has appeared in several segments educating listeners about exercise and nutrition. He also voices Kevin Federline, Sergeant Rip Shred Master, Spencer Pratt, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Listener Rudy, Tom DeLonge and Anthony Kiedis among others. He often comes under scrutiny by other show participants due to the sexual noises he makes whenever an attractive female [or male] is mentioned. Still stops by to do voices. He recently participated in the series Dancing with the Stars.
  • Matt "Money" Smith, Jimmy's replacement, now on AM570 as a co-host for a drive time sports talk show with Petros Papadakis, himself a frequent guest of the Kevin and Bean show, titled "The Petros and Money Show (or PMS)" Monday through Friday from 4-7 on AM570 KLAC.
  • The Virgin Kennedy aka Lisa Kennedy Montgomery a morning show intern who became a KROQ disc jockey and later an MTV veejay.
  • Miss Cleo — Formerly an intern and a phone screener. Known for her enormous chest and inability to ad lib, the latter forming the basis to the on-air game "Title Fight," in which contestants must guess song titles that she describes.

Other personalities no longer with the show include:

  • Big Tad — an overweight and incompetent production assistant, he was fired and rehired by Kevin and Bean several times. He would also drive the KROQ van and give out prizes at various public locations. He was later given a job by Jimmy Kimmel and was seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! several times. Tad later worked on Carolla's radio show.
  • Michael "The Maintenance Man" Burton — an actual maintenance man in the building where KROQ had its studios, he came to be an active member of the show, performing man-on-the-street interviews and making public appearances. In the fall of 1995, Burton left the show and filed a wrongful-termination suit charging the station along with Kevin and Bean with racial and religious discrimination. The suit was settled in late 1996.[32][33]
  • Paul, The Fifty-Five Year Old Intern (aka Richard Cheese aka Mark Jonathan Davis) — Also known as the World's Oldest Intern, would appear in comedy sketches and was a tireless fan of Frank Sinatra. He sang (badly) in the Sinatra style many times on the show. The gimmick of a middle-aged intern has since been stolen by 91X's Cantore In The Morning, as "Tom, the 47-year-old intern"
  • Chet Waterhouse, Sports Reporter — Actually stand-up comedian Jeff Cesario. The character of Waterhouse was a stereotypical bombastic sports reporter who spoke in a mealy-mouthed voice and used rickety metaphors. He was replaced by Jimmy Kimmel.
  • Producer Frank Murphy on the Realistic Plug 'n' Talk. Frank was once challenged by Kevin & Bean to sell 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for his daughter at morning show events.
  • Sports guy Dean - filled in for Matt "Money" Smith for a few months in late 2005, then later disappeared from the show without mention. It wasn't until many months later that it was noted that their superiors thought the team did not need a dedicated sports reporter, because of the addition to the production budget.

Television & Film

Over the years, Kevin and Bean have made various forays into other media:

  • Kevin and Bean hosted Godzilla Theater on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. It was on after midnight and showed the various Godzilla movies interlaced with witty banter between Kevin & Bean.
  • Kevin and Bean hosted an Addams Family Marathon on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles in 1993. They did on the street interviews between classic Addams Family episodes.[34]
  • Kevin and Bean were hired by the Fox Network in the early to mid-1990s to do voice-overs in between Fox shows. Their radio banter did not translate well in such short segments, and they soon disappeared from that role.
  • Kevin and Bean did a short stint on the E! Entertainment Television channel.
  • Kevin and Bean were the announcers for the Grammy Awards of 2005. Kevin returned as the solo announcer in 2006 and 2007.
  • Both appeared in the 2001 movie Rock Star as interviewers.

Christmas Compilation CDs

Over the years Kevin and Bean have released numerous Christmas related compilation CDs. The compilations consist of skits, bands covering Christmas related songs, and various KROQ personalities. These compilations are usually only available for a short period of time and after that are out of print.

  • Black Christmas EP (2008)
The release was not a CD, but downloadable songs they put on the website. After some controversy the songs were removed.
  • Kevin & Bean's Super Christmas (2006) [35]
  • Kevin & Bean's Christmastime In The 909 (2004) [36] (a reference to the area code 909 for the oft-ridiculed Inland Empire)
  • The Year They Recalled Santa Claus (2003) [37]
  • Fo' Shizzle St. Nizzle (2002)
  • Swallow My Eggnog (2001)
  • The Real Slim Santa (2000)
  • Kevin and Bean: Last Christmas (1999) [38] (proceeds to the Starlight Foundation)
  • Santa's Swingin' Sack (1998)
  • A Family Christmas in Your Ass (1997)
  • Christmastime in the LBC (1996)
  • How the Juice Stole Christmas (1995)
  • No Toys for OJ (1994)
  • Santa Claus, Schmanta Claus (1993)
  • We've Got Your Yule Logs Hangin' (1992)
  • Bogus Christmas (1991)
  • Feel the Warmth of Kevin and Bean's Wonderful World of Christmas (The White Album) (1990)


Listeners in remote areas, or even in particular buildings, often have a difficult time getting clear reception of the show. As a result, listeners have complained for years that Kevin and Bean were not on the Internet. However, on February 6, 2006, KROQ started streaming online. (KROQ also did not have a web site for many years after the Internet became established.)

Kevin and Bean were also broadcast in Fresno, California for several years, but that station began broadcasting the Adam Carolla Show when it started in January 2006.

On January 3, 2011, the Kevin and Bean show began airing on San Francisco's legendary KITS 105.3 FM (Live 105). In September 2011, after only eight months, KITS switched to an all music format, dropping the Kevin and Bean show.

The show runs from 5:30 to 10:00 Pacific time on weekday mornings. The early hour will often repeat a comedy segment from the day before; segments from early in the show are often replayed a second time later in the show.

On November 10, 2008, the Kevin and Bean Show started an afternoon segment, 'Cinco De La Tarde', (Spanish for Five in the afternoon) weekdays from 5:00 - 6:00 PM.[39] As of August 3, 2009, this segment has been discontinued and the morning show has been restored to its original 10:00 AM end time. A Best of Kevin and Bean show called "Same Shit, Different Day" was added on Saturday mornings airing from 7:00-10:00 AM.

Beginning May 11, 2009, Kevin and Bean started syndicating on KEDJ, 103.9 The Edge in Phoenix, Arizona,[40] KFRR 104.1 Fresno and KRZQ-FM Reno.[41] As of September 8, 2009, Kevin and Bean are no longer on KEDJ in Phoenix due a change in format at that station emphasizing music.

Starting September 8, 2009, Kevin and Bean began airing in mornings on newly launched Alternative music station KQLZ V99.1 in Boise, Idaho.

Beginning September 13, 2010, Kevin and Bean began airing in mornings on Classic Rock: The Heat 99.5, KMRJ, in Palm Springs, CA.

Kevin and Bean is also heard in portions of Iowa and Illinois in the afternoon on KCJJ-AM 1630, which is located in Iowa City, Iowa

The Kevin and Bean Show is available as a podcast on iTunes.


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