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Lego Agents

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Title: Lego Agents  
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Lego Agents

Lego Agents
Subject Secret agents
Availability 2008–2009
Total sets 13
Characters Agent Chase
Agent Charge
Agent Fuse
Agent Trace
Dr. Inferno
Saw Fist
Break Jaw
Gold Tooth
Spy Clops
Official website

Lego Agents is a series of Lego toy sets introduced in 2008 and is based on the secret agent genre. Each set features a mission that pits the Lego Agents team against the nefarious Dr. Inferno and his sinister cronies.


A crazed doctor, Dr. Inferno, often sends his henchman and cyborgs on missions to steal treasure or terrorise the city. Formerly helping the agents, Inferno lost his arm to an explosion and blamed it on the agents. He established a base at a volcano and hired men as his henchmen. The agents are always included in a set, along with a special vehicle. The sets serve as story starters, allowing children to link them all together to form a "Master Plan." There are four agents, but two more appear in Agents 2.0. Agent Chase is the most common and comes in most every set. Agent Fuse is hard to find seeing he only comes in three sets. Agent Charge is also hard to find, since he also only comes in four sets. Agent Trace is very rare, since most sets she comes in are very expensive. Agent Swift and Swipe are exclusive to the sets they come in, which are Ariel Defense Unit and Gold Tooth's Getaway. There are many henchmen of Dr. Inferno, mostly they are deformed or robots. Dr. Inferno is part robot himself, since his right arm is a metal hand. The Agents have an undercover truck as their base, and Dr. Inferno's is a large volcano. The Agent scheme color is navy blue, lime green and light grey, Dr. Inferno's is orange and black.


2008 Sets

8631 Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit - 88 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Saw Fist has stolen an energy crystal from a castle on the snow mountains and is escaping through the mountains by snowmobile. Agent Chase must use his jet-powered twin turbine engine heli-pack to track Saw Fist and recover the crystal.
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Saw Fist

8632 Mission 2: Swamp Raid - 235 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Agent Charge uses his rocket-cycle to infiltrate Break Jaw's croc-infested swamp base and retrieve a vital treasure map.
  • Minifigs: Agent Charge, Break Jaw

8630 Mission 3: Gold Hunt - 352 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Using a specialized high-speed jeep, Gold Tooth has stolen gold bars from an ancient temple in the jungle. Agent Fuse flies his supersonic jet with twin firing missiles in hot pursuit of Dr. Inferno's henchmen!
  • Minifigs: Agent Fuse, Gold Tooth, Henchman

8633 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue - 340 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Agent Trace has been captured by Break Jaw who is about to feed her to his cyborg sharks! Agent Chase races to the rescue with his twin turbine engine speedboat.
  • Minifigs: Agent Trace, Agent Chase, Break Jaw

8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase- 498 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Agent Chase has snatched a laptop computer loaded with Dr. Inferno's plans to conquer the world! Agent Chase rams his high-tech turbocar through the enemy's gate with Spy Clops closing in from behind with his mecha-copter!
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Spy Clops, Henchman

8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center - 1154 Pieces

  • Synopsis: The Lego Agents have captured Dr. Inferno in their Mobile Command Center. However, it's not long before Dr. Inferno's henchmen arrive to break him out!
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Agent Fuse, Agent Trace, Dr. Inferno, Gold Tooth, Spy Clops

8636 Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest - 520 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Using their tactical operations sub, the Lego Agents race to stop Dr. Inferno's henchmen from recovering sunken treasure.But they must avoid Break Jaw's firing cannon!
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Break Jaw, Slime Face

8637 Mission 8: Volcano Base - 718 Pieces

  • Synopsis: The Lego Agents must use their high-tech turbocopter to infiltrate Dr. Inferno's volcano base, stop him from unleashing his gigantic laser cannon's power on the entire world, and save Agent Fuse. But they will have to defeat Dr. Inferno's henchmen Fire Arm and Claw-Dette before they face Dr. Inferno himself!
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Agent Fuse, Agent Trace, Dr. Inferno, Claw-Dette, Fire Arm

Summer 2014: 70161: unknown 70162: Dungeon 70163: Toxic Accident 70164: Action Robber 70165: Headquarters

2009 Sets

8967 Gold Tooth's Getaway - 68 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Gold Tooth has stolen a golden T-Rex statue from the museum! It's up to Agent Swipe to stop Gold Tooth on his supertrike!
  • Minifigs: Agent Swipe, Gold Tooth

8968 River Heist - 203 Pieces

  • Synopsis: The evil Dr. Inferno's henchmen Dollar Bill and Dyna-Mite have stolen a safe from the bank! It's up to Agent Fuse and his waterjet to stop them!
  • Minifigs: Agent Fuse, Dollar Bill, Dyna-Mite

8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit - 322 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Agents Chase's new truck can outdo any opponent! But will he stop Dr. Inferno's old friend Dr. D. Zaster in time before he spreads slime everywhere?
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Dr. D. Zaster

8970 Robo Attack - 414 Pieces

  • Synopsis: Dr. Inferno is causing terror in his new robot mech, firing a powerful fire laser at anything that stands in his way! But will the quad bike and jet be able to stop him before it's too late?
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Agent Trace, Dr. Inferno, 3 tourists

8971 Aerial Defense Unit - 733 pieces

  • Synopsis: Dr. Inferno's henchman Magma Commander has sent Magma-Drones to take over the city. It's up to the Agents in their Aerial Defense Unit to destroy Magma Commander's satellite dish and stop the robots!
  • Minifigs: Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Agent Swift, Magma Commander, 3 Magma-Drones

Remake In 2014, Lego will release a new brand of agents called Ultra Agents.

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