List of Football League Championship managers

The Football League Championship is a professional football league in England which is the second tier of the English football league system. The league was formed in 2004–05 as a replacement for the original Second Division.

As of October 2011, Kenny Jackett is the longest serving manager who is still currently working with the same club, Millwall.

Some of the people have served spells as caretaker (temporary) managers in the period between a managerial departure and appointment.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the manager is currently managing the Football League Championship club his name is next to. Names in italics show that the manager is working for a club outside the Championship.

List of managers by club

The dates of appointment and departure may fall outside the club's period in the Football League Championship

Name Nationality Championship club From Until Years in
Ritchie, AndyAndy Ritchie  England Barnsley 2006 [1][2]
Davey, SimonSimon Davey  Wales Barnsley 2006-2009 [3][4]
Robins, MarkMark Robins  England Barnsley 2009-2011 [5][6]
Hill, KeithKeith Hill  England Barnsley 2011-2012 [7][8]
Flitcroft, DavidDavid Flitcroft  England Barnsley present 2012- [9][10]^1
Bruce, SteveSteve Bruce  England Birmingham City 2006-07 [11][12]
McLeish, AlexAlex McLeish  Scotland Birmingham City 2008-2009 [13][14]
Hughton, ChrisChris Hughton  Ireland Birmingham City 2011-2012 [15][16]
Clark, LeeLee Clark  England Birmingham City preset 2012- [17]
Kean, SteveSteve Kean  Scotland Blackburn Rovers 2012 [18][19]
Black, EricEric Black  Scotland Blackburn Rovers 2012(c)
Berg, HenningHenning Berg  Norway Blackburn Rovers 2012 [20][21]
Bower, GaryGary Bower  England Blackburn Rovers 2012-2013(c)
Appleton, MichaelMichael Appleton  England Blackburn Rovers 2013 [22][23]
Bower, GaryGary Bower  England Blackburn Rovers present 2013-(c) [24]
Grayson, SimonSimon Grayson  England Blackpool 2007-2008 [25]^1
Parkes, TonyTony Parkes  England Blackpool 2008-2009(c)
Holloway, IanIan Holloway  England Blackpool 2009-2010
Thompson, SteveSteve Thompson  England Blackpool 2012(c)
Appleton, MichaelMichael Appleton  England Blackpool 2012-2013 [28][22]
Thompson, SteveSteve Thompson  England Blackpool 2013(c)
Ince, PaulPaul Ince  England Blackpool present 2013- [29]
Coyle, OwenOwen Coyle  Ireland Bolton Wanderers 2012 [30][31]
Phillips, JimmyJimmy Phillips  England Bolton Wanderers 2012(c)
Freedman, DougieDougie Freedman Scotland Bolton Wanderers present 2012- [32]
McGhee, MarkMark McGhee  Scotland Brighton & Hove Albion 2004-2006
Poyet, GusGus Poyet  Uruguay Brighton & Hove Albion present 2011- [33]
Johnson, GaryGary Johnson  England Bristol City 2007-2010 [34][35]
Millen, KeithKeith Millen  England Bristol City 2010(c)
Coppell, SteveSteve Coppell  England Bristol City 2010 [36][37]
Millen, KeithKeith Millen  England Bristol City 2010-2011 [37][38]
Wigley, SteveSteve Wigley  England Bristol City 2011(c)
McInnes, DerekDerek McInnes  Scotland Bristol City 2011-2013 [39][40]
O'Driscoll, SeanSean O'Driscoll  Ireland Bristol City Present 2013– [41]
Cotterill, SteveSteve Cotterill  England Burnley 2004-2007 [42][43]
Davis, SteveSteve Davis  England Burnley 2007(c)
Coyle, OwenOwen Coyle  Scotland Burnley 2007-2009 [44][45]
Laws, BrianBrian Laws  England Burnley 2010 [46][47]
Gray, StuartStuart Gray  England Burnley 2010-2011(c)
Howe, EddieEddie Howe  England Burnley 2011-2012 [48][49]
Pashley, TerryTerry Pashley  England Burnley 2012(c) [50]
Dyche, SeanSean Dyche  England Burnley 2012- [51]
Lawrence, LennieLennie Lawrence  England Cardiff City 2004-2005 [52]
Jones, DaveDave Jones  England Cardiff City 2005-2011 [53][54]
Mackay, MalkyMalky Mackay  Scotland Cardiff City present 2011- [55]
Pardew, AlanAlan Pardew  England Charlton Athletic 2007-2008 [56][57]
Parkinson, PhilPhil Parkinson  England Charlton Athletic 2008-2009 [58][59]
Powell, ChrisChris Powell  England Charlton Athletic present 2012- [60]
Williams, GeraintGeraint Williams  Wales Colchester United 2006-2008 [61][62]
Reid, PeterPeter Reid  England Coventry City 2004-2005 [63][64]
Heath, AdrianAdrian Heath  England Coventry City 2005(c)
Adams, MickyMicky Adams  England Coventry City 2005-2007 [65][66]
Heath, AdrianAdrian Heath  England Coventry City 2007(c)
Dowie, IainIain Dowie  Northern Ireland Coventry City 2007-2008 [67][68]
Bunn, FrankieFrankie Bunn  England Coventry City 2008(c) ^1
Harbin, JohnJohn Harbin  New Zealand Coventry City 2008(c) ^1
Coleman, ChrisChris Coleman  Wales Coventry City 2008-2010 [69]
Boothroyd, AidyAidy Boothroyd  England Coventry City 2010-2011 [70][71]
Harrison, SteveSteve Harrison  England Coventry City 2011(c)
Thorn, AndyAndy Thorn  England Coventry City 2011-2012 [72][73]
Gradi, DarioDario Gradi  England
Crewe Alexandra 2004-2006
Dowie, IainIain Dowie  Northern Ireland Crystal Palace 2005-2006 [74][75]
Taylor, PeterPeter Taylor  England Crystal Palace 2006-2007 [76][77]
Warnock, NeilNeil Warnock  England Crystal Palace 2007-2010 [78]
Hart, PaulPaul Hart  England Crystal Palace 2010 [79]
Burley, GeorgeGeorge Burley  Scotland Crystal Palace 2010-2011 [80][81]
Freedman, DougieDougie Freedman  Scotland Crystal Palace 2011-2012 [82][32]
Lawrence, LennieLennie Lawrence  England Crystal Palace 2012(c) [83]
Holloway, IanIan Holloway  England Crystal Palace present 2012-2013 [27]
Burley, GeorgeGeorge Burley  Scotland Derby County 2004-2005 [84][85]
Brown, PhilPhil Brown  England Derby County 2005-2006 [86][87]
Westley, TerryTerry Westley  England Derby County 2006 [88][89]
Davies, BillyBilly Davies  Scotland Derby County 2006-2007 [90][91]
Jewell, PaulPaul Jewell  England Derby County 2008 [92][93]
Hutchings, ChrisChris Hutchings  England Derby County 2008-2009(c)
Clough, NigelNigel Clough  England Derby County Present 2009- [94]
O'Driscoll, SeanSean O'Driscoll  Ireland Doncaster Rovers 2007-2011 [95][96]
Saunders, DeanDean Saunders  Wales Doncaster Rovers 2011-2012 [96][97]
Hessenthaler, AndyAndy Hessenthaler  England Gillingham 2004 [98]
Gorman, JohnJohn Gorman  Scotland Gillingham 2004(c)
Ternent, StanStan Ternent  England Gillingham 2004-2005 [99]
Grayson, SimonSimon Grayson  England Huddersfield Town 2012-2013 [100][101]
Robins, MarkMark Robins  Wales Huddersfield Town 2013- [102]
Taylor, PeterPeter Taylor  England Hull City 2004-2006 [76]
Parkinson, PhilPhil Parkinson  England Hull City 2006 [103][104]
Brown, PhilPhil Brown  England Hull City 2007-2008 [105][106]^1
Pearson, NigelNigel Pearson  England Hull City 2010-2011 [107][108]
Barmby, NickyNicky Barmby  England Hull City 2011-2012 [109][110]^1
Bruce, SteveSteve Bruce  England Hull City present 2012-2013 [111]
Royle, JoeJoe Royle  England Ispwich Town 2004-2006 [112][113]
Magilton, JimJim Magilton  Northern Ireland Ispwich Town 2006-2009 [114][115]
Keane, RoyRoy Keane  Ireland Ispwich Town 2009-2011 [116][117]
Jewell, PaulPaul Jewell  England Ipswich Town 2011-2012 [118][119]
Hutchings, ChrisChris Hutchings  England Ipswich Town 2012(c)
McCarthy, MickMick McCarthy  Ireland Ipswich Town present 2012- [120]
Blackwell, KevinKevin Blackwell  England Leeds United 2004-2006 [121][122]
Carver, JohnJohn Carver  England Leeds United 2006(c)
Geddis, DavidDavid Geddis  England Leeds United 2006(c)
Wise, DennisDennis Wise  England Leeds United 2006-2007 [123][124]
Grayson, SimonSimon Grayson  England Leeds United 2010-2012 [125][126]
Redfearn, NeilNeil Redfearn  England Leeds United 2012(c)
Warnock, NeilNeil Warnock  England Leeds United 2012-2013 [127][128]
McDermott, BrianBrian McDermott  England Leeds United present 2013- [129]
Adams, MickyMicky Adams  England Leicester City 2004 [130][131]
Bassett, DaveDave Bassett  England Leicester City 2004(c)
Levein, CraigCraig Levein  Scotland Leicester City 2004-2007 [132][133]
Kelly, RobRob Kelly  England Leicester City 2005-2006 [134]^1
Worthington, NigelNigel Worthington  England Leicester City 2007 [135]
Allen, MartinMartin Allen  England Leicester City 2007 [136][137]
Beaglehole, SteveSteve Beaglehole  England Leicester City 2007(c) ^3
Rudkin, JonJon Rudkin  England Leicester City 2007(c)
Stowell, MikeMike Stowell  England Leicester City 2007(c)
Megson, GaryGary Megson  England Leicester City 2007 [138][139]
Burrows, FrankFrank Burrows  England Leicester City 2007(c)
Taggart, GerryGerry Taggart  England Leicester City 2007(c)
Holloway, IanIan Holloway  England Leicester City 2007-2008 [140][141]
Pearson, NigelNigel Pearson  England Leicester City 2009-2010 [107][142]
Sousa, PauloPaulo Sousa  Portugal Leicester City 2010 [143][144]
Eriksson, Sven-GöranSven-Göran Eriksson  Sweden Leicester City 2010-2011 [145][146]
Stowell, MikeMike Stowell  England Leicester City 2011(c)
Pearson, NigelNigel Pearson  England Leicester City present 2011- [108]
Newell, MikeMike Newell  England Luton Town 2005-2007 [147]
Southgate, GarethGareth Southgate  England Middlesbrough 2009 [148][149]
Cooper, ColinColin Cooper  England Middlesbrough 2009(c)
Strachan, GordonGordon Strachan  Scotland Middlesbrough 2009-2010 [150][151]
Agnew, SteveSteve Agnew  England Middlesbrough 2010(c)
Mowbray, TonyTony Mowbray  England Middlesbrough present 2010- [152]
Wise, DennisDennis Wise  England Millwall 2004-2005 [153]^1
Lee, ColinColin Lee  England Millwall 2005 [154][155]
Tuttle, DaveDave Tuttle  England Millwall 2005-2006 [155][156]
Burns, TonyTony Burns  England Millwall 2006(c)
McLeary, AlanAlan McLeary  England Millwall 2006(c)
Jackett, KennyKenny Jackett  Wales Millwall 2010-2013 [157][158]
Hughton, ChrisChris Hughton  Ireland Newcastle United 2009-2010 [159][160]^1
Worthington, NigelNigel Worthington  Northern Ireland Norwich City 2005-2006 [161][162]^1
Hunter, MartinMartin Hunter  England Norwich City 2006(c)
Grant, PeterPeter Grant  Scotland Norwich City 2006-2007 [163][164]
Duffy, JimJim Duffy  Scotland Norwich City 2007(c)
Roeder, GlennGlenn Roeder  England Norwich City 2007-2009 [165][166]
Gunn, BryanBryan Gunn  Scotland Norwich City 2009 [167][168][169]^1
Lambert, PaulPaul Lambert  Scotland Norwich City 2010-2011 [170][171]
Calderwood, ColinColin Calderwood  Scotland Nottingham Forest 2007-2008 [172][173]
Pemberton, JohnJohn Pemberton  England Nottingham Forest 2008(c)
Davies, BillyBilly Davies  Scotland Nottingham Forest 2009-2011 [174][175]
Mclaren, SteveSteve McLaren  England Nottingham Forest 2011 [176][177]
Cotterill, SteveSteve Cotterill  England Nottingham Forest 2011-2012 [178][179]
O'Driscoll, SeanSean O'Driscoll  Ireland Nottingham Forest 2012 [180][181]
McLeish, AlexAlex McLeish  Scotland Nottingham Forest 2012-2013 [182][183]
Davies, BillyBilly Davies  Scotland Nottingham Forest present 2013- [184]
Ferguson, DarrenDarren Ferguson  Scotland Peterborough United 2009 [185][186]
Cooper, MarkMark Cooper  Scotland Peterborough United 2009-2010 [187][188]
Gannon, JimJim Gannon  Ireland Peterborough United 2010 [189][190]
Johnson, GaryGary Johnson  England Peterborough United 2010 [190][191]
Ferguson, DarrenDarren Ferguson  Scotland Peterborough United present 2011- [192]
Williamson, BobbyBobby Williamson  England Plymouth Argyle 2004-2005
Pulis, TonyTony Pulis  Wales Plymouth Argyle 2005-2006
Holloway, IanIan Holloway  England Plymouth Argyle 2006-2007
Sturrock, PaulPaul Sturrock  Scotland Plymouth Argyle 2007-2009
Mariner, PaulPaul Mariner  England Plymouth Argyle 2009-2010
Cotterill, SteveSteve Cotterill  England Portsmouth 2010-2011 [193][178]
Whittingham, GuyGuy Whittingham  England Portsmouth 2011(c)
Appleton, MichaelMichael Appleton  England Portsmouth 2011-2012 [194][28]
Davies, BillyBilly Davies  Scotland Preston North End 2004-2006
Simpson, PaulPaul Simpson  England Preston North End 2006-2007
Irvine, AlanAlan Irvine  Scotland Preston North End 2007-2009
Kelly, RobRob Kelly  England Preston North End 2009-2010(c)
Ferguson, DarrenDarren Ferguson  Scotland Preston North End 2010 [195]
Brown, PhilPhil Brown  England Preston North End 2011 [196][197]
Holloway, IanIan Holloway  England Queens Park Rangers 2004-2006
Waddock, GaryGary Waddock  Ireland Queens Park Rangers 2006
Gregory, JohnJohn Gregory  England Queens Park Rangers 2006-2007
Harford, MickMick Harford  England Queens Park Rangers 2007(c)
De Canio, LuigiLuigi De Canio  Italy Queens Park Rangers 2007-2008 [198][199]
Dowie, IainIain Dowie  Northern Ireland Queens Park Rangers 2008 [200][201]
Ainsworth, GarethGareth Ainsworth  England Queens Park Rangers 2008(c)
Sousa, PauloPaulo Sousa  Portugal Queens Park Rangers 2008-2009 [202][203]
Ainsworth, GarethGareth Ainsworth  England Queens Park Rangers 2009(c)
Magilton, JimJim Magilton  Northern Ireland Queens Park Rangers 2009 [204][205]
Hart, PaulPaul Hart  England Queens Park Rangers 2009-2010 [206][207]
Harford, MickMick Harford  England Queens Park Rangers 2010(c)
Warnock, NeilNeil Warnock  England Queens Park Rangers 2010-2011 [208][209]
Redknapp, HarryHarry Redknapp  England Queens Park Rangers present 2013- [210]
Coppell, SteveSteve Coppell  England Reading 2004-2006
Rodgers, BrendanBrendan Rodgers  England Reading 2009
McDermott, BrianBrian McDermott  England Reading 2009-2012 [211]
Adkins, NigelNigel Adkins  England Reading present 2013- [212]
Moore, RonnieRonnie Moore  England Rotherham United 2004-2005
Knill, AlanAlan Knill  England Rotherham United 2005(c)
Harford, MickMick Harford  England Rotherham United 2005
Adkins, NigelNigel Adkins  England Scunthorpe United 2007-2008
Baraclough, IanIan Baraclough  England Scunthorpe United 2010-2011 [214][215]
Daws, TonyTony Daws  England Scunthorpe United 2011(c)
Knill, AlanAlan Knill  Wales Scunthorpe United 2011 [216][217]
Warnock, NeilNeil Warnock  England Sheffield United 2004-2006
Robson, BryanBryan Robson  England Sheffield United 2007-2008
Blackwell, KevinKevin Blackwell  England Sheffield United 2008-2010 [218]
Speed, GaryGary Speed  Wales Sheffield United 2010 [219][220]
Adams, MickyMicky Adams  England Sheffield United 2010-2011 [221][222]
Sturrock, PaulPaul Sturrock  Scotland Sheffield Wednesday 2005-2006
McAuley, SeanSean McAuley  England Sheffield Wednesday 2006(c)
Laws, BrianBrian Laws  England Sheffield Wednesday 2006-2009
McAuley, SeanSean McAuley  England Sheffield Wednesday 2009-2010(c)
Irvine, AlanAlan Irvine  Scotland Sheffield Wednesday 2010 [223]
Jones, DaveDave Jones  England Sheffield Wednesday present 2012- [224]
Redknapp, HarryHarry Redknapp  England Southampton 2005
Bassett, DaveDave Bassett  England Southampton 2005(c) ^1
Wise, DennisDennis Wise  England Southampton 2005(c) ^1
Burley, GeorgeGeorge Burley  Scotland Southampton 2005-2008
Dodd, JasonJason Dodd  England Southampton 2008(c) ^2
Gorman, JohnJohn Gorman  Scotland Southampton 2008(c) ^2
Pearson, NigelNigel Pearson  England Southampton 2008
Poortvliet, JanJan Poortvliet  Netherlands Southampton 2009
Wotte, MarkMark Wotte  Netherlands Southampton 2009
Atkins, NigelNigel Atkins  England Southampton 2011-2012 [225][226]
Tilson, SteveSteve Tilson  England Southend United 2006-2007
Pulis, TonyTony Pulis  Wales Stoke City 2004-2005
Boskamp, JohanJohan Boskamp  Netherlands Stoke City 2005-2006
Pulis, TonyTony Pulis  Wales Stoke City 2006-2008 [227]
McCarthy, MickMick McCarthy  Ireland Sunderland 2004-2005
Quinn, NiallNiall Quinn  Ireland Sunderland 2006
Keane, RoyRoy Keane  Ireland Sunderland 2006-2007
Martínez, RobertoRoberto Martínez  Spain Swansea City 2008-2009
Sousa, PauloPaulo Sousa  Portugal Swansea City 2009-2010 [228]
Rodgers, BrendanBrendan Rodgers  Northern Ireland Swansea City 2010-2011 [229][230]
Lewington, RayRay Lewington  England Watford 2004-2005
Boothroyd, AidyAidy Boothroyd  England Watford 2005-2008
Mackay, MalkyMalky Mackay  Scotland Watford 2008(c)
Rodgers, BrendanBrendan Rodgers  Northern Ireland Watford 2008-2009
Mackay, MalkyMalky Mackay  Scotland Watford 2009-2011 [231][55]
Dyche, SeanSean Dyche  England Watford 2011-2012 [232][233]
Zola, GianfrancoGianfranco Zola  Italy Watfor present 2012- [234]
Robson, BryanBryan Robson  England West Bromwich Albion 2006
Pearson, NigelNigel Pearson  England West Bromwich Albion 2006(c)
Shakespeare, CraigCraig Shakespeare  England West Bromwich Albion 2006(c)
Mowbray, TonyTony Mowbray  England West Bromwich Albion 2006-2008
Di Matteo, RobertoRoberto Di Matteo  Italy West Bromwich Albion 2009-2010 [235]
Pardew, AlanAlan Pardew  England West Ham United 2004-05
Allardyce, SamSam Allardyce  England West Ham United present 2011-2012 [236]
Jewell, PaulPaul Jewell  England Wigan Athletic 2004-2005 [237]
Martínez, RobertoRoberto Martínez  Spain Wigan Athletic present 2013- [238]
Jones, DaveDave Jones  England Wolverhampton Wanderers 2004 [239][240]
Gray, StuartStuart Gray  England Wolverhampton Wanderers 2004(c)
Hoddle, GlennGlenn Hoddle  England Wolverhampton Wanderers 2004-2006 [241][242]
McCarthy, MickMick McCarthy  Republic of Ireland Wolverhampton Wanderers 2006-2009 [243][244]
Solbakken, StåleStåle Solbakken  Norway Wolverhampton Wanderers 2012-2013 [245][246]
Saunders, DeanDean Saunders  Wales Wolverhampton Wanderers 2013 [97][247]
  • ^1 Manager took caretaker job before becoming permant.
    • Simon Grayson - Blackpool - caretaker dates till .
    • Rob Kelly - Leicester City - caretaker dates till .
    • Chris Hughton - Newcastle United - caretaker dates till .
    • Nigel Worthington - Norwich City - caretaker dates till .
    • Bryan Gunn - Norwich City - cartaker dates [167] till .
    • Nicky Barmby - Hull City - caretaker dates till .
    • David Flitcroft - Barnsley - caretaker dates till .


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