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List of Hong Kong films of 1955

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Title: List of Hong Kong films of 1955  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of Hong Kong films of the 1950s
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Hong Kong films of 1955

A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1955:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Amorous Adventures in the Jade Hall Mok Hong See
As Luck Will Have It Wu Pang
Backyard Adventures Chan Pei, Chu Kei, Ng Wui
Bad-Luck for the Fishmonger at Tortoise Hill Wong Hok Sing
Bandits of Shandong Province Wong Hok Sing
Beauty of Tokyo Evan Yang
Between Father and Daughter Lee Dut
Blessings Come in Pairs Yeung Kung Leung
Blood Will Tell Evan Yang
The Blood-Sained Swords of Shaolin Chan Gwok Wa
The Brave 8 Chan Gwok Wa
Broken Spring Dreams Lee Sun Fung
Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Camille Evan Yang
Chen Shimei Betrays His Wife Ling Yun
Chen Shimei, the Unfaithful Husband and Qin Xianglian Chan Chung Gin, Taam Ang Tong
Chin Ping Mei Wang Yin
Crossroads Mok Hong See
The Devoted Lover Ng Wui
Diamond Thief So Shing Sau, Woo Siu Fung
A Dream of Love Tong Tik Sang
Eternal Peony Chow See Luk
Everlasting Love Lee Tit
Everyone Loves Grandpa Wu Pang
The Faithful Wife Cheung Wai Gwong
The Five Tiger-Heroes But Fu
The Flower-Girl In Love
Flying Spider Wu Pang
Forever Goodbye Wang Yin
Full House Law Gwan Hung, Yam Yi Ji, Zhu Shilin
The Ghost by the Melon-Store
Heart Break Well Doe Ching
Heaven-Sent Millionaire
Honeymoon Cheung Wai Gwong
How 4 Heroes from Guangdong Stormed the Pagoda of Pomegranate Flowers But Fu
How Four Heroes from Guangdong Avenged Their Father's Death But Fu
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully on Long Dike Wu Pang
How Luo Bu Rescued His Mother Chan Pei
Huang Feihong's Rival for the Fireworks Wu Pang
Huang Feihong's Victory at Fourth Gate Wu Pang
The Hypocritical Heart Chu Kei, Ng Wui
If Only We'd Met When I Was Single
In Different Lands We Still Long for Each Other Ng Wui
Intimate Love
Iron-Monkey Chan Gwok Wa
Irreparable Ching Biu Go
It So Happens to a Woman Li Pingqian
Lady Balsam's Conquest Cheung Sin Kwan, Wong Tin Lam, Evan Yang
Lady Balsam's Conquest Part 2 Cheung Sin Kwan, Wong Tin Lam, Evan Yang
Love (Part 1) Chu Kei, Chun Kim,
Love (Part 2) Chu Kei, Chun Kim,
Love and Duty Tu Guangqi
Love and Hate
Love at First Sight Zhu Shilin
Love Trilogy Cho Kei
Loves of the Youngsters So Shing Sau, Woo Siu Fung
The Magic Monk and His Double Wong Tin Lam
The Matchmaker Ng Wui
Memories of a Drifting Life Lee Sun Fung
Miss Daisy
My Wife, My Wife Cho Kei
The Mystery of the Human Head Kwan Man Ching
Never Forgotten
Never Leave Me Yuen Yeung On
The Next Generation Wu Pang
The Nine-Finger Devil Chan Gwok Wa
Now That I've Got a Daughter, Everything's O.K. Cheung Wai Gwong
On the Hill of the Waiting Wife She Awaits Her Husband's Return Wu Pang
The Opera Boat at Star Island Goo Man Chung
The Opera Boat in Singapore Goo Man Chung
Orphan's Song Chin Daai Suk, Lee Gaai
An Orphan's Tragedy Chu Kei
The Pagoda of Long Life Ng Wui
The Poisonous Rose
Princess Yang Kwei Fei Kenji Mizoguchi
Queen of the Stage Lee Ying Yuen
The Renewal of an Ancient Garden
The Rich Girl and Her Double Mok Hong See
Romance in the West Chamber Kwan Man Ching
The Scholar Whose Ambition Is to Marry a Princess Wong Tin Lam
Seven Bodies, Eight Deaths And Nine Human Heads Fung Fung
Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda Chow See Luk
Silver Phoenix Chow See Luk
Silvery Moon Wu Pang
A Sister's Heart Wu Pang
Spanking the Princess Fung Fung
The Story of Fang Shiyu and Hu Weiqian
The Story of Gan Fengchi and Fourth Miss Lu Wu Pang
The Story of Huang Feihong Wu Pang
Story of Iron Monkey Wu Pang
Story of Iron Monkey 2
The Story of Liang Kuan and Lin Shirong
The Story of Lun Wenxu and Li Chunhua Chan Pei
The Story of Qiuhaitang
The Strange Case of Three Wives
Strange Tale at Midnight Che Hung
The Sun and the Moon Shine Again
Teenage Romance Chan Pei
This Wonderful Land
The Three Tests of Yu Tangchun Wong Hok Sing
Tradition Tong Wong
Tragedy of Vendetta Doe Ching
Tragedy on the Hill of the Waiting Wife
The True Story of Xiao Yuebai (Part 1)
The True Story of Xiao Yuebai (Part 2)
The True Story of Xiao Yuebai (Part 2)
Two Sisters in a Buddhist House

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