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List of Protestant missionary societies in China (1807–1953)


List of Protestant missionary societies in China (1807–1953)


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Protestant missionary societies in China 1807–1953

Name Date work begun in China
Allgemeiner Evangelical Protestant Missionsverein 1885
Alliance China Mission
American Advent Christian Mission 1897
American Baptist Missionary Union 1834
American Bible Society 1876
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1830
American Lutheran Brethren Mission 1902
American Lutheran Mission 1890
American Methodist Episcopal Mission 1847
American Norwegian Lutheran Mission 1899
American Presbyterian Mission 1835
American Presbyterian Reformed Mission 1897
American Protestant Episcopal Mission 1835
American Reformed Mission 1842
American Scandinavian Congregational Mission 1887
American Society of Friends' Mission 1890
American Southern Baptist Mission 1845
American Southern Methodist Episcopal Mission 1847
American Southern Presbyterian Mission 1867
Apostolic Faith Mission of Australasia 1927?
Augustana Synod Mission 1905
Baptist Missionary Society 1860
Basel Mission 1847
Bible Christian Mission 1884
Berlin Foundling House 1850
Berlin Missionary Society 1851
British and Foreign Bible Society 1843
Canadian Methodist Mission 1891
Canadian Presbyterian Mission 1871
Cassel Missionary Society 1850
Central China Religious Tract Society 1876
China Inland Mission 1862
China Missionary Alliance 1901
Chinese Evangelization Society 1853
Chinese Home Missionary Society
Chinese Tract Society 1878
Christian and Missionary Alliance 1890
Christian Reformed Church
Christian Vernacular Society of Shanghai 1890
Christians' Mission 1885
Church of England Missionary Society 1837
Church of England Zenana Mission 1884
Church Missionary Society 1844
Church of Scotland Mission 1878
Church of Sweden Mission 1918
Church of the Brethren Mission 1908
Church of the Nazarene 1914
Congregational Church of Sweden 1890
Cumberland Presbyterian Mission 1898
Danish Lutheran Mission 1896
Danish Missionary Union
Educational Association of China 1877
English Presbyterian Mission 1847
English Wesleyan Mission 1852
The Evangelical Alliance Mission 1900
The Evangelical Lutheran Mission 1913
Evangelical Missionary Alliance
Finnish Missionary Society 1901
Finnish Free Missionary Society
Free Church of Finland Mission 1889
French Protestant Missionary Society 1860
Friedenshort Deaconess Mission 1911
Friends Foreign Mission 1886
Foreign Christian Missionary Society 1886
General Baptist Missionary Society or English Baptist Mission 1845
General Evangelical Protestant Mission 1884
German China Alliance Mission 1889
German Women's Bible Union 1908
German Women's Missionary Union 1908
Gospel Mission 1892
Hauge's Synod Mission 1891
Hong Kong Hildesheim Mission for the Blind 1890
Hunan Protestant Methodist Church Mission
Irish Presbyterian Mission 1869
Liebenzell Mission 1906
London Missionary Society 1807
Lutheran Free Church Mission 1917
Kiel China Mission 1897
Kiao-chau Swedish Baptist Mission
Macao Christian College in China
Medical Missionary Society of China 1838
Methodist New Connexion 1860
Methodist Union Publishing House
Mission Union for the Evangelization of China in Pomerania 1858
Netherlands Chinese Evangelization Society 1855
Netherlands Missionary Society 1826
North China Tract Society 1882
North-West Kiang-si Mission
Norwegian Lutheran China Mission Association 1891
Norwegian Lutheran Mission
Norwegian Mission in China 1889
Norwegian Missionary Society 1901
Reformed Church in the United States 1897
Rhenish Missionary Society 1847
Peking Mission for Chinese Blind 1881
Pentecostal Missionary Union of England
Presbyterian Church of New Zealand
St. Chrischona Pilgrim Mission 1895
The Scandinavian Alliance Mongolian Mission
The Scandinavian American Christian Free Mission 1888
The Scandinavian China Alliance Mission 1891
Scottish Bible Society 1863
Scottish United Presbyterian Mission 1865
Seamen's Church and Mission Society
Seamen's Mission
Seventh Day Baptist Mission 1847
The Sheo Yang Mission[note 1] 1892
Society for the Diffusion of Christian and General Knowledge Among the Chinese 1886
Society for Promotion of Female Education in the East 1864
Society for Propagation of the Gospel 1862
Soul Winning and Prayer Union
South Chih-li Mission
Swedish Alliance Mission 1892
Swedish American Mission 1890
Swedish Holiness Union 1890
Swedish Mission in China 1890
Swedish Missionary Society 1849
Swedish Mongolian Mission
The Friends Foreign Mission 1884
United Brethren in Christ 1889
United Evangelical Church Mission 1900
United Free Church of Scotland 1863
United Methodist Free Church 1864
United Society for Christian Endeavor for China
Woman's Union Missionary Society of America 1859
Yale University Mission
Yunnan Mission 1890

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  1. ^ The Sheo Yang Mission was formed by a group breaking away from the CIM in T'ai-yüan, Shan-si; all but a few on furlough died in the Taiyuan Massacre, those remaining joined the BMS to continue the work from 1900

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