Sabia Dreptăţii

Sabia Dreptății
Formation 1945
Extinction 1947
Type anti-Soviet group

Sabia Dreptății (English: The Sword of Justice) was one of the organized anti-Soviet groups in Bălți, Bessarabia.


Sabia Dreptății was initiated by students Petre Lungu and Ion Moraru from Bălți. This anti-Soviet armed resistance group was active in Bălți during the Stalinist era. "Sabia Dreptății" was discovered by the NKVD in 1947, based at the Pedagogical Lycée (former Ion Creangă Lycée) in Bălți.[1]

Ion Moraru is well known anti-communist in Bessarabia. For one year, Ion Moraru was imprisoned in the same camp at Ekibastuz with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn[2]


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