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Slovak presidential election, 2009

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Title: Slovak presidential election, 2009  
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Subject: Slovakia, Vladimír Mečiar, President of Slovakia, František Mikloško, Electoral calendar 2009, 2009 in Slovakia, Election results in 2009, Freedom and Solidarity
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Slovak presidential election, 2009

Slovak presidential election, 2009
2004 ←
March 21 and April 4, 2009
→ 2014

Nominee Ivan Gašparovič Iveta Radičová
Party Independent SDKÚ-DS
Alliance Smer-SD SDKÚ-DS
Popular vote 1,234,787 988,808
Percentage 55.53% 44.47%

President before election

Ivan Gašparovič

Elected President

Ivan Gašparovič

The 2009 Slovak presidential elections were held on 21 March and 4 April. It was third peoples' presidential vote in the era of independent Slovak republic. Ivan Gašparovič became the first Slovak president to be reelected overcoming opposition candidate Iveta Radičová in second round with 55.53% to 44.47%.[1]

First round

There were seven candidates for the first round, which was held on 21 March:[2]

Gašparovič and Radičová advanced to the second round, winning 47% and 38% of the first round votes, respectively.[1] The other five candidates all received less than 6% of the vote.[3] The turnout for the first round was 43.6%.[3]

Second round

The second round of elections was held on 4 April, and the Central Election Commission announced results the following day.[1] Gašparovič, receiving 1,234,787 votes, won the election with 55.5% of the vote.[4] After the election, Gašparovič said, "I am glad I can be standing here today with the prime minister and the speaker of the parliament ... The [election] is the most direct evidence that people trust us."[4] Turnout for the second round was 51.7%.[1]


e • d Summary of the 21 March and 4 April 2009 Slovak presidential election results
Candidates and nominating parties 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Ivan Gašparovič (Smer, SNS, HZD) 876,061 46.71 1,234,787 55.53
Iveta Radičová (SDKÚ–DS, SMK, KDH, OKS) 713,735 38.05 988,808 44.47
František Mikloško (KDS) 101,573 5.42
Zuzana Martináková (SF) 96,035 5.12
Milan Melník (HZDS) 45,985 2.45
Dagmara Bollová 21,378 1.14
Milan Sidor (KSS) 20,862 1.11
Total (turnout 43.63% / 51.67%) 1,875,629 100.00 2,223,595 100.00


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  • NSD: European Election Database - Slovakia publishes regional level election data; allows for comparisons of election results, 1990-2010
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