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Tōkai-Kanjō Expressway

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Title: Tōkai-Kanjō Expressway  
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Subject: Gifu Prefecture, Chūō Expressway, Expressways of Japan, Kobuchi Dam
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Tōkai-Kanjō Expressway

Tōkai-Kanjō Expressway
;">Route information
Existed: 2005[1] – present
;">Major junctions
From: Toyota-higashi Junction in Isewangan Expressway
To: Yokkaichi-kita Junction' in Shinmeishin Expressway
;">Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

The Tōkai-Kanjō Expressway (東海環状自動車道 Tōkaikanjō Jidōsha-dō?) (lit. Tōkai Ring Expressway) is a toll road in the Tōkai region of Japan. It is owned and managed by Central Nippon Expressway Company.


Officially, the route is designated as National Route 475.[2] On some signs, the expressway is represented in Japanese as 東海環状道; this is done to prevent confusion with the Tōkai-Hokuriku Expressway.

Although the road is named as an expressway, it is not recognized as a national expressway. Officially it is a national highway for motor vehicles only (一般国道の自動車専用道路 Ippan Kokudō no Jidōsha Senyō Dōro?)[3] (motor vehicles must have a displacement of at least 125 cc). However, the design standard of the Tōkai-Kanjō Expressway is similar to most national expressways.


Once completed, the expressway will form a 160 km ring road for the Tōkai Region.[4] It is hoped that the expressway will reduce traffic congestion, link important industrial and manufacturing centers in the region, and facilitate access to Chubu International Airport and tourist areas in rural Gifu Prefecture.

Currently 73 km of the route has been opened to traffic. This section was opened in 2005 to coincide with the opening of Expo 2005 in Aichi Prefecture. There are 4 lanes of traffic from Toyota-higashi Junction to Toki Junction, and 2 lanes from Toki Junction to Mino-Seki Junction.

List of interchanges and features

No. Name Connections Dist. from
Notes Location
1 Toyota-higashi JCT Isewangan Expressway 0.0 Toyota Aichi
2 Toyota-Matsudaira IC National Route 301 3.4
PA Kuragaike PA 6.3 Highway Oasis
3 Toyota-Kanpachi IC 9.7
4 Toyota-Fujioka IC Pref. Route 13 (Toyota Tajimi Route) 15.4
Seto-Akazu IC/PA National Route 248
Pref. Route 22 (Seto Kanjō Route)
Pref. Route 33 (Seto Shitara Route)
23.2 Seto
6 Seto-Shinano IC National Route 363 26.0
7 Toki-minami Tajimi IC Pref. Route 382 (Toki-minami Inter Route) 36.9 Toki Gifu
30-1 Toki JCT Chūō Expressway 39.8
PA Gotomaki PA 41.5
8 Kani-Mitake IC National Route 21 (Kani-Mitake Bypass) 50.3 Kani
Minokamo IC/SA National Route 41 (Minokamo Bypass)
Pref. Route 342 (Heisei Kinen Kōen Route)
59.7 Highway Oasis Minokamo
10 Tomika-Seki IC Pref. Route 58 (Seki Kanayama Route)
Pref. Route 343 (Tomika Mino Route)
66.0 Tomika
5-1 Mino-Seki JCT Tōkai-Hokuriku Expressway 73.0
11 Seki-Hiromi IC National Route 418 75.9 Opens in 2008 Seki
<12> Takatomi IC National Route 256 (Takatomi Bypass) - Planned Yamagata
<13> Gifu-Yamagata IC - Planned Gifu
<14> Motosu IC National Route 157 - Planned Motosu
<15> Ōno-Gōdo IC Pref. Route 92 (Gifu Sunami Ōno Route) - Planned Ōno
<16> Ōgaki-nishi IC National Route 21 - Planned Ōgaki
<26-1> Yōrō JCT Meishin Expressway - Planned Yōrō
<17> Yōrō IC Pref. Route 30 (Hashima Yōrō Route) - Planned
<18> Kisei IC National Route 365 - Planned Inabe Mie
<19> Daian IC National Route 365 - Planned
<20> Tōin IC Pref. Route 3 (Kuwana Daian Route) - Planned Tōin
<17> Yokkaichi-kita JCT Shinmeishin Expressway (Planned) - Planned Yokkaichi


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