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The Temprees

The Temprees are an American soul vocal trio from Memphis, Tennessee, most popular during the 1970s. The band released several albums under We Produce records, an offshoot of Stax Records. In 1972, the band performed in front of more than 100,000 fans at the famous Wattstax festival in Los Angeles.


Originally formed as The Lovemen, the trio - Jasper "Jabbo" Phillips, Harold "Scotty" Scott and Deljuan "Del" Calvin - met in the mid-1960s, when they were in junior high school,[1] along with Larry Dodson, future lead singer of The Bar-Kays. First signed to Stax Records in 1970, and later to Epic Records (a subsidiary of CBS) in 1976, the band released four albums, Lovemen, Love Maze, Temprees 3, and Because We Love You. Their catalog was later re-released on CD,[2][3][4] along with a greatest hits compilation entitled, The Best of the Temprees.[5] The trio's last hit was 1976's "I Found Love On A Disco Floor".[6]

The band reunited in the 1990s. Lead singer Jasper "Jabbo" Phillips died on February 21, 2001.[1] Jabbo was replaced by Del's brother Jerry "JC" Calvin. The Temprees' rendition of "Dedicated To The One I Love" was one of 50 songs featured in the double album box set, Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2007.[7]


On We Produce/Stax Records

  • XPA-1801 "(Follow Her) Rules And Regulations" / "I'm For You, You For Me"
  • XPA-1803 "I Love You, You Love Me" / "(Girl) I Love You"
  • XPA-1805 "My Baby Love" / "If I Could Say What's On My Mind"
  • XPA-1807 "Explain It To Her Mamma" / "Love... Can Be So Wonderful"
  • XPA-1808 "Dedicated To The One I Love" / "I Love You, You Love Me"
  • XPA-1810 "A Thousand Miles Away" / "Chalk It Up To Experience"
  • XPA-1811 "Love's Maze" / "Wrap Me In Love"
  • XPA-1812 "At Last" / "Love... Can Be So Wonderful"
  • XPA-1813 "You Make The Sunshine" / "You Make Me Love You"
  • XPA-1814 "Mr Cool That Ain't Cool" / "Lovin' You Is So Easy"
  • XPA-1815 "I Love, I Love" / "Your Love (Is All I Need)"
  • XPA-1816 "Come And Get Your Love" / "I'll Live Her Life"[1]

On Epic Records

  • 8-50192 "I Found Love On A Disco Floor"/"There Ain't A Dream Been Dreamed"
  • 8-50258 "I Dare You"/"Something's Gonna Happen"

Albums (all on We Produce/Stax Records, except where noted)

  • Lovemen (1972)
  • Love Maze (1973)
  • Temprees 3 (1974)
  • The Best Of The Temprees (1984)
  • Because We Love You (High Stacks Records) (2000)


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