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William So discography

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Title: William So discography  
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William So discography

William So discography
Studio albums 21
Live albums 4
Compilation albums 7

This is the discography of Cantopop artist William So.


Year Album Title Release Date Language Label
2000 So's Time (蘇情時間) June 1, 2000 Mandarin

Studio albums

Year Album Title Release Date Language Label
1989 Insomia (失眠 ) December 12, 1989 Cantonese
1995 The Passion of Love (最深刻的愛) December 22, 1995 Cantonese Cinepoly
If One Day I Forget (假使有日能忘記) April 24, 1995 Cantonese Cinepoly
1996 Red Fashion (紅式) September 1, 1996 Cantonese Cinepoly
Never Too Late To Love (愛上一個人永遠不會太遲) June 1, 1996 Cantonese Cinepoly
1997 Love Is A Push In The Right Direction (情來自有康) January 1, 1997 Cantonese Go East
Good Music (蘇永康好音樂宣言) Cantonese Go East
Love Like Violent Radicalism and Blind Person (愛似狂潮盲人) March 1, 1997 Mandarin Go East
Speech Of Independence(獨立宣言) November 11, 1997 Cantonese Go East
1998 Book of Relief (解脫書) January 12, 1999 Mandarin Go East
Nice So Nice(舊愛還是最美) October 1, 1998 Mandarin Go East
Never Feel Happy Alone (不想獨自快樂) September 1, 1998 Cantonese Go East
1999 Too Nice February 1, 1999 Mandarin Go East
To Love Someone Is Hard(愛一個人好難) June 1, 1999 Mandarin Go East
So Wing Hong Dressing Room (蘇永康的化妝間) October 12, 1999 Cantonese, Mandarin Go East
2000 Because Love You (因為愛你) March 17, 2000 Cantonese Go East
So's Time (蘇情時間) May 1, 2000 Mandarin Go East
2001 Infinite Undecesiveness (意猶未盡) February 16, 2001 Cantonese Go East
Sadness Not Permitted (悲傷止步) October 19, 2001 Mandarin Go East
2002 William So's Love Songs (康定情歌) April 6, 2002 Cantonese Go East
2003 So Fresh July 9, 2003 Mandarin Go East
2008 Embrace (擁抱) June 14, 2008 Mandarin Gold Label
So I Say November 14, 2008 Cantonese Gold Label

Compilation albums

Year Album Title Release Date Language Label
1998 The Best of William So(蘇永康宣言精選) May 1, 1998 Cantonese, Mandarin Go East
2001 William So Best Selection + Music Box (蘇永康好精選+Music Box) October 16, 2001 Cantonese Go East
2003 Super Nice June 13, 2002 Mandarin Go East
2003 Laughing(笑下去) April 28, 2003 Cantonese Go East
The Selection of William So(蘇永康好精選) January 22, 2003 Cantonese Go East
2004 Cheap Love Song(廉價情歌) September 22, 2004 Cantonese, Mandarin Go East
2006 Love Music - So Wing Hong(愛音樂三人行) June 27, 2006 Cantonese Go East

Live albums

Year Album Title Release Date Language Label
1997 So's First Exciting Live (SO精彩第一次LIVE) Cantonese, Mandarin Go East
1999 William So's Concert (越唱越開心演唱會) April 1, 1999 Cantonese Go East
2002 William So Live In Concert (蘇永康定情歌演唱會) August 1, 2002 Cantonese Go East
2003 Andy Hui & William So Live With The Hong Kong Sinfonietta (安康演唱會) October 30, 2003 Cantonese, Mandarin Go East
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