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1940 in the United Kingdom

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Title: 1940 in the United Kingdom  
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Subject: 1940 in the United Kingdom, 1942 in the United Kingdom, 1941 in the United Kingdom, 1939 in the United Kingdom, 1938 in the United Kingdom
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1940 in the United Kingdom

1940 in the United Kingdom:
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Events from the year 1940 in the United Kingdom. This year is dominated by Britain's involvement in World War II, which had commenced in September the previous year, as well as the numerous enemy air raids on Britain and thousands of subsequent casualties.



A Supermarine Spitfire, used by the RAF during the Battle of Britain.


  • Following the outbreak of World War II, housebuilding is halted, but some 1.1 million council houses have been built in the last 20 years to replace slum property, although the need for further demolition and rehousing remains, including the issue of rehousing families left homeless by air raids.[21]





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