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1959 NBA draft

1959 NBA draft
General information
Date(s) March 31, 1959
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Territorial pick(s) Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia Warriors
Bob Ferry, St. Louis Hawks
First selection Bob Boozer, Cincinnati Royals
NBA draft
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The 1959 NBA draft was the 13th annual draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The draft was held on March 31, 1959 before the 1959–60 season. In this draft, eight NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players. In each round, the teams select in reverse order of their win–loss record in the previous season. The draft consisted of 14 rounds comprising 85 players selected.


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Draft selections and draftee career notes

Bob Boozer from Kansas State University was selected first overall by the Cincinnati Royals. Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Ferry were selected before the draft as Philadelphia Warriors' and St. Louis Hawks' territorial picks respectively. Although Chamberlain played at the University of Kansas, outside the territory of any NBA team, he was selected as the Warriors' territorial pick because the Warriors argued that Chamberlain had grown up in Philadelphia and played high school basketball at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia. The NBA agreed with the argument, hence making him the first territorial pick based solely on his pre-college roots.[1] Chamberlain went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award and the Most Valuable Player Award in his first season.[2][3] Two players from this draft, Wilt Chamberlain and Bailey Howell, have been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.[4]


Pos. G F C
Position Guard Forward Center
^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who never played in the NBA regular season or playoffs


A basketball player, wearing a blue jersey with the word
Wilt Chamberlain was selected as the Philadelphia Warriors' territorial pick.

Round Pick Player Position Nationality Team College
0T 00 Chamberlain, WiltWilt Chamberlain^ C  United States Philadelphia Warriors Kansas1[›]
0T 00 Ferry, BobBob Ferry F/C  United States St. Louis Hawks Saint Louis
1 01 Boozer, BobBob Boozer+ F  United States Cincinnati Royals Kansas State
1 02 Howell, BaileyBailey Howell^ F  United States Detroit Pistons Mississippi State
1 03 Hawkins, TomTom Hawkins F  United States Minneapolis Lakers Notre Dame
1 04 Barnett, DickDick Barnett+ G/F  United States Syracuse Nationals Tennessee State
1 05 Green, JohnnyJohnny Green+ F/C  United States New York Knicks Michigan State
1 06 Richter, JohnJohn Richter F  United States Boston Celtics NC State
2 07 Robitaille, TomTom Robitaille# F/C  United States Detroit Pistons (from Cincinnati)[a] Rice
2 08 Goldstein, DonDon Goldstein# F  United States Detroit Pistons Louisville
2 09 Ruklick, JoeJoe Ruklick F/C  United States Philadelphia Warriors Northwestern
2 10 LaRusso, RudyRudy LaRusso+ F/C  United States Minneapolis Lakers Dartmouth
2 11 Tormohlen, BumperBumper Tormohlen F/C  United States Syracuse Nationals Tennessee
2 12 Seiden, AlAl Seiden# G  United States St. Louis Hawks (from New York)[b] St. John's
2 13 Ramsey, CalCal Ramsey F  United States St. Louis Hawks NYU
2 14 Guarilia, GeneGene Guarilia F  United States Boston Celtics George Washington
3 15 Mendenhall, MikeMike Mendenhall G  United States Cincinnati Royals Cincinnati
3 16 Alcorn, GaryGary Alcorn C  United States Detroit Pistons Fresno State
3 17 Hockaday, JimJim Hockaday F  United States Philadelphia Warriors Memphis
3 18 Smith, BobbyBobby Smith G  United States Minneapolis Lakers West Virginia
3 19 Cincebox, JonJon Cincebox F  United States Syracuse Nationals Syracuse
3 20 Anderegg, BobBob Anderegg G/F  United States New York Knicks Michigan State
3 21 Stein, HankHank Stein G  United States St. Louis Hawks Xavier
3 22 Crosthwaite, RalphRalph Crosthwaite C  United States Boston Celtics Western Kentucky
4 23 Byrd, LeoLeo Byrd G  United States Cincinnati Royals Marshall
4 24 Lee, GeorgeGeorge Lee G/F  United States Detroit Pistons Michigan
4 25 Stevenson, RonRon Stevenson F  United States Philadelphia Warriors TCU
4 26 Eison, WilsonWilson Eison F  United States Minneapolis Lakers Purdue
4 27 Neumann, PaulPaul Neumann G  United States Syracuse Nationals Stanford
4 28 Cox, JohnnyJohnny Cox G  United States New York Knicks Kentucky
4 29 Harman, LeeLee Harman G  United States St. Louis Hawks Oregon State
4 30 Kazakavich, EdEd Kazakavich F  United States Boston Celtics Scranton
5 31 Kirchner, HarryHarry Kirchner G/F  United States Detroit Pistons TCU
5 32 Windis, TonyTony Windis G  United States Detroit Pistons Wyoming
5 37 Mantis, NickNick Mantis G  United States St. Louis Hawks Northwestern
8 56 Gunther, DaveDave Gunther F  United States Philadelphia Warriors Iowa
8 59 Merriweather, WillieWillie Merriweather F  United States St. Louis Hawks Purdue
11 77 Barnhill, JohnJohn Barnhill G  United States St. Louis Hawks Tennessee State
14 83 Israel, JackJack Israel G/F  United States New York Knicks Missouri State



^ 1: Wilt Chamberlain was playing for the University of Kansas until May 1958, when he decided to leave college early to play professional basketball. However, the NBA rules prevented college players from playing in the league until their class graduated, therefore Chamberlain wasn't eligible to play in the 1958–59 season. He spent the 1958–59 season playing for the Harlem Globetrotters prior to the 1959 draft.[1]


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