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1965 24 Hours of Le Mans

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Title: 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans  
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Subject: Jochen Rindt, 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans, John Surtees, Tony Lanfranchi
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1965 24 Hours of Le Mans

1965 24 Hours of Le Mans
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The 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 33rd Grand Prix of Endurance, and took place on 19 and 20 June 1965. It was also the twelfth round of the World Sportscar Championship.


  • Pre-race 1
  • Race 2
  • Official results 3
    • Did Not Finish 3.1
  • Statistics 4
  • Trophy Winners 5
  • References 6


For the 1965 season, the development and racing of the Ford GT40 was entrusted to Carroll Shelby. On Shelby's initiative, the GT40s were fitted with the same engine as the Cobras — an iron cast 4.7 L V8, and the Colotti gearbox that proved unreliable was replaced by a German-made ZF.

In parallel, Ford developed a new version of the GT40. The Mark II was developed by Ford subsidiary Kar Kraft in Dearborn under the direction of Roy Lunn. The Mk IIs were powered by a 7.0 L engine based on a Ford Galaxie block. As there was no gearbox available on the market which was able to sustain the torque, the car featured a new 4-ratio Kar Kraft gearbox. Two Mark IIs were entered by Shelby. The cars were finished in a hurry; as there was no time to run a fuel consumption test, Shelby did not know the real fuel consumption of the 7.0 L Mk II.

Scuderia Ferrari entered two P2s, a new version of the prototype, featuring a new DOHC V12 engine. Strangely, Ferrari dispersed some of his effort by entering a 1.6 L Dino 166. Two 365 P2s were also entered, one by NART, the other by Maranello Concessionaires. The 365 P2 was built around a previous year's P chassis with updated aerodynamics and featured a 4.4 L SOHC V12.

Several 275LM prototypes were entered by Ferrari customers. Ferrari developed the mid-engined LM for homologation in the GT category but was refused by the CSI. These cars are often mistakenly designated as 250LMs, as the first car built was fitted with a 3.0 L engine. The cars delivered to customers were 275LM powered by a 3.3 L. The performance of the 275LM was far from "real" prototypes but as the engine was a close derivative of production Ferrari engines, the car had proved very reliable.


The Mark IIs took the lead at the start, but lost a part of their advance in frequent refuelling. It would later appear that the Mark IIs refuelled more often than required due to the uncertainty of their fuel consumption. The weather was hot, and overheating began to hit the GT40s. Bob Bondurant and Umberto Maglioli's No. 7 had head gasket failure before 20:00 and on the same lap, Herbert Müller and Ronnie Bucknum's No. 6 overheated terminally.

After the failure of the Fords, four Ferraris were leading. By then, the top Ford-powered car was the Dan Gurney/Jerry Grant Cobra Daytona coupe. Around midnight, Gurney and Grant had risen to third overall. That was when the Cobra's motor mounts began to crack and Gurney had to park the blue coupe after 204 laps.

This left the Ferraris on top, but the P2 began to suffer excessive disk brake wear, probably due to heat. All the leading prototypes had pit stops to change disk brakes, an operation that required between 20 and 30 minutes.

As the 275LMs put less stress on the brakes, two of them were leading at 04:00; Pierre Dumay's Belgian yellow car led the NART 275LM of Jochen Rindt and Masten Gregory. The NART Ferrari had lost time struggling with ignition problem, but now the engine was sounding clear and the car gained several second on each lap. Soon after 13:00, the Belgian Ferrari had approximately one minute over the American one, but Rindt was driving 12 seconds per lap faster. As the leader needed only one refueling stop to finish the race while the NART car would have to stop twice, a close finish was expected.

Then, a tire began to deflate on the leading car, and soon disintegrated, destroying a large part of the thin aluminum rear bodywork. It took the Belgian team five laps to have the car ready to rejoin the race. This was more than enough to give the victory to Rindt, Gregory. Ed Hugus, the relief driver, declared many years later that heo actually drove a whole session in the LM when Rindt couldn't be found while sleeping somewhere during Gregory's drive, but his drive was not credited because -according to regulations- Gregory would be not allowed to drive again the car once Hugus replaced him (while he actually did) and the car should be disqualified, but no one officially recorded this.[1] Hugus never made public claims on this story, which was revealed only in late 2000s, when after pilot's death one of his fans made public a letter written to him by the pilot giving all the details.[2]

Official results

Le Mans in 1965
Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Engine Laps
1 P
21 North American Racing Team (NART) Masten Gregory
Jochen Rindt
( Ed Hugus[1][2])
Ferrari 250LM Ferrari 3.3L V12 348
2 P
26 Pierre Dumay Pierre Dumay
Gustave Gosselin
Ferrari 250LM Ferrari 3.3L V12 343
3 GT
24 Ecurie Francorchamps Willy Mairesse
Jean Blaton
Ferrari 275 GTB Ferrari 3.3L V12 340
4 P
32 Porsche System Engineering Herbert Linge
Peter Nöcker
Porsche 904/6 Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 336
5 GT
36 Porsche System Engineering Gerhard Koch
Anton Fischhaber
Porsche 904/4 GTS Porsche 2.0L Flat-4 325
6 P
27 Scuderia Filipinetti Dieter Spoerry
Armand Boller
Ferrari 250LM Ferrari 3.3L V12 324
7 P
18 North American Racing Team (NART) Pedro Rodríguez
Nino Vaccarella
Ferrari 365 P1/P2 Spyder Ferrari 4.4L V12 320
8 GT
11 AC Cars Ltd. Jack Sears
Richard Thompson
Shelby Cobra Daytona Ford 4.7L V8 304
9 P
3 Iso Prototip Bizzarrini Réfis Fraissinet
Jean de Mortemart
Iso Grifo A3C Chevrolet 5.4L V8 303
10 P
31 Owen Racing Organisation Graham Hill
Jackie Stewart
Rover-BRM Rover 2.0L Turbine 284
11 GT
39 British Motor Corporation Paddy Hopkirk
Andrew Hedges
MG MGB Hardtop MG 1.8L I4 283
12 P
49 Donald Healey Motor Company Paul Hawkins
John Rhodes
Austin-Healey Sprite Sebring BMC 1.3L I4 278
13 GT
60 Standard-Triumph Ltd. Jean-Jacques Thuner
Simo Lampinen
Triumph Spitfire Triumph 1.1L I4 274
14 GT
54 Standard-Triumph Ltd. Claude Dubois
Jean-François Piot
Triumph Spitfire Triumph 1.1L I4 263

Did Not Finish

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Engine Laps
15 P
20 SpA Ferrari SEFAC Mike Parkes
Jean Guichet
Ferrari 330 P2 Spyder Ferrari 4.0L V12 315
16 P
48 Donald Healey Motor Company Rauno Aaltonen
Clive Baker
Austin-Healey Sprite Sebring BMC 1.3L I4 256
17 P
19 SpA Ferrari SEFAC John Surtees
Ludovico Scarfiotti
Ferrari 330 P2 Spyder Ferrari 4.0L V12 225
18 GT
37 Auguste Veuillet Robert Buchet
Ben Pon
Porsche 904/4 GTS Porsche 2.0L Flat-4 224
19 P
22 SpA Ferrari SEFAC Lorenzo Bandini
Giampiero Biscaldi
Ferrari 275 P2 Ferrari 3.3L V12 221
20 GT
44 Equipe Grand Ducale Luxembourgeoise Nicholas Koob
Alain Finkelstein
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/1 Alfa Romeo 1.6L I4 218
21 GT
41 Autodelta SpA Roberto Bussinello
Jean Rolland
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/2 Alfa Romeo 1.6L I4 217
22 GT
9 Shelby-American Inc. Jerry Grant
Dan Gurney
Shelby Cobra Daytona Ford 4.7L V8 204
23 P
35 Porsche System Engineering Günter Klass
Dieter Glemser
Porsche 904/6 Porsche 2.0L Flat-6 202
24 P
47 Société Automobiles Alpine Roger Delageneste
Jean Vinatier
Alpine M65 Renault-Gordini 1.3L I4 196
25 GT
55 Société Automobiles Alpine Jacques Cheinisse
Jean-Pierre Hanrioud
Alpine A110 M64 Renault-Gordini 1.1L I4 196
26 P
61 Société Automobiles Alpine Pierre Monneret
Robert Bouharde
Alpine M63B Renault-Gordini 1.0L I4 187
27 GT
10 Shelby-American Inc. Bob Johnson
Tom Payne
Shelby Cobra Daytona Ford 4.7L V8 158
28 P
51 Société Automobiles Alpine Roger Masson
Guy Verrier
Alpine M64 Renault-Gordini 1.1L I4 148
29 P
25 Ecurie Francorchamps Gerhard Langlois van Ophem
Leon Dernier
Ferrari 250LM Ferrari 3.3L V12 146
30 GT
38 "Franc" Jacques Dewez
Jean Kerguen
Porsche 904/4 GTS Porsche 2.0L Flat-4 130
31 GT
59 Scuderia Filipinetti Peter Harper
Peter Sutcliffe
Shelby Cobra Daytona Ford 4.7L V8 126
32 P
50 Société Automobiles Alpine Philippe Vidal
Peter Revson
Alpine M64 Renault-Gordini 1.1L I4 116
33 GT
12 Ford France S.A. Jo Schlesser
Allen Grant
Shelby Cobra Daytona Ford 4.7L V8 111
34 P
17 Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. David Piper
Jo Bonnier
Ferrari 365 P2 Ferrari 4.4L V12 101
35 P
23 Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. Lucien Bianchi
Michael Salmon
Ferrari 250LM Ferrari 3.3L V12 99
36 P
2 Shelby-American Inc. Phil Hill
Chris Amon
Ford GT40 Mk.II Ford 7.0L V8 89
37 GT
14 Ford Advanced Vehicles / Alan Mann Sir John Whitmore
Innes Ireland
Ford GT40 Mk.I Ford 4.7L V8 72
38 GT
52 Standard Triumph Ltd. David Hobbs
Rob Slotemaker
Triumph Spitfire Triumph 1.1L I4 71
39 P
1 Shelby-American Inc. Ken Miles
Bruce McLaren
Ford GT40 Mk.II Ford 7.0L V8 45
40 P
46 Société Automobiles Alpine Marco Bianchi
Henri Grandsire
Alpine M65 Renault-Gordini 1.3L I4 32
41 P
6 Scuderia Filipinetti
Shelby-American Inc.
Herbert Müller
Ronnie Bucknum
Ford GT40 Mk.I Ford 5.3L V8 29
42 P
7 R.R.C. Walker Racing Team
Shelby-American Inc.
Bob Bondurant
Umberto Maglioli
Ford GT40 Mk.I Ford 4.7L V8 29
43 P
30 Anglian Racing Developments Richard Wrottesley
Tony Lanfranchi
Elva GT160 BMW 2.0L I4 29
44 GT
42 Autodelta SpA Giacomo Russi
Carlo Zuccoli
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/2 Alfa Romeo 1.6L I4 22
45 P
33 Porsche System Engineering Colin Davis
Gerhard Mitter
Porsche 904/8 Porsche 2.0L Flat-8 20
46 GT
62 Christian Poirot Christian Poirot
Rolf Stommelen
Porsche 904/4 GTS Porsche 2.0L Flat-4 13
47 P
15 Ford France S.A. Maurice Trintignant
Guy Ligier
Ford GT40 Roadster Ford 4.7L V8 11
48 GT
53 Standard Triumph Ltd. Peter Bolton
William Bradley
Triumph Spitfire Triumph 1.1L I4 6
49 P
8 J.H. Simone Jo Siffert
Jochen Neerpasch
Maserati Tipo 65 Maserati 5.0L V8 3
50 P
40 SpA Dino SEFAC Giancarlo Baghetti
Mario Casoni
(Ferrari) Dino 166P Dino 1.6L V6 2
51 GT
43 Autodelta SpA Teodore Zeccoli
José Rosinski
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/2 Alfa Romeo 1.6L I4 1


  • Pole Position - #2 Shelby-American Inc. - 3:33.0
  • Fastest Lap - #2 Shelby-American Inc. - 3:37.5
  • Distance - 4677.11 km
  • Average Speed - 194.88 km/h

Trophy Winners

  • Index of Performance - #32 Porsche System Engineering
  • Index of Thermal Efficiency - #36 Porsche System Engineering


  • (French) Le Mans 1965 in Automobile Historique n°48, May 2005
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