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1998 World Cup of Golf

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Title: 1998 World Cup of Golf  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 1999 World Cup of Golf, World Cup (men's golf), David Carter (golfer), Søren Hansen, Søren Kjeldsen
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1998 World Cup of Golf

1998 World Cup of Golf
Tournament information
Dates 19–22 November
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Course(s) Gulf Harbor Country Club
Format 72 holes stroke play
combined score
Par 72
Length 6,850 yards (6,260 m)
Field 32 two-man teams
Cut None
Prize fund US$1,300,000 team
US$200,000 individual
Winner's share US$400,000 team
US$100,000 individual
David Carter & Nick Faldo
568 (−8)

The 1998 World Cup of Golf took place 19–22 November at the Gulf Harbor Country Club in Auckland, New Zealand. It was the 44th World Cup. The tournament was a 72-hole stroke play team event (32 teams) with each team consisting of two players from a country. The combined score of each team determined the team results. Individuals also competed for the International Trophy. The prize money totaled $1,500,000 with $400,000 going to the winning pair and $100,000 to the top individual. The English team of David Carter and Nick Faldo won by two strokes over the Italian team of Massimo Florioli and Costantino Rocca. American Scott Verplank took the International Trophy by one stroke over Faldo and Rocca.


Country Players
 Argentina Ángel Cabrera and Ricardo González
 Australia Richard Green and Peter O'Malley
 Austria Karl Ableidinger and Claude Grenier
 Brazil Acacio Jorge
 Canada Rick Gibson and Ian Leggatt
 Chile Guillermo Encina and Roy Mackenzie
 Colombia Gustavo Mendoza and Rigoberto Velasquez
 Denmark Søren Hansen and Søren Kjeldsen
 England David Carter and Nick Faldo
 France Thomas Levet and Jean van de Velde
 Germany Thomas Gögele and Sven Strüver
 Ireland Pádraig Harrington and Paul McGinley
 Italy Massimo Florioli and Costantino Rocca
 Jamaica Delroy Cambridge and Seymour Rose
 Japan Yasuharu Imano and Mitsutaka Kusakabe
 Luxembourg John Penning and John Pickford
 Malaysia Periasamy Gunasegaran and Mohammed Ali Kadir
 Mexico Cesar Perez and Esteban Toledo
 Netherlands Hayo Bensdorp and Ruben Wechgelaer
 New Zealand Frank Nobilo and Greg Turner
 Norway Per Haugsrud and Oyvind Rojahn
 Paraguay Ramon Franco and Pedro Martínez
 Scotland Andrew Coltart and Colin Montgomerie
 South Africa David Frost and Nic Henning
 South Korea Kwang Soo Choi and Young Suk Kwon
 Spain Santiago Luna and Miguel Ángel Martín
 Sweden Mathias Grönberg and Patrik Sjöland
  Switzerland Christophe Bovet and Paolo Quirici
 United States John Daly and Scott Verplank
 Venezuela Damaso Galban and Miguel Martinez
 Wales Phillip Price and Ian Woosnam
 Zimbabwe Tony Johnstone and Mark McNulty



# Country Score To par Money (US$)
1  England 141-141-149-137=568 −8 400,000
2  Italy 139-151-142-138=570 −6 200,000
T3  Argentina 142-145-143-141=571 −5 101,667
 Scotland 142-143-152-134=571
 United States 140-149-151-131=571
6  Ireland 139-148-145-140=572 −4 60,000
T7  New Zealand 145-147-143-138=573 −3 38,500
 Zimbabwe 139-151-146-137=573
9  Australia 138-146-151-139=574 −2 28,000
10  Spain 147-144-151-137=579 +3 24,000
T11  Japan 134-155-155-136=580 +4 18,500
 Sweden 138-157-151-134=580
T13  Canada 140-146-153-142=581 +5 14,000
 Colombia 142-153-147-139=581
15  France 141-151-147-144=583 +7 11,000
T16  Chile 140-151-153-145=589 +13 9,500
 South Africa 137-147-155-150=589
18  Wales 142-153-153-142=590 +14 8,800
19  Germany 142-153-154-143=592 +16 8,600
T20  Paraguay 146-149-152-146=593 +17 8,300
  Switzerland 148-153-144-148=593
22  Denmark 149-152-153-145=599 +23 8,000
T23  Norway 146-156-151-149=602 +26 7,700
 South Korea 151-146-153-152=602
25  Mexico 152-150-157-144=603 +27 7,400
26  Malaysia 142-153-157-152=604 +28 7,200
27  Austria 146-153-161-147=607 +31 7,000
28  Brazil 148-158-160-147=613 +37 6,800
29  Venezuela 152-154-159-149=614 +38 6,600
30  Jamaica 152-163-160-151=626 +50 6,400
31  Netherlands 163-161-165-154=643 +67 6,200
32  Luxembourg 159-163-170-155=647 +71 6,000


International Trophy
# Player Country Score To par Money (US$)
1 Scott Verplank  United States 70-72-74-63=279 −9 100,000
T2 Nick Faldo  England 68-70-73-69=280 −8 37,500
Costantino Rocca  Italy 65-74-71-70=280
4 Yasuharu Imano  Japan 64-75-75-67=281 −7 15,000
T5 Patrik Sjöland  Sweden 68-77-74-63=282 −6 5,000
Greg Turner  New Zealand 73-71-70-68=282



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