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2009 UNGL Draft

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Title: 2009 UNGL Draft  
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2009 UNGL Draft

The 2009 UNGL Draft was the inaugural draft for the United National Gridiron League. The draft was held on January 8-9, 2009. What made this draft unique was the fact that the league chose to skip having a rookie combine and held the draft online, in order to start the league in the spring of 2009.[1] The first overall selection of the draft was UAB Running Back Dan Burks by the Alabama Blackbirds. The following is an incomplete list of players selected in the 2009 UNGL Draft.

Players included in the draft

Included in the draft where players from other leagues, such as the All-American Football League (AAFL), Arena Football League (AFL), American Indoor Football Association (AIFA), Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL), arenafootball2 (af2), Indoor Football League (IFL), and some from practice squads of National Football League (NFL) franchises.

Draft by position


Player Team College
Shane Boyd Georgia Stallions Kentucky
Omar Haugabook Alabama Dragons Troy
Brandon Kirsch Akron Dogs Purdue
Drew Olson Virginia Senators UCLA
Cole Stinson Miami Flare Eastern Illinois University
Matt Bassuener Dallas Skybolts Georgetown
Rich Kovalcheck Louisiana Beasts Vanderbilt
Mike Potts Carolina Cyclones William & Mary
Perry Patterson Carolina Cyclones Syracuse
Nick Hill* Louisiana Beasts Southern Illinois
Casey Hansen Dallas Skybolts Norfolk State
Willie Copeland Miami Flare Valdosta State University
B.J. Hall Virginia Senators Webber International University
Brad Roach Akron Dogs Catawaba
Bill Ashburn Alabama Dragons Louisville
Michael Shea Georgia Stallions Navy
Dezzmon Johnson Georgia Stallions Clark Atlanta University
Aaron Joseph Molisani Alabama Dragons Rochester
Marlin McKinney Akron Dogs Toledo
Cleveland McCoy Virginia Senators South Carolina State
Royal Gill Miami Flare Southern Utah University
Darwin Pittman Dallas Skybolts Southern
John Jacobs Louisiana Beasts Catholic University
Joe Procopio Carolina Cyclones La Salle
Brent Schaeffer Carolina Cyclones Ole Miss
Brett Hall Louisiana Beasts Temple
DaVon Vinson Dallas Skybolts Northwestern State
Ronnie Banks Miami Flare South Florida
Randall Hippeard Virginia Senators University of Virginia's College at Wise
Sedale Threatt Jr. Akron Dogs Lehigh
Brent Dearman Alabama Dragons Bethel
Justin Rascati Georgia Stallions James Madison

Running back

Player Team College
Dan Burks Alabama Dragons UAB
Abdulaun Kuuan II Akron Dogs
Chad Cook Virginia Senators
Tyrone Moss Miami Flare Miami (Fla.)
Quinton Smith Dallas Skybolts Rice
Vashon Pearson Louisiana Beasts Mississippi
Darrel Blackman Carolina Cyclones
Cassen Jackson-Garrison Georgia Stallions Vanderbuilt
Quinn Porter Georgia Stallions
Micah Andrews Carolina Cyclones Wake Forest
Voncarie Owens Louisiana Beasts Ohio
Ronald Drummer Dallas Skybolts
Travis Glasford Miami Flare
Greg Pruitt Virginia Senators
Joseph Doss Akron Dogs Memphis
Eric Gray Alabama Dragons Alabama
Tim Blackwell Alabama Dragons Southern Mississippi
David Yancy Akron Dogs
Kary Fisher Virginia Senators
Ryan Grosulak Miami Flare
Michael Owens Dallas Skybolts
Michael Franklin Louisiana Beasts
Gerald Davis Carolina Cyclones
Lorenzo Perry Georgia Stallions Bryant University
Ra'Shad Morgan Georgia Stallions University of Virginia's College at Wise
Bernard Palmer Carolina Cyclones
Mark Bonds Louisiana Beasts
Shawn Harris Dallas Skybolts
Tyler Sherden Miami Flare
Derrick Moss Virginia Senators
Greg Moore Akron Dogs
Darius Fudge Alabama Dragons Western Carolina
Jerrell Jones Alabama Dragons Rhode Island
Bobby Washington Akron Dogs
Adrian Smith Virginia Senators
Antonio White Miami Flare
Harrold Taylor Jr. Dallas Skybolts
Amos Allen Louisiana Beasts
Jacob French Carolina Cyclones San Jose State University
Steven King Georgia Stallions
Samuel Dawson Dallas Skybolt Cal State Fullerton


Player Team College
Matt Hahn Louisiana Beasts
De'Angelo Bryant* Carolina Cyclones Wake Forest
Qutrell Payton Georgia Stallions
Terrance Freeney Alabama Dragons Northern Iowa
Chris Manderino Akron Dogs California
Carlton Weatherford Virginia Senators Virginia Tech
Christopher Edwards Miami Flare
Orlando Medlock* Dallas Skybolts
Jon Helmandollar Dallas Skybolts
Dan Ross Miami Flare
Brandon Isaiah Virginia Senators
DeAnte Jenkins Akron Dogs
Laurence Subelka Alabama Dragons Avila
Koronna Henderson Georgia Stallions
James Gibson Carolina Cyclones
Matt Brown Louisiana Beasts
George Murray Louisiana Beasts
Evans Capers Carolina Cyclones
Bryan Beasley Georgia Stallions
Marcus Avies Alabama Dragons North Alabama
Chase Adams Akron Dogs Geneva College
David Kennebrew Miami Flare
Anthony Morrison Dallas Skybolts

* After draft, joined af2.

Wide Receivers

Player Team College
Emery Sammons Virginia Senators
MacArthur White Jr. Virginia Senators Lakeland College
Charles Futrell Virginia Senators
Almonzo Banks Virginia Senators
Brent Johnson Virginia Senators
Phillip Taylor Virginia Senators
Ryan Bugg Virginia Senators
Rod Harper Virginia Senators Murray State
Jakari Wallace Dallas Skybolts
Brandon Turner Dallas Skybolts
Fredric Howze, III Dallas Skybolts
Corey Ready Dallas Skybolts
Brent Craft Dallas Skybolts
DaMarcus Davis Dallas Skybolts
Robert Gill Dallas Skybolts
Demetrius Wilibert Dallas Skybolts
Andrew Pearman Akron Dogs
Allen Jewell Akron Dogs
Torrey Lowe Akron Dogs
Kenyada Tatum Akron Dogs
William Norwood Akron Dogs
Juval Winston Akron Dogs
Charles Sullivan Akron Dogs
Jahkeen Gilmore Akron Dogs Indiana
Jason Tomlinson Carolina Cyclones
Matt Henry Carolina Cyclones
Kenneth Williams Carolina Cyclones
Bobby Chase Carolina Cyclones
James Finley Carolina Cyclones
Corey Bundy Carolina Cyclones
Nathan Forse Carolina Cyclones
Anthony Jones Carolina Cyclones
Kenny Higgins Carolina Cyclones
Akilah Lacey Louisiana Beasts Idaho State
Alan Turner Louisiana Beasts
Greg Betterson Louisiana Beasts
James Lukowiak Louisiana Beasts
Jerel Myers Louisiana Beasts LSU
Josh Smith Louisiana Beasts
Levander Segars Louisiana Beasts
Pat McCann Louisiana Beasts
Arel Gordon Georgia Stallions
Christopher Bocage Georgia Stallions
Eric McCain Georgia Stallions
Errick McCown Georgia Stallions
Jarrett Ponder Georgia Stallions
Levon Thomas Georgia Stallions
Thyron Lewis Georgia Stallions
Aaron Love Miami Flare
Carlos Ousley Miami Flare
Darren Paige Miami Flare
Eric Taylor Miami Flare
Ervin Dickerson Miami Flare
Evan Adams Miami Flare
Tavaris Capers Miami Flare
Terrence Hall Miami Flare
Alvance Robinson Alabama Dragons Alabama State
DuVaughn Flagler Alabama Dragons Gardner-Webb
Emanuel Hassell Alabama Dragons Tennessee-Chattanooga
Mark Moore Alabama Dragons MidAmerica Nazarene
Nick Garton Alabama Dragons San Diego State
Preston Brown Alabama Dragons Tulane
Will Galusha Alabama Dragons Hardin-Simmons
Norris Drinkard Alabama Dragons UAB

Tight ends

Player Team College
Travis Lewis Virginia Senators
Victor Jones Virginia Senators
Louis Irizarry Virginia Senators
Ryan Heller Dallas Skybolts
Keith Schultz Dallas Skybolts
Calen Powell Dallas Skybolts
Seth Schussler Akron Dogs
Chris Hopkins Akron Dogs
Pat Cain Akron Dogs
Brandon Davis Carolina Cyclones
Anthony Fair Carolina Cyclones
Marcus Stone Carolina Cyclones
Eric Andino Louisiana Beasts
Joel Gamble Louisiana Beasts
Jon Loyte Louisiana Beasts
Charles Giacomarro Georgia Stallions
Kenneth Dickerson Georgia Stallions
Chris Conklin Georgia Stallions
James McDonald Miami Flare
Jason Krupinski Miami Flare Middle Tennessee State University
Patrick Harrington Miami Flare
Todd Mitchell Jr. Miami Flare
Curtis Blake Alabama Dragons Alabama A&M
Logan Stropko Alabama Dragons Chadron State
Rohnie Sykes Alabama Dragons Morgan State

Offensive line

Player Team College
Derek Morris Alabama Dragons North Carolina State
Leroy Auguste Alabama Dragons Buffalo
Jason Lewis Alabama Dragons Mount Union
Jake Forshey Alabama Dragons Willamette
Jonathon Cruz Alabama Dragons Southwest Oklahoma
Henry Tells Alabama Dragons Troy
Gene Frederic Alabama Dragons Memphis
Bruce McCaleb Alabama Dragons Delta State

Defensive end

Player Team College
Larry McSwain Akron Dogs UAB
David Miller Virginia Senators UAB
Edward Jackson Akron Dogs Sam Houston State University
Paul Dumervil Akron Dogs Morrisville State College
Jaymar Johnson Akron Dogs Cheyney State College

Defensive tackle

Player Team College
Alfred Peterson Akron Dogs Rutgers
Anthony Richardson Akron Dogs Kentucky State
Bo May Akron Dogs Delta State
William Knepper Akron Dogs St. Francis
Rudy Griffin Akron Dogs Alabama
Darius Davis Dallas Skybolts Wayne State College


Player Team College
Myles Banford Alabama Dragons Youngstown
Michael Alston Alabama Dragons Toledo
Donald Thomas Alabama Dragons Eastern Illinois
Fernandez Shaw Alabama Dragons Alabama A&M
George Lewis Alabama Dragons Iowa
David Hicks Alabama Dragons Grambling State
Greg Lewis Alabama Dragons Iowa
Jonathan Borrero Louisiana Beasts Miami Dade College


Player Team College
Keith Camp Arizona Dragons Jackson State
Michael Phillips Arizona Dragons Pitt
Desmond Foster Arizona Dragons Alabama State
Ken Davis Arizona Dragons Southwest Baptist
Carl Casey Arizona Dragons Stillman
Garrett Majors Arizona Dragons Indiana (Penn.)


Player Team College
Brian Bingnear Arizona Dragons Kutztown
Jarvis Johnson Arizona Dragons Rutgers
Atcheson Conway Arizona Dragons Bowie State
Joe Goosby Arizona Dragons Tulane
DeWain Whitmore Arizona Dragons Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Derrick Williams Arizona Dragons Mary Hardin-Baylor
Mario Ramos Miami Flare Harper College


Player Team College
Clint Stitser Arizona Dragons Fresno State
Deric Yaussi Arizona Dragons Wyoming


Player Team College
Brent Haifman Arizona Dragons North Dakota
Dan Huff Arizona Dragons Fairleigh Dickinson


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