2010 in New Zealand music

The following is a list of notable events and releases that happened or are expected to happen in 2010 in New Zealand music.




  • 1 May: Music television channel C42 launches, aiming to play 30% New Zealand music[3][4]

Albums released









  • 30 November: DARREN! by Darren Ross[20]


New Zealand Music Awards

The winners of the 2010 New Zealand Music Awards, or 'Tuis', will be announced on 7 October.

Number-ones in 2010

Record charts in New Zealand are published by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand every week.


The longest running number-one single in 2010 so far is Stan Walker's "Black Box", topping the chart for six consecutive weeks of 2010.


Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream was the number-one album for six non-consecutive weeks of 2010.


Now That's What I Call Music 32 (N.Z. series) remained as the number-one compilation album for twelve non-consecutive weeks of 2010.

Music DVDs

André Rieu's Live In Sydney 2009 has reached the top spot in 2010 for five non-consecutive weeks.

Radio airplays

"Black Box" by Stan Walker was the most-played on New Zealand radio stations for nine consecutive weeks of 2010.


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